Urals: NKVD Intercept Neo-Nazi Saboteurs! (2.2.2023)

Russia is Under Constant Attack from Western-Trained Terrorists!

‘The attitude of the bourgeois to the institutions of his regime is like that of the Jew to the law; he evades them whenever it is possible to do so in each individual case, but he wants everyone else to observe them. If the entire bourgeois, in a mass and at one time, were to evade bourgeois institutions, it would cease to be bourgeois – a conduct which, of course, never occurs to the bourgeois and by no means depends on their willing or running.’

Karl Marx (with Friedrich Engels): The German Ideology, Prometheus, (1998), Page 194

The US, UK and EU not only brought the Neo-Nazi ‘Euro-Maidan’ Junta to power in early 2014 – but has since built its military and political strength – calling upon the man-power of the world-wide ‘White Supremacy’ movement – and Zionist ‘Volunteers from the Israeli IDF! Hitler and Herzi are the two ideologues who have held the light of ‘fascism’ high in the sky for the world to see – and the Neo-Nazi Ukrainians to find their way to the Donbass region (toward the East)! Kill, kill and kill again has been their destructive mantra! Although the West built-up an impressive ‘Armed Forces of Ukraine’ (AFU) – including Punitive Neo-Nazi Battalion formations (named after well-known and murderous WWII Nazi German SS Divisions) – much of this military formation has been detroyed in the early fighting of the ‘Special Military Operation’ (which began on Februaru 24th, 2022) – with the AFU Hitlerites losing at least 100,000 soldiers and the Russian around 10,000!

These losses have shocked the US financiers and NATO-planners! How could an army of anti-Russian far-right fanatics not prevail after a world-wide propaganda campaign that has involved a sweeping (not to mention ‘mindless’) political and material support for everything ‘Ukrainian’! Whilst British people and genuine asylum-seekers and refugees are forced to live on the streets by the incumbent Tories – starving and in want of clothing, housing and medical care – Neo-Nazi Ukrainian ‘War Criminals’ are being shipped into brand new housing estates built from scratch, whilst being given the infamous ‘Golden Visa’, ‘British Citizenship, massive financial grants and limitless ‘travel’ passes! The children of these Hitlerite criminals now rob shoulders with our own childreen within British local schools – seemingly unaware that our grandfathers fought a ‘People’s War’ (during WWII) against the ideological ancestors of these Hitlerites!

The US has now resorted to the mass use of deadly (plastic) military drones which can cause death and destruction to the Russian Forces with little material threat to the AFU and for a relatively ‘cheap’ cost in production! Waves consisting of thousands of these devices have been raining-down upon the Russian Forces and various ‘Civilian’ population areas of the now ‘Independent’ Donbass causing signifiicant losses. Meanwhile, whilst ‘drones’ take the place of ‘human’ AFU Forces on the frontline – NATO is deploying small teams of highly trained and strongly motivated ‘Saboteurs’ – very much in the model of British Special Forces (particularly the SAS and the SBS). These four-man teams are lightly but effectively armed and deployed ‘deep’ into the sovereign territory of Russia! The above video shows the successful ‘interception’ and ‘arrest’ of one such Unit by the Russian NKVD!