William Burroughs – My Lunch is Naked – So What? (21.2.2023)

The Present Generation Did Not ‘Invent’ Sex – If It Did – We Wouldn’t Be Here!

The US is a giant Nazi Concentration Camp. What Hitler rushed to achieve in three or four years, the US is taking hundreds of years to achieve. Part of the US success in limiting every human expression and committing genocide as a means to limit and/or remove every logical or expected freedom humanity should possess (because if such freedoms where allowed to develop they would contradict the very supportive foundation upon which predatory capitalism relies) – is to brainwash its domestic population into accepting the reality that its own castration and hobbling is inevitable – as is the requirement for this destructive process to be spread worldwide. This well thought out method of US domination is tantamount to Hitler convincing the Jews (and other threatened groups) to actively agree with his pogrom whilst wholeheartedly assisting in its application! As the Americans are taking their time – all these wrinkles of presentation that defeated Hitler (and world fascism) are being suitably ‘ironed out’.

For instance, William Burroughs (in his masterpiece ‘Naked Lunch‘) argues that male homosexuality is a product of Matriarchy – whereby women ‘influence’ men (through a sort of cultural ‘osmosis’) to take on a female sexual orientation. Women deny they are doing this, of course, whilst perpetuating the camouflaging myth that they are the ones being oppressed by male ‘Patriarchy’ – the very attribute combined womanhood is destroying through this ongoing effeminate re-programming of men. The Bourgeois State accepts this female-concocted surface argument as a means to avoid acknowledging the real causes of Gayness, or the further suggested idea by William Burroughs that much of what passes as ‘deviant’ sexual behaviour in a post-industrial society (as decreed by the Bourgeois State and enforced by reactionary elements of the working class) – exist because those participating in such behaviour find these activities enjoyable and fulfilling.

The film of the same name had to be ‘toned-down’ – or it would never have been made. Interestingly, as progressive as many ‘White’ people of the left seem to think Burroughs was – his work contains a continuous anti-China racism (typical of the Bourgeoisie that controls the US). Indeed, the film uses the word ‘Ch’nk’ a number of times in homage to the anti-China racism that permeates the entirety of Burroughs’ original book! This is from the same author who portrays young Chinese boys being anally raped by adult males – and supposedly ‘enjoying’ it – similar to the stories emerging from Europeans who carried-out pogroms of mass rape and murder in Beijing during 1900 – and the killings carried-out by the Japanese Imperialists during the 1930s!

Just because the (US) Bourgeois State ‘banned’ and then ‘unbanned’ the book ‘Naked Lunch’ does not mean it should be viewed as ‘progressive’ – or that it should be interpreted as particularly ‘Revolutionary’ (after-all, this is the same State which ‘murdered’ the Rosenberg’s merely for being ‘Communist’)! After a few hundred pages – I found its lack of genuine Revolutionary direction – (and the pushing of the decadent sexual agenda) to be ‘tiresome’ and generally ‘Trotskyite’ in nature! Marxism-Leninism frees the body AND mind – and not just the ‘body’. When the mind is free of predatory capitalism – the body will be free of predatory capitalism! In reality, William Burroughs (and his ilk) achieved absolutely ‘nothing’ for the genuine Revolutionary Cause – and yet his books still ‘sell’ and are busy ‘enriching’ and ‘perpetuating’ the American capitalist system!

Alternative writers within the capitalist system – are still ‘published’ by the Bourgeois Establishment in just the same manner the lesser alternative writers are published. Their path to stardom – or, at least three square meals a day – may hold a few more twists and turns not experienced by the designated more ‘suitable’ writers, but they are still very much part of the capitalist system the Bourgeoisie supports – and serve as prime literary examples of how the Bourgeoisie decides which fringe books it will authorise to act as vehicles for a ‘criticism’ of itself (yes – the Bourgeois publishing industry was just as ‘controlled’ in the 1950s as it is today). The writing of William Burroughs is a ‘mirror’ of US society without the usual post-1945 hype and disinformation (designed to prevent a Socialist Revolution in the West) getting in the way. Just as Schrodinger’s ‘may’ or ‘may not’ be right about the existential state of his ‘cat’ – I am sure that I am equally ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ about Burroughs! The 1991 film ‘Naked Lunch’ is about 90% different to the book of the same name, but seems to include extracts from other Burroughs’ books (such as ‘Junky’) as a replacement to paedophillic, homosexual or incestuous sex acts, throbbing erections, moist vaginas, greased anal orifices and pulsating ejaculations… The ‘clunk’ of money remains exactly the same.