More from the Dishonest Jundo… (6.2.2023) 

Master Xu Yun (1840-1959) Lived Through the Barbarism of the Imperial Japanese Occupation of China!

When people get emotional (that is, when their mind is over-come with the greed, hatred delusion they claim to have transcended) they often panic – and misspell the words and phrases they use, even though they claim to follow the Zen path – which purports to not rely upon ‘words’ and ‘phrases’. What adds fuel to the fire is that they are often self-appointed ‘heads’ of this or that Sangha (as numerous as leaves on a tree) and use their fake spirituality to mislead those too stupid (or too innocent) to know any better – down the blind allies of exploitation, oppression and false erudition they themselves are enmeshed within. This is the sad case of Jundo Cohen – a ‘White’ American appropriator of Japanese culture – and the blind supporter of Imperial Japanese War Crimes and atrocities committed in China and across Asia between 1931-1945! What a strange fellow he must be – as there are numerous other contradictions that could be brought forward and set straight in a public forum. Still, here we are – and this is his latest offering: 

On Mon, 6 Feb 2023, at 16:17, Jundo Cohen wrote: 

‘Your essay is ridiculous and dishonest. You know better, but have no  
respect for history.’ 

But where are the spelling errors – I hear you ask! Of course, you are correct, the errors are of patterns of thought rather than in their expression. This is because old Jundo has forgotten his Western name and hides behind a pseudonym – whilst retaining a surname that tells us everything that we need to know about his non-Asian history and US upbringing. To think my Western and Chinese grandparents fought Nazi German, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan for the likes of him to misuse the ‘freedom’ they secured with their blood!