The Hopes and Myths of Ukrainian Invincibility – How the Neo-Nazis Believe in Invincibility! By Vladimir Skachko [Владимир Скачко] (1.4.2022) 

.This is what all the Neo-Nazi repressions by the “Maidan” regime used against dissent and dissidents – used against all political opponents – are devoted to! And President Zelensky only demands to strengthen the unification of society by limiting the discussion of the correctness or incorrectness of the behaviour of the Neo-Nazi authorities and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “In such a situation, in which our State is now, there should not be such discussions that society and our politicians are used to in peacetime. If someone pretends to be able to teach our Armed Forces how to fight, how to confront the enemy, then the best way to do this is to go directly to the battlefield,” he demanded rather threateningly in yesterday’s televised address. 

Ukraine: Using ‘Telegram’ To Circumnavigate the West’s ‘Block’ on Genuine Knowledge!

Do not fall for this simplistic manipulation! I always advice my students to ‘think for themselves’! Indeed, you have a mind of your own. Just pause for a moment and get your breath. Question just ‘why’ it is that everyone appears to be heading in the same direction! Surely, this analysis is the essence of the ‘freedom of thought’ that is believed to be essence of European culture? The entire departure point of Greek philosophical enquiry in ancient Miletus ?

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