Booing from the Gallery – But Surprisingly NOT for My Anti-Zionist Work! (5.2.2023) 

Blogging Note: I include below a link to a ‘translated’ article I produced some time ago posted on one of the ‘Richard Hunn’ sites I help to maintain and provide content for. Anyone interested in the extensive and appalling War Crimes and the Crimes Against Humanity committed by the Imperial Japanese Army throughout China and Asia (committed against Asians and Europeans) both before and during WWII should reference – Brian Victoria’s ‘Zen At War’ and Lord Russell’s ‘Knights of Bushido’ amongst many other publications. All the data compiled for such works has been compiled from the various ‘War Crime Trials’ that took place after WWII – and within which the many Japanese individuals accused were found guilty and punished for their actions. Of course, the salient point being is that I did not write this article – only translate it – with the content being that of the original authors. Whether I agree or disagree with this content is immaterial – with the ‘Jundo Cohen’ having no way of ascertaining either way. In England we would say that he has ‘gone off half-cocked’ so-to-speak.  

As the US today uses a conquered Japan as a bulwark against Socialist China – the post-WWII governments of Japan do NOT have to a) acknowledge that their soldiers committed atrocities both before and during WWII, and b) modern Japan does not have to issue an ‘Apology’ for the crimes its soldiers committed. Such is the reality of the world of politics we inhabit. Also, included in this missive (as if I could forget its implied ‘racism’) – more as a form of ‘light relief’ – is an email I received today from somebody who obviously has a) not understood the article he is critiquing, b) has not read the article he is critiquing or c) both! This is from one of those ‘White’ Westerners (usually ‘North American’) who is busy living a life of fantasy appropriating Asian culture – and then mistakenly ‘inserting’ themselves into an ongoing internecine ethnic conflict that slow-burns in the background – participated within by virtually ALL people of Chinese and Japanese descent! Enjoy! ACW (6.2.2023) 

Pu Shi Institute for Social Science:
Moving beyond the Distortions of Modern Japanese Zen

​Authors: Wang Zhihe (王治河) & Wu Yansheng (吴言生) 


(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD) 

Email Received Monday, 6 February 2023 13:22 (Spam) Title: ‘You should be ashamed of yourself …’:

… posting such a half-true, itself “distorted,” ugly bit of 
propaganda. Your own quote sums up what you have done: … an attitude 
of “arrogance and self-aggrandisement” the true essence of Buddhism has 
been obscured by the emphasis of the “discriminating mind”.

For all your words, you are what you accuse others of being. Have you 
little heart?

Pressed Palms,

Jundo Cohen

Treeleaf Sangha