If the Far-Right Devised an Infiltration Strategy… (25.3.2023)

Daniel Schmidt Complains About Whiteness!

It strikes me that the great battles of our time are not fought in the hallowed halls of academia, but rather in the minds and bodies of the hoi polloi. This is – exactly where you happen to be at this exact moment – as you are reading these words. After-all, the tenured Professors are insulated from all but the most diastrous of social upheavels and are unlikely to constitute the vanguard of any contemporary movement. After decades of ‘something happening’ throughout society – the academics might offer a wise word here and there – but such a pathetic effort hardly constitutes the output of the Beatles or the gathering of Woodstock!

The Napalm still dropped (in a liberal manner) over the jungles of brave North Vietnam whilst the far-right applauded the destruction of non-White bodies and the academics pontificated – and this analogy brings me to the subject of this short article. If the far-right is to infiltrate Bourgeois (mainstream) society (‘doing a Hitler’ in the parlance) – then it must run a very effective  ‘dishonest’ campaign that captures the imagination! You see, Hitler advocated ‘lying’ as a legitimate political weapon – a ‘tool’ to be used in anyway necessary as a means to acquire and keep power. The trick is to ‘hide’ the lie behind an apparent or highly stimulating ‘fact’ – and there is nothing more emotive for Europeans than the myth of ‘White’ victimhood!

This ‘victimhood’ is used as a bulwark against the perceived onslaught of political correctness, multiculturalism and the good old days! Things were so much ‘better’ in the time before now – and we (as a society) must make every effort to ‘return’ to this idyllic incarnation! This must be attempted to purify the White race and generate a better world for the ‘White’ children of today (and tomorrow)! Strangely the Europeans, who invented ‘capitalism’ and its shadow of ‘liberal democracy’ – according to the far-right – are now ‘victims’ of their own systems of socio-economic orgsnisation. 

Part of this ‘White’ victimhood is that all the crimes committed by the ‘White’ people during their expansion out of (Western) Europe – perpetuated against the minds and bodies of the non-White peoples of the broader world – are to be forgotten and never referred to again. The problem with this policy of far-right ‘denial’ is that the War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity committed by the expanding European population over the last 500 years have shaped this world immeasurably – and continue to guide and direct its activities.

Indeed, there is most definitely a ‘Problem with Whiteness’ that needs to be recognised and addressed. The most immediate problems involve how people of ‘Whiteness’ use their collective power a) over their own population and b) over the populations of non-White people. Whiteness is a problem for the Europeans who identify as ‘White’ and a problem for those non-White people who are the historical and contemporary victims of ‘Whiteness’.

The far-right, for example, might choose an average-looking White (American) male (Hitler was highly misogynistic – like the Catholic religion he was brought up within) as a frontman for an ideological counter-attack disguised as a spontaneous outpouring of disgust and outrage at an unwarranted and unjust attack upon the White race! Furthermore, out of respect for Hitler’s preference for Germany (he was actually ‘Austrian’ but whose counting) – the far-right could choose a White American of ethnic German (or even ‘Austrian’) descent who carries the surname ‘Schmidt’ – which translates into the English language as ‘Smith’. A mighty White man whose ancestors worked with metal, no less!

For a bit of cryptic fun, the far-right might call this mighty White man ‘Daniel’ – from the Old Testament of the Bible. Jewish – yes – but this could be explained away as Daniel being an ‘Israelite’ and therefore indicative of a modern day ‘Zionist’ (fascist). Whatever the case, Daniel was held captive in the Biblical texts by an alien power – very much indicative of the siege mentality we see with the far-right and its negative attitude toward the presence of non-White migrants. Whereas the far-right actively invites and accepts ‘White’ migrants from Neo-Nazi Ukraine – all non-White (and non-Israeli Jewish migrants) are definitely rejected and are unwelcome!

Once the mythical ‘White’ construct is in place, then this ‘Daniel Schmidt’ could choose a ‘sacrificial lamb’ from a plethora of academic offerings – and simply have fun building a false narrative around all kinds of imagined injustices, provocations and stereotypes! His semi-religious message would then be trumpeted far and wide throughout the US-controlled social media platforms – leaving no room for doubt that although the White Europeans control the Western world – an analysis of the history of this ‘control’ must be treated with distrust, aggression and even an intellectual disdain! This is an important approach as the propagation of ‘White’ victimhood is used by the far-right to ‘hide’ and ‘obscure’ the true power the White Europeans possess, and the destructive manner in which this power has been used in the past and is continued to be used today.