Bias BBC and the ‘Crispness’ of Gary Lineker’s Moral Stand! (13.3.2023)

The Proud Neo-Nazis of Ukraine Probably already Live Amongst You – But Gary Lineker Would Like See More of These Fascists in the UK!

Author’s Note: As I write this article I have learned of the eight people killed at a Jehovah Witness Centre situated in Hamburg, Northern Germany. This number includes the killer who took his own life when the German Special Forces and Police arrived on the scene! (from 1933-1945 such an happening would send shudders od fear through entire communities – ethnic German or not)! Although the US has pursued an anti-Russian policy since 1917 – falsely accusing the Soviets and the post-1991 Russians of ‘oppressing’ religious groups (such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses) – when in fact such groups in the USSR and today in Russia possess more ‘Rights’ than religious groups in the West! During Hitler’s rule, the Jehovah Witnesses were placed in Concentration Camps – but were not treated like the Jews, the Disabled, the Communist or Homosexuals, etc! No – as many Jehovah’s Witnesses were ethnic Germans termed racially pure ‘Aryans’ by Hitler – they were fed and clothed better and received proper medical attention – a ‘kindness’ the Jehovah Witnesses repaid by ‘volunteering’ to assist the SS Authorities as they went about their persecuting duties targeting the other prisoners who were condemned to death through starvation and hard labour! Despite this assisting of the ‘Holocaust’ – NO – Jehovah Witnesses were ‘Prosecuted’ for these War Crimes or Crimes Against Humanity! Even today – this movement is term a dangerous ‘Cult’ by many Civil Rights and legal organiisations! Any yet the Bourgeois media is reporting these murders as if the broaader community should react with ‘sympathy’ – when it has been revealed that the killer was a former member of the Jehovah Witnesses – who suffered from mental illness because of their teachings and cult-like behaviour designed to remove free-will and enforce conformity! Always think for yourself! ACW (13.3.2023)

Gary Lineker made a comment on air that the Tory immigration policy was like that of 1930s Germany – and was immediately suspended from the BBC. All the other White and Black Presenters walked out with him bringing the sports coverage to a halt. It all sounds cosy and leftwing but I believe part of his Trotskyism is to bring more Neo-Nazi Ukrainians to the UK! Of course, the fake left are wetting their pants over this – like it means something when a White billionaire who has sided with every righting Tory policy and BBC lie about China suddenly stamps his little feet and demands more fascists are allowed into impoverished working class areas – whilst people like Gary Lineker and his family make themselves snug and secure by hiding away in their gated communities!

I’ve always said the BBC should be described as ‘State Owned’ – as it only broadcasts what the government decrees is ‘correct’ (a process of control enforced through the threat of ‘suspending’ or ‘cancelling’ its licence) – whilst it remains fully funded by an enforced publicly supplied licence fee! In the meantime, Gary (and his wealthy chums) can carry on receiving millions from corporation sponsorship deals whilst the rest of us starve! I doubt any of this spat will change the plight of the working class (I wonder if Gary remembers what genuine work is a tuslky like) but the crunch of his crisps might get louder on the adverts! Still, he joins the likes of David Attenborough for being ‘censored’ by the BBC for daring to hold and express anti-US hegemonic views on air! Gary is wrong – the US definitely needs more Neo-Nazi Ukrainians in the UK – if only to fill up the few remaining Council Houses and all the new private (luxury) developments being built to accommodate their presence!

Gary is certainly right about ‘1930s’ Nazi Germany… But probably in ways he does not intend. I don’t think he gives a shit about the working class or the genuine leftwing – he probably just wanted a few days off to walk round a local housing development and make sure the private building company has honoured its pledge by providing all the directions and safety instructions in the Ukrainian language (this is not as difficult as it sounds – as half the builders are Ukrainian Nationals) – which will coincide with the BBC’s launching of its new soap opera ‘Zelensky Street’ – where young Brits are taught by new generation school teachers why it was ‘wrong’ for their grandparents to have fought Hitler during WWII – an act which assisted the USSR! Funny how I hear only ‘silence’ from the Trotskyite Lineker when it comes to this little chestnut – how mass Neo-Nazi Ukrainian immigration is altering the historically ‘left-wing’ culture of the UK – effectively making the British ‘apologise’ for opposing Hitler!

The Bourgeois left can go to hell – or more appropriately continue to inhabit the well stocked and self-indulgent hell it already inhabits! All the Neo-Nazi immigrants can go and live with the likes of Lineker – and share his gated community! Hang on – that contradicts why gated communities exist – silly me! This explains why gated communities are ‘contemporary’ and ‘trendy’ – whilst supporting the working class (through Marxist-Leninism( is considered ‘out of date’ and ‘old fashioned’! This is how the US is invading and controlling the UK without having to use its military (which is already here by the way – occupying hundreds of military bases hidden throughout the countryside)! Anything to say about that Gary? No, I thought not. Too busy thinking about how to outsmart the evil Chinese and ship crisps to the beleaguered Uyghurs!