Syria: US Neo-Imperialism Premised Upon Racism and Theft! (21.8.2022)

As Well as ‘Stealing’ the Life and Well-Being of Syrians – US Forces Are Tasked with the More Obviously Tangible Task of of ‘Stealing’ Syrian Oil!

The US peddles myths and legends about itself (the ‘good’) and and about those countries (and individuals) that stand in the way of this activity (the ‘bad’)! The US relies heavily upon the contingency of ‘anti-intellectualism’ which sees ‘lies’ presented as ‘true’ – whilst inconvenient ‘truth’ (which exposes US lies for what they are) is placed quietly to one side so that few know these facts and are unable to use them as an effective counter-rhetoric! The US perpetuates the myth of ‘Human Rights’ whilst its foreign policies are premised upon the normalisation of the violation, contradiction and destruction of these ‘Human Rights’! Indeed, an academic report issued in recent years – states that between 1945 to present – the US military has killed between 20 to 30 million men, women and children around the world in pursuit of its socio-economic and politic vision around the world! Although the US government enforces its own working class population to live in hardship, misery and perpetual poverty whilst having to continuously work within poor conditions – the US government uses its military to destroy the governments of others, steal their natural resources (and produce of labour) and to kill these ‘foreign’ (non-White) populations! If you would like to read more about a contemporary example of US Neo-Imperialism – please click HERE: