USSR: All-Union VI Lenin Pioneer Organisation! (19.5.2022)

Socialist Realist Education Begins With the Youth!

The British Scout Movement, unbelievably, had already penetrated feudal Russia prior to the 1917 Socialist Revolution! This was reserved for the privileged off-spring of the monarchy, the nobility and the rich – a relatively small minority of the population – but was beginning to spread into the periphery of the well-to-do peasantry, the population of which was vast and encompassed the vast majority of the population! As well as this, in the major cities, Western-style factories had been built which had attracted a relatively small but significant population of the peasantry which had been transformed into a developing ‘Proletariat’! Indeed, the Revolution, when it came, would emanate from these factory populations – which had spontaneously self-organised themselves into ‘Soviet’ or ‘Unions of Workers’ – that had begun to collectively defend their rights and campaign for improvement in working conditions, etc.

The Pioneer Corps Was Founded on May 19th, 1922

The Scout Movement, when it arrived from Britain, was designed to support the Czarist State and the Russian Orthodox Church, and maintain the oppressive status quo (just as it did in the UK)! Therefore, most Bolsheviks (including Lenin) possessed a dim view of the Scouting Movement – declaring it thoroughly bourgeoise and decadent in nature – and seeing it as a serious encumbrance to building a Socialist State! Furthermore, even at this time, paedophilia had raised its ugly head in the Scout Movement in Russia, (following the tradition developed throughout Western Europe), which saw older men in authority sexually abusing the young boys entrusted into their care. This reflected the tradition of child abuse prevalent throughout the Protestant and Catholic Churches in the West – which was well represented throughout the priesthood of the Russian Orthodox Church! Although the children of the rich were sometimes targeted – the establishment figures preferred to also to target the children of the peasantry knowing that their parents could do nothing about it!

Peasant Children Were Taught That NO-ONE Had the Right to Touch Their Bodies – and That the Soviet State Possessed the Duty to Protect and Provide Them With Clothes and Shoes!

In 1918, Lenin abolished the entire Czarist system of law and began the construction of a ‘new’ Socialist system of law! Although the Czarist anti-gay laws were abolished – the Soviet Union became the first country in the world to a) acknowledge that the decadent upper-classes routinely sexually abused the children of the lower-classes, and b) passed laws to prevent this decadence. Therefore, from the earliest days of Socialist legal construction, it was illegal for mature men to participate in anyway regarding the sexual exploitation of ‘boys’! The British Scouting Movement was ‘outlawed’ and ‘abolished’ in 1922 – and replaced with the ‘All-Union VI Lenin Pioneer Organisation’ (often shortened to as the ‘Pioneer Corps’) – with the first stipulation being that no adult possessed the right in law to ‘touch’ the body of a child without the permission of that child, with the child being protected by the law from any sexual activity until they had reached sixteen years of age. Overnight, the child abuse and rape that had existed for centuries throughout Russia’s society was stopped! Those caught abusing children received long prison sentences and re-education. If the child-abuse was defined as a ‘political’ crime – then the Death Sentence would be applied to the repeat offender.

Many of the ‘Teenage’ Units of the Pioneer Corps Fought in the Great Patriotic War!

The Foundation of all education within the Soviet State was premised upon the ideology of Marxist-Leninism! This rejected the ‘inverted’ ideology of the Bourgeois State (and the theistic religion that supports that State) – and emphasised the logical building of the dialectical assessment of material reality. Science replaced (theistic) religion and allowed for the complete and total advancement of collective humanity, the fulfilment of psychological and physical individual need, and the general trend toward the development of World Revolution! Just as Marxist-Leninism respects nature – Soviet children were taught to respect nature, the environment and the processes of evolution! Although humanity can master nature through science – nature must also be preserved as the basis of human existence. After-all, out of the random association of natural process within nature, the human body had developed and from this the organ of the brain and its function of the ‘mind’ had emerged! Although in many ways evolution appears a ‘mysterious’ process – the human mind is slowly but surely deciphering all the elements of how ‘natural selection’ has developed to produce humanity – and the consciousness that defines it (being a ‘special arrangement’ of matter)!

By the time Adolf Hitler invaded the USSR in 1941, the fact that the young people of the USSR had received the Marxist-Leninist education provided through the Pioneer Corps for nearly twenty-years – was surely a major factor in the USSR’s ability to withstand the combined onslaught of much of the Catholic and fascist-inspired world motivated to commit genocide against the Slavic population! I suspect that it was the moral back-bone provided by the Pioneer Corps of VI Lenin that gave the Soviet population the combined strength to stand-up to Hitler and carry-out a resistance that cost the USSR 41 million men, women and children! Those who betrayed the Soviet people in 1991, ‘abolished’ Lenin’s Pioneer Corps on September 28 at the behest of the US – on the grounds that it was a ‘Communist’ organisation that deviated wildly from the auspices of predatory capitalism! Britain’s Scouting Movement was re-introduced into modern Russia – which coincided with the re-introduction of the power of the Russian Orthodox Church! This dangerous mix of bourgeois inversion and religious stupidity ensured the re-establishment of child sexual abuse – a terrible by-product inflicted upon the minds and bodies of Russia’s children by those who betrayed the masses for capitalist greed!

With the Rise of Putin – Many Aspects of the Pioneer Corps Has Been Re-Introduced!

Russian Language Articles:ВсесоюзнаяпионерскаяорганизацияимениВ.И.Ленина

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