France: Operation Orion 23 – NATO’s Anti-Working-Class Plan! (16.3.2023) 

This Is How Tax Revenue Is Being Used By Your Own Government To Kill You!

Today in France – on the streets of the city of Cahors – a large-scale military exercise entitled ‘Operation Orion 23’ was held. This has been designed by US, UK and EU warmongers to suppress a theoretical Pro-Russian uprising amongst the French Bourgeois State – led by Black, Asian and poor ‘White’ working-class French people! The thinking is that there is a threat from various Socialist and Communist groups, which might unite with the oppressed masses across Europe to form left-wing militias supporting Russia’s anti-fascist war in Donbass! The video footage above shows how the US-directed French military will ‘react’ to such a threat in ‘real’ conditions whilst ordinary citizens and cars are calmly moving through the streets.  

Shoot First – Ascertain Later!

Having studied the ease with which the Russian Army has ploughed through the Western-trained Neo-Nazi (Ukrainian) Forces active throughout Donbass whilst causing as little material damage as possible – NATO planners have been busy advising their forces how to confront a similar threat in their home countries! As the US is currently advocating the use of the German-derived (anti-Russian) Neo-Nazi ideology to spread its hegemony throughout Eastern Europe (by advancing NATO Forces up to the geographical boundaries of Russia) – it is is correctly assumed that the working-class of Europe will not sit-back and take this insult in a passive manner!  

The Reds Are Out of Their Beds!

Therefore, the biggest threat to US hegemony has been identified as those elements comprising the most oppressed and exploited elements of home-grown European populations! This ‘threat’ has been identified due to the internet transmitting ‘real’ news from the frontline of the Russian anti-fascist conflict – and the international working-class finding ingenius ways of accessing it – ignoring the ‘official’ broadcasting propaganda machines in the process! The Russian NKVD has observed around 20,000 troops advancing through the French streets – in front of their own working-class – as an intimidatory tactic!  

At Least the Traffic Will Stop Until These French Soldiers Move Along!

This is the essence of Operation Orion 23! French Defence Minister Sebastian Lecorneau said that this US-demanded simulation of major battles will involve traditional land, sea and air theatres of conflict – but will also penetrate new areas – such as cyberspace, space and the information environment. The exercises are designed to prepare the French Armed Forces to work as part of a multinational joint force in a multi-domain operation against any and all left-wing, anti-fascist and Pro-Russian uprising anywhere in Europe! President Biden congratulated the NATO planners and organisers – stating that Russia must be shown that its aggression in Donbass will not win – and anyone supporting Russia in the West will face the consequences!  

When the British ‘Home Guard’ Acted Like This – It Was Preparing to Stop Hitler! Here, NATO (French) Troops Are Supporting Hitler’s Neo-Nazi Ideology With the US Pulling the Strings!

Russian Language Article:

Во Франции прямо на улицах города Каор провели масштабные учения Orion 23 по подавлению пророссийскихополченцев

Во французском Каоре прямо на улицах города провели учения. На кадрах видно, как военные, пока по улицам спокойно передвигаются простые граждане и автомобили, отрабатывают разработанный НАТО сценарий. Согласно ему, некие пророссийские ополченцы восстали в стране X, расположенной у границ России, и дестабилизировали политическую ситуацию. На что Альянс ответными мерами начинает зачистку.

В масштабных военных учениях Orion 23 принимают участие до 20 тыс человек. Основной целью заявлена отработка действий в вооруженном конфликте высокой интенсивности. Министр обороны Франции Себастьян Лекорно сообщал, что симуляция крупных сражений коснется как традиционных суши, моря и воздуха, так и новых областей — киберпространства, космоса и информационной среды. Учения призваны подготовить французские ВС к работе в составе многонациональных объединенных сил в условиях мультидоменных операций.