Palestine: An Example of Israeli Zionist House Clearing! (24.3.2023) 

The Israeli Zionists Need To Acquire More Land – Or ‘Living Space’ – For Their Expanding Population!

In fact – the man more properly known as ‘Yeshua Ben Yosheph’ in Hebrew (‘Joshua Son of Joseph’ in modern English) – was born a ‘Jew’. Therefore, he belonged to the Jewish people. When fed through Greek transliteration his name morphed into ‘Jesus Christ’ – or ‘Son of Zeus – Messiah’. Apparently, the Hebrew word ‘Yeshua’ translates as ‘Son of Yah(weh)’ – ‘Son of God’, etc. There is no archaeological or objective historical existence he physically existed outside the New Testament of the Bible – and perhaps some Rabbinic commentaries ‘denying’ various individuals who claimed to be the prophesised ‘Messiah’ – was the ‘Saviour’ the Jews were waiting for!  

Of course, the original followers of ‘Jesus’ were all ‘Jews’ – but these individuals represented a new type of Judaism – one that proselytised, converted and welcomed non-Jews into its fold! Overtime, these followers of the ‘Messiah’ (‘Christos’) or the ‘Anointed One’ – developed a distinct theology that moved away from Jewish thinking by borrowing heavily from the non-Jewish ‘philosophy’ of the Greeks. These radical Jews rejected much of their Jewish identity – and replaced it with a distorted interpretation of Greek philosophical concepts. This was either a deliberate process of fsbrication and replacement – or was the product of ‘not’ properly understanding what the original Greek terms meant in the first place. The Greek ‘psyche’ (or ‘breath of life’), for instance, became the Christian ‘soul’ (a term borrowed from Germanic Paganism) – now referring to a spirit opposed to matter. 

The Israeli Jews in this video are ‘Zionists’. Zionism was declared by the UN in 1975 to be a form of ‘White Supremacy’ developed in the late 1800s and practiced by (middle-class) secular Jews. The idea behind this is that if Jews stopped dressing in their distinctive ‘ethnic’ garb – as can be seen above – then most European Jews would look no different to the average European Christian. This transformation would stop the racism aimed at Jews on the physical level – but such a piece of deception also required the average secular Jew to take on the ideology of the average European Christian living in 1880s Germany! Quite often this process also involved a change of name and the wholesale adoption of a new language and culture, etc. 

The founding ideology of the State of Israel (established during 1947) is that of a highly aggressive and right-wing Zionism which is superimposed over the authentic theology of Judaism. The Palestinians are viewed as ‘sub-human’ because the tone of the skin is ‘brown’ and not ‘white’ and so the fascistic ideology of Zionism teaches anyone subjected to it that the Palestinians are racially ‘unfit’ and should therefore be subjected to ‘genocide’ and ‘ethnic cleansing’. Zionism teaches that this process ‘clears’ the land of the ‘unholy’ and creates new ‘living space’ for the Jews to expand into. In short, Zionism teaches that Palestinians are not ‘human’ and therefore not protected by ‘Human Rights’. Needless to say, many Jewish people around the world do not adhere to this fascistic ideology and openly criticise it use. 

What we are seeing in this video is a number of Zionist Jews who have no need to hide their ethnic identity, verbally abusing and physically threatening a ‘white’ British person who is in what is left of Palestine attempting to ‘protect’ the beleaguered Palestinians from having their homes stolen! He is referred to as a ‘Christian’ by these Zionist thugs and his assumed religion is viciously attacked! He is met with this Zionist aggression because he has dared to personally come to the aid of the Palestinians because the international community is doing nothing about this Zionist (fascistic) aggression. He is also accused of being a ‘Nazi’ – when it was Britain (and the USSR) that stood-up to Hitler and eventually put an end to the Holocaust (far more Soviets died than Jews during WWII)! Indeed, it was British (duplicit) diplomacy that eventually led to the Palestinians having half of their country stolen from beneath their feet! 

Zionism is a poisonous form of ‘white’ racism that is taught in the classroom of young children, and which is integrated with Jewish theology by the Israeli State until no difference can be seen (or perceived) between the two. Bob Dylon, for instance, should be condemning Zionism but supporting Judaism (if he must) rather than conflating the two – which makes a mockery of all his anti-war and anti-fascist work in the past. Meanwhile, the UN is waiting to prosecute hundreds of Israeli citizens accused of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity! This shocking video is just one very small example of how Israel is infected with the disease of (Zionist) ‘fascism’ – after the Jewish people in Europe were a victim of German Nazism!