Paul Kaye – Zionist Propagandist


I was recently researching comedian Paul Kaye’s background due to his occasional references to the working class in his humour – and was hoping to find some type of progressive political thinking. However, I was proven very wrong. What I did find was the fact that he spent time in an Israeli kibbutz – before returning and eventually marrying an Israeli woman. In 2008, her mother was killed in a rocket attack and Paul Kaye wrote an article for the Guardian condemning that attack and presenting the Zionists as victims and the Palestinians as aggressors. The Israeli military kills innocent Palestinian men, women and childreen all the time and people like Paul Kaye say ‘nothing’. Just why the bourgeois Guardian allowed a comedian to publish a letter is indicative of the power of the Zionist lobby in the UK. It is obvious that despite his persona of ‘man of the people’ that Paul Kaye often adopts, it is obvious that it is all just an act to earn money, with nothing sincere about any of it. Personal tragedy is one thing, but to use that tragedy to initiate an entire diatribe against another people demonstrates the vicious nature of Zionism, and how it is making a fool out of Paul Kaye. 

The Issue of Zionism and Israel


Miko Peled – The General’s Son

The modern State of Israel grew-out of decades of UK imperialism in the Middle East in general, and Palestine in particularly. International Jewish opinion must not and cannot automatically be equated with the political ideology of Zionism. International Jewish opinion is diverse and varied depending upon where Jewish people live, the cultures within which they live, and the political and economic systems within which they happen to live throughout the world. I am not knowingly a person of Jewish origin – as far as I am aware – and as an Internationalist I thoroughly reject all forms of racism including any and all forms of genuine anti-Semitism. The historical and irrational persecution of the Jewish people is plain for all to see and any right-minded individual would condemn such a hateful ideology out of hand and without reservation. This is a matter of clear thinking openly supported by many Jewish people around the world. However, Zionism is also a form of racism that has emerged out of a distortion of Jewish theology that has been merged with rightwing political nationalism. This rightwing political nationalism conflates the Jewish theological position that the Jewish people are god’s chosen people (and are therefore ‘special’ amongst the various and different peoples of the world) with that of the pseudo-science of racial superiority. The Jewish theological position is not in its purest form ‘racial’ in any way, as can be seen by the fact that Jewish people can be of any and all ethnic origin. Jewish people can be Black, White, Chinese, Arab and Asian, with no theological distinction between them as their different physical characteristics and cultures do not detract from the fact that the Hebrew god sees all his people as being theologically ‘equal’ with no other distinction interceding with this religious position.

Zionism, on the other hand, should not be confused with Jewish theology. Zionism is not Jewish theology, but Zionism is Eurocentric nationalist racism that assumes a ‘racial’ superiority for predominantly ‘White’ Jewish people of European descent. This has led to government policy in Israel openly discriminating against Jewish people of non-European descent (as can be seen with the treatment of the Ethiopian Jews), which has led to a racial hierarchy of ‘Jewishness’ in Israel premised upon ‘worth’ denoted entirely by skin-colour. From a political perspective, the modern State of Israel is a racist state that is dominated by a Judeo-fascist ideology that continuously presents its racism to the world stage as legitimate Jewish theology. This ‘Zionism’ is then unleashed on the Palestinians both within the geographical boundaries that now define the modern State of Israel, and on the Palestinians that live in the reduced geographical area now known tentatively (but not officially) as ‘Palestine’. Even if it is acknowledged that NOT all Jewish people currently living in Israel support the racist ideology of Zionism, it also has to be acknowledged that ALL Jewish people are subjected to Zionism because it is the dominant political ideology that has governed not only the modern State of Israel since its inception, but was also the ideology of the Jewish terrorist groups that carried-out illegal military actions against the British Authorities, moderate Jews, and Muslims, etc. The Jews in Palestine were never the subject of the holocaust initiated by Nazi Germany but after WWII the false assumption that Palestinian Jews had suffered at the hands of Nazi Germany became accepted as ‘true’ and a defining aspect for all subsequent military actions taken by Israel either against the Palestinians, or their Arab neighbours. This element of Zionism also justified numerous Israeli terrorist attacks such as the 1948 Zionist assassination of the UN Ambassador in Israel, and the deliberate attacks on US citizens in Egypt in 1954 (Operation Susannah), and the Israeli attacks on the US Naval vessel USS Liberty in June 1967. This ability of Israel to openly flout International Law with impunity has led to allegations that Israeli Intelligence was in some way involved in the 9/11 terror attacks on the world trade buildings in 2001 – attacks that were initially blamed on the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) at the time by Israel, apparently in the Israeli hope that the US would initiate an unjust and genocidal war against the Palestinians so that Zionism could spread into a conquered Palestine, and Jewish migrants could take land they do not own for their own use, etc

Most Jewish people both inside Israel and throughout the world, do not agree with Zionism and do not practice racial hatred. Many Jewish people also have very good relations with Muslims around the world, even though Palestinians living in Israel do not possess equal rights with their Jewish counterparts. The Zionist interpretation of history is academically flawed and racially motivated in their distortion. In this regard, the Zionist Government of Israel uses its media and academia to create a false history that misleads its own people from one generation to the next, which is a policy well known in Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler also misused the German media and academia to instil in the minds of the German people an attitude that intensified already existing anti-Semitic tendencies present within German society, and ensuring that a non-Jewish population was ready to racially hate Jewish people, perceive them as non-humans, and ultimately commit an unthinking genocide against them. Zionism in Israel reflects the ideology of racial superiority for one group – i.e. Zionist Jews – and demonises as ‘sub-human’ the Palestinians, all other Arabs, and any non-Arabs who dare to defy this racism and speak out against Jewish racist Zionism, and try to help the victims of Zionist racism. Jewish people have to be the vehicle for change that dismantles the Zionist infrastructure and clears away Jewish racism in the Middle East. We as non-Jews must assist the decent minded Jewish people to oust Zionism and free the Palestinian people from the slave-like conditions they live under. The political non-Jewish rightwing has no say in this situation as it remains vehemently anti-Semitic in its ideology and anti-Semitism is wrong – end of story. Jewish people follow a religion that is non-racial in it theology, but which has been tainted by rightwing Eurocentric ideology of race-hate in the form of Zionism. The modern State of Israel will survive if it initiates a policy of ‘wisdom’ over that of racism, and frees the Palestinians from oppression, and all Arab peoples from the threat of Israeli military strikes supported by the USA. We non-Jews should help the decent minded Jewish people to achieve these important humanitarian objectives.

Free Palestine – London – 10.7.15


Hundreds gathered between 5:30-7:30pm on Richmond Terrace directly opposite Downing Street in London.  As temperatures reached 28 degrees, concerned individuals and groups came together to remember the 2,200 men, women and children who were killed last year by Israel’s military forces.  This incident has been just one tragedy in a long line of murderous activity dating back to the formation of the Israeli State in 1948 – but which has its roots in Palestine before that date in Jewish terrorism.  This terrorism – which saw occupying British soldiers murdered by Jewish insurgents, is premised upon ‘Zionism’ or rightwing Jewish racism.  Like any racism, it demeans and dehumanises those it deems ‘inferior’ beings – and for the modern State of Israel – the victims are the Palestinians who due to British imperialism, have lost their ancient country to Jewish nationalism and colonisation.  The Palestinians are oppressed on every front and when they resist, Israel unleashes a massive military response – illegal action that is unquestionably support by the UK and the USA.  This demonstration remembers the victims of Jewish racism and calls upon the international community to stop supporting Israel’s Zionist racism and help the oppressed Palestinians.  This demonstration was arranged by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign:

Palestinian Solidarity Campaign






The Faults of Baroness Warsi


(This article appeared in the New Worker – the newspaper of the New Communist Party of Britain [NCPB], issue no. 1786, dated the 15.8.14 – Page 11)

Baroness Warsi is to be applauded for her resignation from the ConDem UK government over the British prime minister’s unquestioning support for the ongoing Israeli policy of terrorism and genocide carried-out against the innocent people of Gaza. The rightwing UK media is to be condemned over its racially motivated attacks aimed at Baroness Warsi for her principled stance against David Cameron, and the courage she has shown in face of her own Conservative Party’s indifference to the plight of Palestinian children, and the general air of pro-Israeli warmongering that exists amongst its upper echelons, at exactly the same time that the proletariat of the UK is being brainwashed by the state to eulogise the 1914-1918 holocaust perpetuated against it – otherwise affectionally known by the bourgeoisie as ‘World War I’. Baroness Warsi, due to her ethnicity and complexion, is being accused by the odious Daily Mail of ‘betraying’ the prime minister essentially because she is not ‘white’. This is the default position of the rightwing when it policies of prejudice and discrimination suffer the embarrassment of being exposed for what they really are. It is something of an anathema that Baroness Warsi – and others of distinct ethnicity – would hold conservative views, and pursue rightwing values, when such attitudes are obviously designed to be detrimental to minorities of all kinds.

Baroness Warsi possesses many faults, but these are not the product of either her ethnic background, or her. The Baroness, for instance, has continuously used her success as a prominent rightwing politician, to give expression to vicious homophobic sentiment, and ruthlessly attack the gay community through the UK popular media. In this regard, the Baroness had no qualms in attacking a British and worldwide minority that has suffered discrimination, hatred, physical attack, and in certain cases – murder – simply for expressing a preferred sexual orientation. The Baroness, although presented by certain sections of the UK media, as being ‘working class’, has nevertheless fully supported the prime minister’s policies of attacking the poor, the destitute, migrants, the homeless, the disabled, and the unemployed. The Baroness has set about the task of dismantling the British welfare state and the National Health Service, with a distinct sense of relish. As Black, White, and Asian British people suffer hardship under these cuts, the Baroness has remained silent at their plight and made no move whatsoever to assist these victims of Tory bigotry.

It would appear that Baroness Warsi has no problem ignoring the suffering of multicultural Britain. This expert manipulator of the media whilst she was in a position of governmental power, never once questioned the morality, logic, or ideological validity of current Tory policy toward the ordinary and often vulnerable people of the UK. Workers toiling for an ever decreasing wage, disabled people dying of starvation because many have not understood the benefit cuts enacted against them, and workers and unemployed queuing together at poorly supplied food-banks in the hope that they can make ends meet for another day. The cutting of unemployment benefit to such a low level that virtually no one can survive whilst living on it, coupled with the abolishment of Council Tax Benefit for most people, and drastic reductions in Housing Benefit, has had disastrous effects upon the UK poor and vulnerable, and the British working class in general. All this has been applied to the working class at a time when the middle and upper classes have received pointless and extensive tax-cuts that serve no purpose other than to deprive the poor of essential services, and secure votes for the Tories. These are the extensive and profound faults of Baroness Warsi that form the foundation for the ridicule and criticism she so readily deserves from the British leftwing, which must stand clearly for anti-racism, and defend the rights of Baroness Warsi as an individual, even if she does not, as a rightwing politician, feel she should defend the rights of the British working class. It is the ‘red flag’ of Socialism, and not the ‘blue water’ of Conservatism that clearly leads the way in this matter. The people of Gaza – and the working class – will be freed through historical forces and not in spite of them!

UN Condemns Israel – US Continues to Supports Terrorism


(This article appeared in the New Worker, the newspaper of the New Communist Party of Britain, No. 1784 dated 1.8.14, Page 11)

America (and her Western European allies) have unconditionally supported a terrorist inspired, neo-Nazi government that has come to power in Western Ukraine, confronted only by the democratic military forces of Russia, and anti-Nazi partisans in Eastern Ukraine. In the meantime, extreme anti-Russian racism and false propaganda has continued to emanate from the White House, trumpeted throughout Europe (and the world) via the rightwing BBC. It is an intense disinformation campaign designed to demonise Russia to such an extent, that the fact that the Ukrainian usurpers adhere to the strictures of National Socialism – a ruthless fascist ideologist – is hidden and obscured by the mind-boggling array of pretence and nonsense. Make no mistake about it, the USA and her European allies – democratically elected regimes that have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan – are openly supporting the political descendents of the Nazi German military forces that occupied Ukraine during WWII. This at a time when numerous commemorations and memorials have been held across the Western world, ostensively celebrating the Allied victory over Nazi German fascism, and remembering the millions who died securing that victory, as well as the millions more who were victims of its racism and hatred. The hypocrisy of the USA and Europe is tangible, but it does not stop with the Ukraine.

The modern state of Israel was the creation of British imperialism in Palestine. The British colonial authorities, whilst ignoring the wishes of the local Arab population, and bending to the strictures of Zionism – or Jewish racism – annexed part of Palestine and gave it to an influx of Jewish migrants into the area. Prior to the founding of Israel in 1948, the British colonial authorities were subjected to a sustained terrorist campaign carried out by Jewish groups already living in Palestine, and motivated by Zionism. From that day to this, the impoverished Palestinian people have been desperately fighting for their right to exist as a distinct nation, against a ruthless rightwing regime that has received continuous support from the West. Israel has continuously used her ample military resources in an obviously illegal manner to inflict a continuous terrorist campaign against the people of Palestine, whilst receiving no official criticism from the US and the EU. Indeed, any attempted criticism of Israel is automatically conflated with ‘anti-Semitism’, despite the fact that today a significant proportion of the international Jewish community (outside of Israel) officially condemns what Israel is doing in Palestine, and distances themselves from the state of Israel. The message from the Jewish people is that Israel is not representative of the theology of Judaism, and through the distortion of Zionism, is acting in a manner contrary to that teaching.

As the death toll for Palestinians now exceeds 800 during the latest Israeli military excursion into Gaza, the United Nations has been forced, no matter how reluctantly, to move against Israel and start the process of holding Israel to account for its actions. On the 23.7.14, the United Nations Human Rights Council condemned Israeli military action in Gaza, stating that the action constituted ‘disproportionate and indiscriminate attacks’. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, speaking from Geneva, stated:

“…there seems to be a strong possibility that international humanitarian law has been violated in a manner that could amount to war crimes.”

This statement was made in reference to the video footage of the Israeli navy deliberating targeting a beach on the 16th of July, and clearly killing young children who were playing with a football. Navi Pillay clarified her statement:

“The disregard for international humanitarian law and for the right to life was sharply evident.”

What is interesting is how the 47 members of the forum representing the UN Human Rights Council voted after the Palestinians proposed a resolution condemning Israeli action in Gaza. The resolution was formerly adopted by 29 votes in favour, 1 against, and 17 abstentions. Of course, predictably the USA – that country which not so long ago declared war on the abstract concept of terrorism – voted against the Palestinian resolution, whilst all 9 EU countries effectively supported the USA through abstention. It is obvious that not supporting Palestine in this situation is in reality supporting the terrorism of Israel.

A Clear Example of Zionism


One particular aspect that sustains and preserves the various ideologies that adhere to an essentially ‘racist’ viewpoint of the world, is that they are generally related to, (and justified by) theistic religious teachings. The discredited pseudo-science of racism that developed and reached its peak in 19th century Europe, based its assumptions upon a natural order existing in the universe, (very much like a feudal hierarchy), which mimicked the medieval Christian Church in its unquestionable structure. This distorted view of the world assumed that a Judeo-Christian god had a) created a physical universe out of nothing, and b) created ‘different’ races of people to live in that universe, with white Europeans being declared the ‘chosen’ and most ‘superior’ amongst the other races, who are distinguished from one another by skin-colour, language, and culture. This religious teaching was secularised and welded to Darwin’s theory of evolution, in an attempt to scientifically prove Judeo-Christian prejudice to be correct in an objective, intellectual sense. It is important to note at this juncture, that the theology that justifies this view, ignores the fact that the supposed saviour of the Christian Church – Jesus Christ – was a Jew from the Middle East, and therefore not a white European. It is also important to stress that Charles Darwin was opposed to racism as being ‘unscientific’ and a product of immense ignorance. Religion joined forces with British imperialism, to misrepresent science and theology.

This type of modern racism, from which Zionism has emerged, perpetuates hatred of others through religious myth, presented as objective fact. In a sense, it represents neither ‘science’ nor ‘religion’; such is the power of its distorting force. It presents its bigoted case through the pretence of objective rationality, whilst pursuing and perpetuating assumed prejudices from a distant past. It is a purely mythological and inverted mindset that has nothing to do with science and everything to do with the the ignorance surrounding religious imagination. This imagination, however, is not benign, but highly malevolent in its nature. It represents the psychological darkness of self-hatred projected (and perpetuated) into the world through physical actions, actions that include the prevention of the development of progressive reason and logic, both within and throughout society. The world is arbitrarily split into ‘good’ and ‘evil’, where everything placed into the latter category is ridiculed, attacked, and ultimately destroyed, by those who unilaterally declare themselves to be ‘pure’, and the chosen (and preferred) people of an imagined deity. Modern racism, fed as it was through the industrialisation process and the development of science, takes these religious myths and updates the structure through contemporary socio-economic conditions. This is why the many different types of racism that are prevalent today, actually exhibit attributes that was relevant during the 19th century, and the rise of European imperialism. This development assumed, (incorrectly), that its success around the globe was due to the invisible hand of a mysterious god, rather than the logical consequence of the development of progressive (and destructive) industrial forces, and the technological innovations that such a development bestowed upon the societies that produced them. A bullet fired from a gun (that passes through a cowhide shield), and fatally pierces a tribal warrior living within a primitive society, is a purely discernable and logical process, that does not require a divine motivation or interference, for it to be effective. Material (and technological) superiority is a product of human physical (and intellectual) labour and has nothing to do with religion or an invisible deity.

The Palestinians have been kept in a state of arrested economic and industrial development since the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. The Israeli state receives unconditional support from the Judeo-Christian influenced USA, and their European allies. This essentially renders Israel exempt from the strictures (and punishments) usually associated with International Law, as the international community refuses to hold Israel to account for its many military and paramilitary actions that are a clear violation of Human Rights. The list of these violations is extensive and is growing day by day. As the number of Palestinians killed reaches over 600 today, (with over 3000 wounded), Europe mourns the 298 who died on the airliner downed in the Ukraine recently, (whilst condemning Russia without evidence for this tragedy), but collectively chooses to ignore the highly destructive and murderous activities that are being carried-out in Gaza by heavily armed Israeli infantry and tanks. Gaza is a very small area of Palestine which has seen a besieged and desperate Palestinian population ever forced into a smaller and smaller living area by illegal Israeli actions. The Israeli military continues to deliberately target areas of dense civilian populations, which inevitably has lead to the deaths of many children.

Yesterday, Hamas fired a missile that landed near the Tel Aviv’s main Ben Gurion International Airport, in Israel. The missile caused neither significant damage, nor any casualties in the area, but the USA’s Federal Aviation Administrations (FAA), immediately announced a 24 hour ban on all US aeroplanes flying into Israel. The international face of Zionism, or Israeli racism, sprang into action and immediately began its relentless lobbying of US politicians, requesting that the ban be lifted as it sends the wrong message to the world. The rightwing BBC, taking the Israeli side, spent much of its news time looking at how this ban might be detrimental to the Israeli economy, and how such an action, (which apparently ‘isolates’ Israel from the international community) might be viewed as a punishment for its current actions in Gaza. Zionism has led to members of the US Jewish business and political community acting as unofficial ambassadors for the state of Israel in this matter, and lobbying on their behalf. This behaviour is essentially that of US citizens acting in a manner that reflects the interests of another sovereign nation – a behaviour that led to US citizens sympathetic to Iraqi or Afghani issues during America’s war on terrorism, being imprisoned without trial at Guantanamo Bay. Israel, whilst behaving in a manner that is obviously totalitarian and fascistic, nevertheless presents itself on the international stage as the ‘eternal victim’. After killing and destroying the Palestinians, the Israeli state would now have us believe that they are the true victims of the aggression they perpetuate. Israel follows political Zionism and is therefore a racist country that should be stripped of its international immunity and face the consequences of its many illegal actions toward others. In a modern and progressive age, religion should not be allowed to dominate political policy, or to define reality.

Protest Against Israeli Fascism – London 18.7.14














(A version of this article appeared in the New Worker – the newspaper of the New Communist Party of Britain, No. 1783, dated 25.7.14, Page 3)

An Israeli spokesperson (making a statement to the BBC World Service), recently justified his country’s latest military incursion into Gaza, as being a product of Israel’s right to legitimate ‘self-defence’. In the exercising of this right, the Israeli military machine – led by tanks – entered Gaza following a sustained aerial bombardment that left 200 Palestinians dead, and around 1200 severely wounded. This indiscriminate use of force has killed men, women, and children of all ages, including those with disabilities who lacked the physical ability to attempt to run away from the Israeli bombs and heavily armed assault troops. Although Hamas has fired rockets into Israel as a protest against Israeli imperialist aggression in their country, it is a reported fact that only one Israeli has died, and he was an Israeli soldier killed in the line of duty. No Israeli citizens have died from the Hamas use of rockets in the recent exchanges.


The appalling situation facing the oppressed Palestinians has gripped the imagination of all right-minded people around the world and has inspired one demonstration after another, with each expressing an uncompromising solidarity with the people of Gaza. This is because the State of Israel – a product of British imperialism – and despite many of its elder citizens having been the victims of the Nazi holocaust of WWII, nevertheless, use their armed forces to oppress an impoverished Arab population, whilst continuously seeking to illegally take more and more land from them. Ironically, Old Testament rhetoric is often employed by Israeli nationalism to justify their actions – actions that are often illegal in the eyes of International Law, but which go unpunished due to the unconditional support Israel receives from the USA and many European countries – including the UK.





















The modern Israeli State was created through the use of terrorism perpetuated against the British authorities in Palestine. Zionism – the creed of the State of Israel – is essentially racist and has within its strictures an indifference to those who are non-Jewish. This is because the Judaic myth states that only Jewish people are the ‘chosen ones’ by god, and therefore only Jews matter, or are of any consequence in the world. Marx often wrote that religion is a product of an inverted mind, or to explain it another way, religion is a random collection of imaginations that have no bearing upon reality, despite the comfort these teachings might give to those who adhere to them. Zionism is the political distortion of the religiosity of Judaism – strictly speaking it is not Judaism per se, but is a virus-type infection that has the tendency to draw all into itself. Not all Jews are Zionists, but all Zionists are racists by definition, and this biblically justified racism is the motivation behind the oppression in Gaza.


This ongoing situation of Israel doing whatever it wants to do with impunity, led today to thousands upon thousands of British people gathering outside Downing Street, and marching to the Israeli Embassy via Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, in temperatures of around 30 degrees. British Muslims from various ethnic groups and cultures joined Palestinians, people from other countries, and many other British people, young and old, male and female, able-bodied, and disabled. Despite a strong police presence, there was no reported trouble.


















Along the route, occasionally devout Muslims would move to the side of the pavement, or step into a local park and unroll their mat for prayer, while the elderly and those with disabilities still made their way along the route, even though they had fallen behind the official police-line marking the rear of the march, and were even behind the army of well organised road-sweepers whose job it was to clean-up the streets in its wake. Placards and posters routinely called for Gaza to be free, and for Israel to change its policy and stop behaving in a fascist, and highly destructive manner. Despite the continuous pro-Israeli British media, and total lack of impartiality from the BBC, it is obvious that their propaganda is not working. Multitudes of intelligent and right-minded people marched through London, demonstrating that no matter who has control of the state media, reality will still seep through into the human mind and protests against lying and oppression will instantaneously emerge from the masses.



DSC_0346  DSC_0351


Perhaps one of the most poignant events today, occurred outside Hyde Park, where a small group of Jewish people representing the ‘Boycott Israeli Goods’ (BIG) campaign, unfurled a banner which stated ‘It’s Kosher to boycott Israeli Goods’ and ‘Say No To Injustice’. Many pro-Palestinian protestors thanked them for their presence and support, proving that a protest against Israel is not necessarily a campaign against Jewish people, nor motivated by any notions of anti-Semitism. This protest in London today should send shock raves through Tel Aviv!

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