On Why a Structured Study of Nazism is Important!

Author’s Note. Gal Godat is an ex-IDF member who has been recorded in interviews boasting about the many times she has extra-judiciously ‘killed’ Palestinian men, women and children during her time of military service in occupied Palestine. As an ardent ‘Zionist’ and ‘racist’ she was voted ‘Miss Israel’ in 2004 prior to her two-year service in the IDF. For Zionist-Israelis who support Jewish fascism, Gadot is a character similar to Hilter’s ‘Furies’ – or young women of action who defy the usual bourgeois restrictions often applied to the female gender – and in this case, commit War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity! The survival of Hitler’s received a tremendous boost with the self-imposed dismantling of the USSR in 1991 and the collapse of the Communist Bloc. The US sponsored a resurging fascism throughout Eastern Europe and turned the new fascist crimes of murdering leaders on primetime TV (such as happened in Romania) into something similar to highly popular sporting events! This validated a defeated Hitlerism that was forced underground in 1945 by the victories of the Soviet Red Army (although in the Ukraine, a number of non-surrendered Nazi German officers stayed behind with a group of Ukrainian [Catholic] ‘volunteers – and whilst being surreptitiously armed partly by the US and UK – fought an ‘insurgency’ in the USSR against the Special Forces of the Soviet NKVD before being finally defeated in 1947). Hitlerism resurfaced in Hungary in 1956 and was crushed by the Soviet Red Army whilst the US presented this insurgency as ‘freedom fighters’ fighting for values similar to those enjoyed in the liberal democracies of the West! They could not have been more wrong! Indeed, whilst the US employed prominent Nazis in their space programmes and military formations, and the Vatican helped hundreds (if not thousands) of Nazis escape justice, it was the men and women of the Soviet Red Aemy that was tasked with keeping a ‘Liberated’ Europe ‘free’ of Hitlerism! The resurgence of Hitlerism saw a major boost when the likes of the Zionisit ‘Gal Gadot’ (who should be in prison) was selected to play the US fictional character of ‘Wonder Woman’ – a thoroughly ‘bourgeois’ misrepresentation of ‘feminism’ that fits conveniently into the desire mechanisms of every bourgeois man! It is with the greatest of ironies that Israeli Zionism leads the way in the survival and resurgence of Hitlerism – whilst all right-minded Jews quite rightly ‘condemn’ every other facet of Nazism! ACW (14.1.2022) 

A Soviet Red Army Veteran Laments the Rise of Neo-Nazism in Western Ukraine!

Hitler’s vision was a peculiar thing, and as reliable mainstream historians have attested, it was complex and multi-layered. This explains why copies of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ are readily available worldwide (translated into many different languages) – whilst copies of Karl Marx’s work of socio-economic genius ‘Das Kapital’ have to be found deep within the dark recesses of antique bookshops! This means that no matter how it is approached when assessed, there will always be a ‘limitation’ of vision involved (according to the ‘angle’ of ideological approach), unless a number of different views of ‘Nazism’ are taken into account. Why does ‘Nazism’ enthuse the Western European mind – whilst having a virtual ‘zero’ inspiration for many (but not all) non-European minds? The Indian Nationalist leader – Chandra Bose – for instance, was a firm supporter of Adolf Hitler (and Japanese fascism), and represents a type of Indian mind-set that tends to view Hitler’s ‘Swastika’ as being no different to that commonly found throughout Asia within Buddhist and Hindu ideology. Even today, the fascist ‘BJP’ political movement openly admires people like Hitler whilst applying their fascism within the liberal (democratic) method that Hitler rejected. The question here is why would a non-White ethnic group follow a European ideology that clearly defines ‘them’ as being ‘racially’ and ‘culturally’ inferior?  

The ‘National Bolshevik’ Movement in Russia Merges ‘Hitlerism’ with a US Distortion of ‘Stalinism’ – Even Combining the Two Flags – Forming a Thoroughly Far-Right Trotskyite Union that Supports Predatory Capitalism and Fascism! The Argument Here, is ‘WHO?’ is controlling the Intolerance!

Of course, this situation of non-Whites pursuing a ‘White Supremacist’ agenda probably explains why it is that Hitlerism possesses such a strong pull to certain elements of the European population, and why it was that the majority of the fanatical SS resistance that confronted the Soviet Red Army as it advanced into Berlin were themselves predominantly Scandanavian (and not ethnic German). Even today, White working-class youth (lead by faceless middle-class ‘Fuhrers’) still patrol our streets not just of Western Europe but also know Eastern Europe – looking for those they designate as racially ‘inferior’ which they blame for all the injustices they experience within the capitalist socio-economic system. Indeed, the anti-intellectualism of the United States has propagated the fascist ideology not only into the streets of Western Europe (through the anti-Socialist ideology of the European Union), but also on the streets of Eastern Europe through overt Neo-Nazis movements that have illegally come to power under the banner of being ‘anti-Russian’! This includes Zionist Israel – the ideology of which was declared a form of ‘White Supremacy’ by the UN in 1975 – whilst its continuous massacres of the Palestinian people since 1947 is defined as ‘genocide’.  

These examples (and there are many others) demonstrate the insidious nature of the thinking of Adolf Hitler and how it continues to permeate every nook and cranny of the modern world! The descendants of the Eastern European genocide committed by the Nazi Germans now proudly march down their streets carrying Hitlerite symbols and eulogising the names of the very maniacs who butchered their grandparents! Zionist Jews deploy similar attitudes and tactics when they deliberately give a voice to ‘White Supremacy’ when stealing land from the Palestinian people they have brutally colonised, and then there are the non-White pockets of Hitlerite adulation who must be so removed from the reality of Neo-Nazism that they have not suffered the personal consequences of what Hitlerism means for non-Europeans! For them, Hitlerism is a ‘game’ or a ‘pantomime’ devoid of any real-life consequences but if they were to live in Europe or the US they would soon learn about the reality of Nazism.  

An element that assists the survival of Nazism is the post-1945 US Cold War ideology which has fabricated an entire back-history of the Soviet Union – inventing entire fake narratives which paints this Marxist-Leninist regime as being ‘no different’ to Nazism! The anti-intellectualism does not stop here, as this deficient US ideology further asserts that when push comes to shove it is ‘Nazism’ which is preferred over ‘Socialism’! This is where the US ideologues align themselves with the Nazi ‘anti-Communist’ ideology! The USSR lost around 41 million men, women and children between 1941-1945 – but the US ideologues (and the Zionists) point attention of the world to the 6 million Jews that died in the Holocaust (pushing to the side the other 5 million who perished consisting of the Disabled, Romany, Communists and Homosexuals, etc). The Soviets lost far more people than any other ethnic group – as was Hitler’s intention.  

Why then, does the West turn its back on the ‘Holocaust’ against the Slavs? Of course, the Japanese fascists – between 1931-1945 – are believed to have murdered around 60 million men, women and children across China and throughout Asia – and yet at the Eurocentric Nuremberg Trials in 1946 (and after) – China (the staunch ally of the West) was excluded – and yet the collaborating French who assisted Hitler were included! China would go on to become a power-house of anti-fascism under Mao Zedong and the many leaders since – represented in the UK by the Workers’ Institute founded and led by Aravindan Balakrishnan! This was because the US wanted to use France as a springboard for their anti-Soviet (and anti-Socialist) policies when they began paying for the reconstruction of Western Europe. This was the beginnings of the European Union (EU). The fact remains that Hitler intended to eradicate the Slavic race in the USSR whilst simultaneously privileging the Scandanavian race from which it came! The ‘Slavs’ (or ‘Slaves’) were once part of the ‘pure race’ that Hitler imagined populated the world, but which after migrating into the outer regions of Eastern Europe – began to be ‘polluted’ through mixing with ‘non-Europeans’ such as Steppe Nomads, Turks, Arabs, Chinese and even Indians! According to Hitler, this admixture not only degenerated the ‘pure’ Scandinavian race, but this process invited further contamination from the ‘Jewish’ populations (as always, Hitler is big with his assumptions but small with his details), to the point where the resulting polluted mess resulted in the ‘Bolsheviks’!  

Zionists and Nazi Germans Share a Common Ideology – Palestine c. 1930s
Zionist Israel Must Face the Consequences of its War Crimes!

Although none of this makes any logical or scientific sense, it does possess the tendency to ‘entertain’ the Western mind like something akin to a good film or book which demands that the observer ‘suspends judgement’ so as to ‘enjoy’ the otherwise incoherent narrative that is unfolding! Hitlerism is like an entertaining story that is so bizarre that it could never happen in real life! But here lies exactly the point that makes Hitlerism so endearing to the Western mind – it DID happen! From 1933-1945 – Adolf Hitler (and his key supporters) – held complete political power in Germany and from 1938-1945 also over vast stretches of previously non-German land! Due to the US anti-intellectualism that defines the Cold War – the brutality unleashed by the Hitlerites in the USSR is continuously played-down. Most (bourgeois) ‘historians’ hedge their bets by reducing the numbers killed to somewhere between 27-40 million – when declassified Soviet papers from 1946 state that ‘at least’ 41 million Soviet people died between 1941-1945. The numbers breakdown as 19,5 Soviet Red Army soldiers (men and women) perished, as did 21.5 Soviet civilians! Another 10 million died during this time period of ‘natural’ causes, or causes not attributable to Nazi German aggression. (This far exceeds the lesser number of ‘34 million’ which some Russian academics had suggested recently whilst referencing incomplete statistics). The US has deliberately ‘mystified’ this number for decades, whilst a post-1991 Russia has been slow in identifying and releasing previously ‘classified’ Soviet documents. As data has been released ‘drip-feed’ into the public domain, the number of casualties has ‘risen’ whilst no one was sure of the exact number. 

Hidden in Plain Sight – the Zionist Support for Neo-Nazism!
Israeli Zionists Support Ukrainian Neo-Nazism!

Far more Soviet citizens were killed by Hitlerite aggression than ethnic Jews living in Europe. Just as there is nothing ‘special’ about being ‘American’ – there is nothing ‘exceptional’ about being ‘Jewish’ – regardless of the minutiae of that religious belief system. Jewish theology – just like any theology or religious philosophy – can pontificate all it wants about a ‘special people’ but the danger here is that the Zionists kidnapped this ‘spiritual’ concept and conflated it with the ‘White’ ethnicity so that Jewish theological dogma became overlapped with the ‘White’ racism that Hitler supported and acted upon. Zionism is not Judaism and should not be conflated with it, but Zionism was developed by secular Jews living in 1880s Germany and does associate itself with ‘White Supremacy’. The true ‘anti-Semitism’ is to ignore this fact and not make it known. Again, although strictly speaking ‘Zionism’ is an independent branch of ‘White Supremacy’ not directly linked to Hitlerism – ‘Zionism’ and ‘Hitlerism’ did over-lap in the early 1930s and continues to interact today despite the obvious contradictions this association suggests. The problem is that the Zionists have managed to conflate the existence of the State of Israel with the support of the ‘White Supremacy’ inherent within Zionism! Of course, the behaviour of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) manifests this association with its behaviour against the besieged Palestinian people. And yet outside of the contradictions of ‘Zionism’, the broader ‘White Supremacist’ movement routinely attacks ethnic (and ‘Hassidic’) Jews and burns-down their Synagogues! This demonstrates that although Zionists can act in support of ‘White Supremacy’, it is also true that the broader ‘White Supremacist’ movement certainly does not act in support Zionism! 

For the Millions of Palestinians Living Under the Murderous Tyranny of Israeli Occupation – Zionism is No Different to Nazism!

Whilst people in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the Ukraine, etc, ‘goose-step’ once again to the sounds of the Nazi German National Anthem, fascist organisations in the UK (such as the ‘English Defence League’) march performing their straight-armed salutes whilst carrying aloft the flag of Israel! Again, the flag of Israel has been used to represent far-right and ‘White Supremacist’ movements across the world – including the ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazi movement operating out of Western Ukraine (and founded by US President Barack Obama in 2014). This latter fact should not be surprising as ex-IDF Veterans in Israel are encouraged to travel to Western Ukraine and offer their military experience to the cause! But what exactly is this ‘cause’? Hitler’s ideology is so powerful that not only does it seem that he is still alive – but it even inspires the descendants of the ‘victims’ of his genocidal policies to join forces with him and advocate a world dominated by the ‘White’ race and no others! Capitalism both encourages and confines this policy. The ruling bourgeois elite is quite happy to play one ethnic group against another and sit-back and reap the rewards just as long as the bourgeois control of society is untouched and the working-class remains a spent and disunited force – again, two very important key policies attributed to Hitler! The example of Zionism is important because part of its structure is a denial of what it is. The public face of Zionism is that it is the ideology of Jews ‘standing-up for themselves’ – but since when has White people acting like genocidal, racist thugs been part of genuine Jewish (community) self-defence? The answer is ‘never’ because Jews have been the historical victims of such race-hatred. Zionism is ‘Hitlerism’ hiding in plain sight and this is why this example is important. Of course, it is not the only example, but it does permeate many far-right Christian movements operating out of the US. On the other hand, the UK has its own home-grown racists such as Nigel Forage whose band of fascists once formed the ‘United Kingdom Independence Party’ (UKIP). Whilst the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) and other Marxist-Leninist entities provided the highly sophisticated socio-economic argument against the UK being a member of the US-controlled (and anti-Socialist) ‘European Union’ (EU) – the (bourgeois) British establish ignored the genuine political left and gave the false impression that the argument was between the centrist capitalism of the mainstream (status quo) – or the ardent racism and intolerance of UKIP (as voiced by Nigel Forage and supported by such Trotskyites as George Galloway). Again, the power of Hitlerism is expressed from his grave – given that he did indeed ‘die’ in his Berlin bunker in 1945 (or comfortable a rural house in Argentina during 1962)!  

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