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The Sad Demise of the ‘CPGB’ – Or Why My Anachronism is Longer than Yours! (21.2.2023) 

The ‘Communist Party of Great Britain’ (CPGB) was Founded in 1920 After the British Socialist Party Renamed Itself – and was then Immediately ‘Expelled’ from the Labour Party! Communists Are Still ‘Banned’ from Labour Party Membership Today!

The working-class needs a new Communist Party founded upon sound Marxist-Leninist principles (namely freedom of thought, movement and association). What many people are unaware of today, is that the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) abolished itself in 1991 – when the Communist Party of the Soviet Union a) dissolved itself – and was b) then immediately ‘banned’ by the emerging reactionary (capitalist) forces! As every Communist Party association around the world was effectively a ‘Branch’ of the ‘CPSU’ – when its mother institution faltered and passed away – its off-spring around the world also sadly passed away! Problems began with the Communist Party of the USA ‘withdrawing’ from the Communist International during 1940 when President Roosevelt was forced (by certain reactionary elements within US society) to threaten members of the Communist Party of the USA with arrest, investigation and imprisonment for ‘collaborating’ with a foreign power if it did not ‘cut’ all formal ties with the USSR. Within 1943, the Communist Party of the USSR, following an investigation, decided to ‘dissolve’ the ‘Communist International’ (originally founded by Lenin in 1919 to facilitate a worldwide Socialist Revolution) – on the grounds that half the world was attempting to kill the other half at the time (during WWII) and that working-class solidarity had ceased to exist.  

Before the Marxist-Leninist ‘Daily Worker’ was Replaced by the Trotskyite ‘Morning Star’!

The ‘Communist International’ was replaced by the ‘Information Bureau of the Communist and Workers’ Parties’ – more popularly referred to as the ‘Communist Information Bureau’ (the ‘Cominform’). The next problem arose when Nikita Khrushchev manoeuvred his way into the position of ‘General Secretary’ of the CPUSSR during 1956. He was known as a coward by Joseph Stalin – who had given the order for all members of the Communist Party of the Ukraine to fight to the last man and women during the Nazi German invasion which commenced during late June 1941! After passing on this order to the Red Army (which was waiting for leadership) – Khrushchev boarded the last aeroplane out of Kyiv and flew safely back to Moscow – whilst the Ukrainian Communist Party fought to the death! Nikita Khrushchev, as a Trotskyite, issued a ‘secret’ speech during 1956 (which was immediately disseminated throughout the world by ‘Mossad’ – the Intelligence Service of Zionist Israel) which contained numerous ahistorical lies and misinterpretations about Joseph Stalin’s leadership of the USSR (1924-1953).  

The ‘CPGB’ Has Become Something of a Jigsaw!

Zionist Israel had tried to usurp Soviet society from 1948 onwards, with an attempt on the life of Joseph Stalin in 1952! Needless to say, many leading Soviets – such as Marshal Zhukov – refused to follow Khrushchev’s orders and stated such misinterpretations of history were non-dialectic and deliberately ‘Trotskyite’ in nature. The ‘Branches’ of the CPUSSR around the world, however, were pressured to enact this new Khrushchev directive – whilst Mao Zedong in China stated a resounding ‘NO’ to this misinterpretation of history and attempted sullying of the reputation of a great Soviet leader. This is the beginning of the Sino-Soviet Split (1956-1991) – where the CPUSSR was viewed as ‘deviating’ away from the genuine path of ‘Marxist-Leninism’ – and the Communist Party of China (CPC) was viewed as following the correct ideological path.  

Many of the Alphabet Boys Today Design Flags that are Deliberately Non-Soviet in Nature! This British Working-Class Woman Proudly Carries the Soviet Flag that ‘Liberated’ Berlin from Nazi Tyranny!

Throughout the world, the ‘Solidarity’ of the ‘Communist Party’ was ripped to pieces, as splits and factions permeated the globe! Those groups that agreed with China’s principled stance often placed ‘Marxist-Leninist’ (ML) after their chosen designations – and the Communist movement in the UK was no exception to this development. The CPGB remained the ‘CPGB’ as it attempted to honour its Stalinist past whilst also attempting to accommodate Khrushchev’s inane ramblings. Of course, this typical British insistence upon ‘compromise’ could not last, and in 1968, a breakaway faction left the CPGB – forming the ‘Communist Party of Britain – Marxist-Leninist’ – or ‘CPB-ML’. This organisation continued to acknowledge the good reputation of Joseph Stalin whilst supporting China’s stance in opposition to the USSR. The next breakaway happened in 1978, when another faction left the CPGB – forming the ‘New Communist Party’ (NCP) – which at the time stated it fully supported the good reputation of Joseph Stalin whilst refusing the ‘Marxist-Leninist’ (ML) suffix and not directly aligning itself with China.  

The Welsh Are Well-Known for Their Left-Wing Viewpoints!

Then, as the USSR was reforming itself out of existence, a major faction split from the CPGB in 1988 – taking the ‘Morning Star’ newspaper with it. As the CPGB was turning itself into a bewildered Trotskyite entity of the Bourgeois left – the ‘Communist Party of Britain’ (CPB) left – whilst refusing to align itself with the USSR or China. Although stating in its literature it is ‘Marxist-Leninist’ – there is more than a whiff of Trotskyism about its ongoing functionality, with ‘White’ middle-class men holding most of the positions of power – and its newspaper spouting Trotskyite (and quite often ‘racist’ nonsense). But what about the CPGB I hear you ask! Well, soon after the dissolution of the ‘CPGB’ in 1991, (it had long ceased to be ‘Communist’ and had deteriorated into a Bourgeois-left talking shop), a Trotskyite group hijacked the anacronym and used it as an online platform to publish its anti-working-class and anti-Marxist-Leninist rhetoric (a classic display of ‘entryism’).  

Today – the UK is Riddled with Trotskyism and US Anti-Intellectualism – Which Presents Stalin as Being Little Better than Hktler!

Meanwhile, in 2004, another group of committed British Trotskyites again ‘hijacked’ the anacronym – but this time adding ‘Marxist-Leninist’ (ML) to it! This group had once worshipped at the shrine of Trotsky – before converting to ‘Stalin’ – as if the former was a form of ‘Protestantism’ and the latter representative of the ‘Catholic’ movement! This interpretation played into (and served to legitimate) the Bourgeois misrepresentation of the Marxist-Leninist tradition – implying that Trotsky represented one form of Marxist-Leninist interpretation – and Stalin yet another. The reality is that Trotsky was NOT a Marxist-Leninist whilst Stalin was ONLY a Marxist-Leninist! As a consequence, there are many unsavoury and cult-like elements to the CPGB-ML – where older men in authority shepherd groups of psychologically and physically controlled young men around designated houses (for indoctrination meetings) whilst then ‘inserting’ these sheep-like groups into specific points in marches and public protests, etc! This is the sad story of the demise of the British ‘Communist’ (CPGB) movement – with most if not all of these breakaway factions still existing today – but involving the low hundreds in membership.  

There Was Once a Great Communist ‘Hope’ in the UK!