I am Not a Fan of Russian Nationalism! (25.4.2022)

This is a disturbing part of ‘capitalist’ Russia that I cannot stomach! The Cosmonauts used to read Marxist-Leninist texts in space – knowing that Socialist Science (and not the belief in inverted religion and sky fairies) – had placed them in space and maintained their safety! This just goes to show that the bourgeois West is having a spat with bourgeois Russia – the latter of which refuses to give up a literal belief in its Socialist (anti-fascist) past! In the mean time, we are being forced by our bourgeois governments in the West to betray our anti-fascist past and accept the ‘normalisation’ of Ukrainian Neo-Nazism by inviting these criminalised people to live amongst us in our home communities! All of this madness, in one way or another, has bourgeois religion at its base! This creates the quandary in the Communist Movements of the West whereby we feel compelled to support Russia’s fight against Ukrainian fascism – but are ideologically opposed to Russia’s bourgeois system! For me, the situated is helped somewhat, in that I know what good work the Communist Parties of Russia, Lugansk and Donetsk are doing in this fight! This is the foundation from which I draw my ideological inspiration. We would all agree that ‘politicised’ and socially ’empowered’ religion is the problem and in no way is the solution!

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