Alexander Werth: France 1940-1955 – Chapter Two – ‘The French Political Parties and the 1951 Election’ (Pages 514-543)

Alexander Werth Could Read, Write and Speak French Fluently – and Lived in France Both Before and After WWII!

The year 1951 was pivotal in both the UK and France – as a resurging US made its move to usurp all democratically ‘leftist’ political parties (containing adherents with ‘Communist’ sympathies), and replace each (via the ballot-box) with right-wing equivalents! This was the first faltering steps of an anti-intellectual ‘Cold War’ policy that was as unjust as it was stupid, concocted by Churchill (and Truman) at Fulton during 1946! The remit was simple – take the horrific reality of Hitlerism and ‘project’ it upon the Soviet Union – and in so doing, convince the Western working-class that there is (and was) ‘no difference’ between the tyranny and oppression of Hitler’s ‘National Socialism’ and Stalin’s ‘Scientific Socialism’!

Hitler’s View of the French People is Extraordinarily ‘racist’!

The fact that it was Marx and Lenin who had formulated the ideological path the Communist Party of the Soviet Union pursued – or that Stalin was an ‘elected’ Official with little or no ‘say’ in Party policy – was irrelevant to the ‘ignorant’ position being ‘normalised’ by the United States. To the average ‘unthinking’ American, their government had convinced them that ‘UFOs’ were Soviet secret weapons, and the fact 41 million Soviet men, women and children had died fighting a bitter war against Hitlerism only served to ‘prove’ that there was no difference between the two regimes! The trade-off was a simple one. In return for US money to reconstruct Western Europe and boost the failing European economies, each national government had to convincingly advocate an openly stringent ‘Anti-Soviet’ policy whilst simultaneously perpetuating an ‘Anti-Communist’ ideology that ‘undermined’ and ‘demonised’ the various branches of the Communist Party outside of the USSR. This included a particularly ruthless perpetuation of Western racism in the rejection of the Chinese, North Korean, Vietnamese and generally ‘Asian’ working-class as having ‘nothing in common’ with the far more sophisticated and ‘racially superior’ Western European working-class (which had its best interests controlled directly from Washington).

Even the French Had to Admit That Joseph Stalin Had ‘Won’ WWII By Successfully ‘Directing’ ALL Branches of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union – and ALL External Branches of the Communist Party in the War Against Hitler! The Post-1945 Battle Was Now Against US Anti-Intellectualism!

The British Labour Party was no less complicit in allowing a ‘foreign’ country such the US to ‘interfere’ in Britain’s internal affairs! During 1945-1951 – whilst implementing ‘Communist’ influenced reforms constructing a Welfare State and National Health System at home – the British Labour Party (acting upon US dictates) fought a brutal and vicious war against a Chinese-led Communist uprising in ‘Malaya’! This included professional British soldiers routinely committing Nazi-esque type atrocities against the ethnic Malay, Indian and Chinese populations! This was a proxy race war between the US-controlled ‘White’ capitalist countries and their ‘non-White’ subjugated populations around the world! This led to the US attacking North Korea in 1950 and suffering a well-deserved series of humiliating military defeats at the hands of Proletariat North Korean and Chinese ‘Volunteer’ Armies! Meanwhile, in 1948, the British Labour Party tasked the Trotskyite (and bourgeois traitor) ‘George Orwell’ (Eric Arthur Blair) with compiling a ‘list’ of British intellectuals he considered to be ‘Communist’. Needless to say, Alexander Werth (Russian by birth) was placed high on that list! Werth had been granted a personal interview with Joseph Stalin after WWII – some say because it was known in Moscow that he was a ‘Communist’ who had managed to infiltrate deep within the Western, bourgeois intelligentsia! Alexander Werth was certainly a left-wing supporter of the British Labour Party – as many Communists were! As a reward, the British Labour Party had Orwell’s poorly written, predictable, very childish and immature books entitled ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984’ – made cornerstones of the British State’s education for young minds! These books served to inoculate entire generations AGAINST Marxist-Leninism with a simplistic Trotskyite troupe that declared all Russians to be little more than talking animals (Animal Farm), and the Soviet State as being the very ‘inverted’ nightmare (represented by capitalism) that Marxist-Leninism sought to reject (1984)! These pathetic literary efforts are still taught in US and British schools today – often accompanied by the irony that many young students forcibly subjected to this inverted rhetoric now perceiving the corrupt ‘capitalist’ nightmare each book truly represents!

The myth is that France was populated by natural anti-fascists who resisted the Nazi German invasion and occupation with every ounce of their energy! The reality was quite different. Mediated by the collaborating ‘Vichy’ government, much of France soon accommodated the Nazi German presence and were quite happy to assist in the round-up of the Jews (and other undesirables). The only reliable ‘Resistance’ to this Nazi German menace was the Communist Party of France which received instruction, guidance and direct material support from Moscow! It was ONLY the French Communists who led a campaign of continuous struggle and sacrifice against the Nazi Germans – and which were willing to co-ordinate this ‘Resistance’ with all Allied efforts to bring-down and defeat Hitler’s Armies in Western Europe! Whilst many ordinary French citizens took-up arms in support of the occupying Nazi Germans (and ‘killed’ liberating British soldiers on D-Day) – the French Communists (and their ‘Internationalist’ Comrades) stood their ground and supported the arriving Allies! For their sacrifice and bravery – the US re-wrote history in its own corrupt image, and falsely presented the Communist Party as a swastika-wearing ogre that did everything in its power to assist Hitler! The truth, as usual, was much different, as it was only the Communist Party that could be relied upon to ‘fight’ and ‘oppose’ fascism, Nazism and all forms of imperialism! With the US, UK and EU now openly supporting the (illegal) Neo-Nazi government of ‘Maidan’ Ukraine – it is yet again the ‘Communist Party’ which is providing a crucial level of support to the Russian efforts of ‘de-Nazifying’ Donbass!

The French Communists Were Betrayed By the Collaborating (and Cowardly) French Bourgeoisie and the US Imperialists!

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