Yeh – When Trotsky Ate Dimsum – Like a Lam to the Slaughter! (30.1.2023) 

马克思列宁主义毛泽东思想 – Marxist-Leninism – Mao Zedong Thought!

In the early 2000s I used to frequent a number of British Chinese online discussion boards. These were mostly tiresome affairs established by Bourgeois (middle-class) British-born Chinese men and women who had been to university, gained a Degree and worked in a typically ‘middle-class’ profession. One worked in the Home Office, another was a Social Worker whilst another was a ‘Journalist’ – whilst all had internalised White racism and were busy turning it outward onto any (perceived) non-ethnic Chinese person that dared to enter their respective spheres of influence. Coupled with this fascistic attitude, was a blanket rejection of Mainland China and its ‘Socialist’ Revolution! Indeed, whilst busy ‘Orientalising’ Black, White and Asian interlopers – these individuals (and the cult-like communities they attracted) maintained a special level of aggression for ALL Mainland Chinese people ‘proud’ of who they were and where they were from! As if this was not enough, these forums were male-dominated with misogynism being very much encouraged and applauded by the site Admins and Moderators! Chinese women threatened with the act of ‘gang rape’ were ostracised and ‘blamed’ for the eliciting the behaviour of these British-born Chinese men – a problem caused apparently by their ‘presence’ and ‘behaviour’! Biracial people – and non-Chinese partners of ethnic Chinese people were favourite targets for these thugs with Chinese ancestry. 

When I discuss this in my lectures, I often use one or two examples from these forums to illustrate how non-White groupings infiltrate and occupy certain socio-economic niches within Bourgeois, ‘White’ society. One Chinese woman possessed a background in journalism – and was even interviewed by the BBC as to the purpose of her forum and its place in the British-born Chinese community. The point was then (as of now), the vast majority of Chinese workers in the UK have no interest either a) in the use of the internet, or b) are not interested in the non-Chinese language internet.  In the early 2000s, ‘a’ probably prevailed, but today, with China’s highly successful development of ‘Baidu’ – English language discussion forums are simply not needed for ethnic Chinese people – as they possess no cultural purpose or relevance, and ‘b’ is far more prevalent. Chinese people communicate with one another in the Chinese language. More than this, however, but Chinese cultural thought forms are premised upon the written (and spoken) Chinese language and have no historical connection with the English language – the language of the invader and coloniser. These British-born Chinese forums I observed decided to communicate in the language of the invader and to adopt many of the attitudes associated with the ‘White’ political far-right! 

What did this Chinese woman say to me whilst I frequented her forum? Well, at the time I was very active in the British anti-racist movement and always posted from the Marxist-Leninist (Maoist) perspective. This lady advised me to ‘STOP’ criticising the British fascist movement on the grounds that the British far-right had always maintained good relations with the Chinese community residing in the UK! Really? How insulting is such an attitude to all the decent White people who reject and fight fascism – and to the endless stream of Chinese men, women and children who have suffered immense psychological and physical damage at the hands of these very same British fascists! After doing a bit of digging and enquiring amongst my Chinese colleagues, I discovered that this woman was a ‘Trotskyite’ active in a well-known ‘Trotskyite’ political movement in the UK! She administered an online discussion forum presented to the media as ‘mainstream’ – as a recruiting ground for the far-right political party she supported. In 1938, Trotsky called upon his followers to unite with the political far right and join any collective (fascist) attack upon the Soviet Union! Since that time, the Trotskyites have always collaborated with the far-right whilst the Marxist-Leninists always fight these people and their evil cause! 

Another ‘leader’ of a similar forum used to be a Social Worker and yet encouraged racism and misogynism on his forum. I was told that he was flying high until one day his disrespect for the Chinese community, Chinese traditions and the Chinese Mainland ruffled the feathers of certain powerful individuals whose feathers it would have been far wiser NOT to have ruffled! To cut a long story short, he had to ‘beg’ a well-known ‘Socialist’ who was loyal to Mainland China and who carried out a lot of good work amongst the local Chinese population – to intercede on his behalf with these powerful individuals so that the situation could be defused. I was told the entire story by the individual concerned who was asked for his help. The point is that the vast majority of Chinese people are loyal to Mainland China – but there are a few who are disloyal and may be considered ‘traitors’. It is this latter (unrepresentative) group that the racist (White) establishment showers with awards and accolade’s – and which are artificially ‘raised’ up above the ordinary masses of Chinese people who are proud to be ‘Chinese’ – and yet live peaceful and law-abiding lives outside of China! Furthermore, Mainland China is a Marxist-Leninist (Maoist) country which practices ‘Internationalism’ and rejects ‘Trotskyism’, ‘racism’ and all forms of reaction – whilst welcoming anyone who has a respectful attitude and is interested in learning something new!