Ian MacDonald: Revolution in the Head – Extracts Featuring Marx & Mao! (18.4.2023) 

Imperial Japan initiated military violence against the people of China between 1931-1945. This was a fascist expansion that spread throughout Asia and even threatened the US! I am told that around 60 million men, women and children were killed and wounded during these terrible years throughout China – a number that includes Europeans. A fact often ignored is the part that Yoko Ono’s family played in this era. Her family were ardent ultra-nationalists who supported this racist war. Yoko Ono defied the ‘racist’ attitudes of her family by entering into a relationship with a ‘White’ foreigner. Indeed, when touring Japan during 1966 (and before meeting Yoko Oni) – The Beatles would encounter this evil face of Japanese racism when they played the Budokan! Ultra-Nationalists in Japan threatened the life of The Beatles if they played in a sacred arena – as their ‘Whiteness’ threatened to spiritually ‘pollute’ the arena usually reserved for the devout practice of Japanese martial arts! Yoko Ono may have defied her parent’s anti-Western racism – but she definitely retained their attitudes pertaining to anti-China racism! All the evidence points to Yoko Ono attempting to ‘cure’ John Lennon of his infatuation with ‘Maoism’ (and of course, ‘May Pang’)!

Charlie Brooker’s Afterbirth! (4.4.2023) 

I will end with an assessment of Paul Kaye (a Jewish ‘White’ man) who cleverly carved-out a niche for himself through his character of ‘Dennis Pennis’ – which many British people initially thought was an actual American working on UK TV! He exposed the agency of US anti-intellectualism by pretending to be an actual American citizen working for the BBC! It was the ‘BBC’ motif on his mic that opened the door to many of his spoof interviews – attracting top Hollywood Stars to ‘volunteer’ to be interviewed in public (and sometimes in private) for what they thought were ad hoc camera opportunities! His clever scripting and expert timing inspired a generation to think for themselves – such is the power of the thinking of Karl Marx! What burst my bubble with regards to people like Paul Kaye (and ‘Sacha Baron Cohen’) is their public stance toward the Zionist State of Israel. Of course, Victor Lewis Smith flirted with Jewish characters on his show – in an attempt to expose anti-Semitism – but stopped considerably short of publicly endorsing the routine murder of Palestinians. It is funny how real life is not that funny when you think about it.

The Disturbing Case of PD James: Children of Men (1992) [4.3.2023] 

She does imply the developing world, however, by conceding (near the beginning of the book) that a baby may have been born ‘in a hut somewhere’ which nobody bothered to notice – not long after sterility levels began to dramatically rise (an event she imagines happening in 1995 – or the ‘Year Omega’ – when she lets her Judeo-Christian bias shine through). Typical of the Bourgeois attitude – other classes (and races) are viewed as inconvenient necessities that exist to fetch one’s bags and mix gin and tonics! PD James was a parody of what she actually was. She epitomises the delinquent and contradictory attributes of the Bourgeoisie. As Marx states in his ‘The German Ideology’ – when the Bourgeoisie make the workers starve (by withholding food) – the Bourgeoisie blame the workers for daring to be ‘hungry’! When a worker falls from a height and breaks his neck (due to a lack of ‘safety’) – the Bourgeoisie does not blame the incident upon the presence of gravity – but rather upon the worker not possessing wings!

Why Was the Dead Body of Karl Marx Not Cremated? (26.12.2022) 

What we do know is that the mortal remains of Karl Marx are believed to lay in the soil of Highgate Cemetery under a marble monument placed over the grave during 1956 (replacing an older and much smaller gravestone – the current location of which I do not know). Although Karl Marx is often (disparagingly) referred to as a ‘Jew’ – in no way was his burial in Highgate Cemetery in accordance with Jewish tradition (of respectful encasement within a spotless ‘Mausoleum’). At least on that footing we are safe. As there was no ‘Cross’ placed over his grave either – the idea of a ‘Christian’ burial can also be dismissed. We are then left with what looks like an ‘irreligious’ burial very much in accordance with the ‘Atheistic’ or at least ‘non-religious’ ideology of Marx and Engels! As this happened just before the development of ‘Cremation’ as a regular or officially sanctioned activity – the physical remains of Karl Marx still exist. I believe an interesting scientific study could be carried-out if these remains were exhumed and subject to extensive DNA testing. A far more secure and efficient casket could then be designed to hold these remains and they could be more securely interred – protected from the hatred of the Bourgeoisie, their religious lackeys and the political far-right! 

Why I Have No Time (Or ‘Data’) for Shoshana Zuboff! (1.11.2022) 

We as ordinary workers (Proletariat) must interpret capitalism from one generation to the next, on our own (using Marx) whilst not being reliant upon the privileged bourgeoisie to tell us what to think or how to act! This explains why this book is a favourite of Barack Obama – America’s so-called first ‘Black’ President – a man who funded, armed the illegal overhrow of the (democratically elected) Ukrainian government in early 2014 – and supoorted (in its place) the ‘Neo-Nazi’ Euro-Maidan Junta! This Neo-Nazi Junta murdered 10-15 thousand Ukrainian and Russian people living in Donbass between 2014-2022 (according to UN figures) – using recruits from the worldwide ‘White Supremacy’ Movement with arms provided by the US, UK and EU! Obama’s Administration also voted against numerous UN attempts to criminalise the glorification of Neo-Nazism! Zuboff and Obama are hardly the role models the working-class should be listening to or following!

Karl Marx: Revolution in China and Europe (First Published 14.6.1853) – New York Tribunes (Re-Printed 1859)

The New-York Tribune is an American newspaper founded in 1841 by Horace Greeley. From the 1840s to the 1860s, the paper was the leading newspaper of the Whig and Republican parties in the United States. In 1924, the New York Tribune and the New York Herald merged to form the New York Herald Tribune. German philosophers Marx and Engels were the main contributors to the New York Tribune in Europe.

《纽约论坛报》(英語:New-York Tribune)是一份美国报纸,1841年由霍勒斯·格里利创立。从19世纪40年代至60年代,该报为美国辉格党和共和党的主要报纸。1924年,《纽约论坛报》与《纽约先驱报》合并为《纽约先驱论坛报》。德国哲学家马克思和恩格斯曾为《纽约论坛报》在欧洲的主要撰稿人。

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