Wagner PMC Anti-NATO (English) Recruitment Video! (30.1.2023)

Wagner PMC – Attempting to Recruit Westerners!

Modern Russia is not the USSR, and this is why there are no calls from the Russian working-class for assistance from the International working-class! Modern Russia is a Bourgeois State which is currently conflicting with another Bourgeois State – Ukraine! Although both countries adhere to the capitalist ideology and choose governments through the liberal democratic method (of voting every four or five years) – both countries internally advocate different types of fascist ideology. The United States is attempting to advance NATO military control into the former countries that comprised the Communist Bloc – and America is doing this through the use of Hitlerite Neo-Nazism. Neo-Nazi ideology is inherently ‘anti-Russian’ – as Russia is viewed as leading the other fourteen countries that comprised the USSR into ‘resisting’, ‘fighting’ and finally ‘defeating’ the military forces (and racist ideology) of Adolf Hitler in 1945!  

Adolf Hitler held the view that ‘Bolshevism’ was a corruption of Slavism premised upon the influence of Judaism. In other words, the racially inferior Jews, through their collective influence, created a ‘secular’ form of ‘sharing’ which they termed ‘Communism’. In opposition to this was Pan-Slavism. This is a Scandinavian fascist ideology which sees the Nordic races as ‘pure’ and ‘superior’ – and which is prevalent throughout modern Russia today. Pan-Slavism is prevalent throughout Russia and offers its own forms of racism, homophobia and misogyny. In many ways it parallels Hitlerism but rejects ‘Hitler’ due to his ‘anti-Russian’ ideology. During WWII, Pan-Slavism inspired thousands of Nordic men to join Hitler’s ‘Volunteer’ SS Regiments in an attempt to destroy Bolshevism in Russia and to protect Germany from the advance of the Red Army!  

Ukrainian POWs Are Treated with Respect Behind Russian Lines!

Richard Wagner was a primary inspiration for Adolf Hitler – and yet the Russian ‘Volunteers’ who fight in Donbass today not only name their Regiment after this bigoted fool – but also make use of the skull emblem used extensively by the Hitlerite SS Divisions! Fighting US-backed Neo-Nazism throughout Eastern Europe (and the Ukraine) is one thing – but supporting Russian Pan-Slavism without question is quite another! The average Russian person in the USSR always looked for support to the toiling masses who lived beyond the boundaries of the USSR – we were working-class ‘Comrades’ waiting for the World Revolution together – but today, on the many discussion forums available the average Russian perpetuates race-hatred toward all people living in countries whose Bourgeois governments disagree with Russian policy in the Ukraine. This is now the typical ‘Nationalism’ which Russia pursues. Even the so-called Russian, Donetsk and Lugansk ‘Communist Parties’ fall into lign with this Bourgeois thinking and acting!  

The Bourgeois Russian government is thoroughly ‘capitalist’ and encourages its society to be riddled with backward religiosity! The religiosity of the Russian Orthodox Church is just as bad as the contrived Ukrainian Orthodox Church – with its inverted view of reality, racism, misogyny and homophobia! Many of its monks and priests I have met exude what I term ‘pure evil’! There is nothing holy about any of these self-seeking deluders of humanity! The Russian government, whilst generating tens of thousands of casualties in Russia (on both sides) do not want any social instability that could lead to a ‘Socialist’ uprising! I reject ALL this Bourgeois reaction perpetuated by modern Russia and lament the destruction of the 1917 Great October Revolution! And yet we are still left with the problem of continuously expanding US hegemony which we have been accommodating throughout Western Europe since 1945! It is true that Russia is confronting it – but it does not offer ‘Socialism’ in its place – merely a form of ‘capitalism’ controlled by Russia! Whatever the case, Ukrainian Neo-Nazism must be defeated – and so should the fascism Russian Pan-Slavism!