Full Security Video: Brandon Tsay Disarms Mass-Killer Huu Can Tran! (2.2.2023)

Brandon Tsay – Heroically ‘Disarms’ Mass-Killer Huu Can Tran!

Around 27 minutes after killing eleven and mortally wounded nine others at a Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration at California’s Monterey Park – Vietnamese migrant into the US – the 72 year old Huu Can Tran – travels the short distance ‘North’ into Alhambra and attempts to carry-out exactly the same stunt against an unsuspecting Asian population! What he did not count on was the bravery of Brandon Tsay – the 26 year old son of the owners of the local dance hall targeted! Although a computer programmer with no martial arts experience, Brandon Tsay effectively closes the distance, gains control of the gun-hand (keeping it aimed away from himself and safely toward the ground), and eventually wrestle complete control of the fire-arm! Whilst tussle unfolded, Huu Can Tran landed a number of punches to Brandon Tsay’s head area – showing a surprising dexterity and youthful vigour for some one of his advanced years – before finally ‘giving-up’ and walking away with only a casual glance backwards to see if he is about to be shot in the back! Huu Can Tran seems calm and set on achieving some kind of ‘mission’! Around three-hours later, Huu Can Tran would take his own life whilst sat in his own white van following a stand-off with the US Police!