Mansion - Li Hongzhi!


Dear Comrades

Below is a link to a UK government page supporting the Falun Gong Cult and perpetuating the ‘myth’ of forced organ transplant amongst this Cult’s following – and supposedly the Uyghur population! I have been asked to investigate this website by my colleagues in the CPC:

International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China

Interestingly, the Vatican – which hates Communist China – carried-out an independent investigation regarding China’s medical system (which included an examination into the practice of voluntary ‘organ transplant’ with China’s ‘Socialist’ System) and concluded that forced organ harvesting in China is a ‘myth’ perpetuated by the ‘Falun Gong Cult’ in the service of foreign powers! The Western media ignored this finding because it contradicts the official line emanating from Washington! Above is an aerial view of the CIA-provided mansion given to Li Hongzhi by the taxpayers of America!

Global Practice of Ethics Summit (2018)

The UK government page (the ‘links’ to which are deliberately designed to ‘hinder’ the casual enquirer and ‘confuse’ the more ‘seasoned’ investigator) – pretends to support the full range of freedom of belief (which should give equal weight to non-believing in religious dogma) – but in reality is a ‘front’ expressing a one-sided preference for religious belief over the practice (and ‘teaching’) of atheism and non-theism. 

This is a clear expression of US anti-intellectualism manifested by the UK government in the service of predatory capitalism. Furthermore, it continues the ‘inverted’ policy of presenting ‘Socialist’ China as being nothing but an Asian manifestation of Nazi Germany – exactly the same policy the US used against the USSR once Nazi Germany (and her Allies) had been completely defeated by the Soviet Red Army and the menace removed from the world!

Of course, none of this US misrepresentation of China is true. The people of China enjoy a prosperity never before experienced in that country which is held together by a health system that is second to none in the world! As millions of people register for voluntary ‘organ donation’ – there is absolutely no reason for ‘organ harvesting’ – in a medical system that delivers top class treatment free at the point of use! By comparison, the Falun Gong Cult is a criminal organisation that has the US government financing and supporting its network of criminality – which involves kidnap, human trafficking, rape, murder, child sexual abuse, theft, fraud, torture, pornography and drug-dealing, etc. 

It is astonishing that a criminal organisation such as the Falun Gong Cult would be included on a British government website pertaining to support freedom of belief – whilst its extensive network of criminality (enhanced through the machinations of the ‘New Tang Dynasty’ TV Channel and the equally ‘fake’ Shen Yun Dance Troupe, etc,) – which is always seeking women and girls for sexual exploitation – would be completely ignored! Yes – Li Hongzhi lives in a US government ‘mansion’ situated in the leafy suburbs of New York which has a 24 hour police ‘guard’ around its parameter! This allows the young boys and girls he and his lieutenants prefer to sexually abuse – to be brought in and out of the complex free of media scrutiny and press exposure! 

Yours Sincerely


Dear Adrian

We all know that the organs scams originate from the very countries which pretend to be fighting illegal organ harvesting. NATO, Israel and 5 Eyes have been at it since at lease the break up of Yugoslavia and continue to be doing it in Ukraine.

Dear Gillian

End Forced Organ Harvesting in China!

I have been asked to look into this UK government-backed website – which comes across as odd – but all the offensive stuff is hosted through links at the bottom!

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