The Communists Are Coming (If You Don’t Like It – Study Marx and Stop Supporting Hitler)!

The Russian people are carry-out a tremendously import and and Revolutionary act! We can help them fight! Let our words be as effective as their bullets! Aim our ideas of support and FIRE at the targets we need to hit! Disagree and move forward! From today we are ALL Red Army soldiers! Onwards my dear Comrades – onwards to the future!

On Why a Structured Study of Nazism is Important!

The example of Zionism is important because part of its structure is a denial of what it is. The public face of Zionism is that it is the ideology of Jews ‘standing-up for themselves’ – but since when has White people acting like genocidal, racist thugs been part of genuine Jewish (community) self-defence? The answer is ‘never’ because Jews have been the historical victims of such race-hatred. Zionism is ‘Hitlerism’ hiding in plain sight and this is why this example is important.

Working-Class Dental Hygiene: When Cleaning Your Teeth is a Revolutionary Act!

to the third world level it is at today and opened the door to widespread private health cover throughout the area. This left millions of ordinary people without regular dentistry checks and treatments, and reduced what was left of the NHS treatment to an absolute emergency level designed to relieve pain but not treat the sources of that pain (as that would require long-term and regular dentist care).

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