VI Lenin: The State and Revolution (1917)

Hosted On The ‘Socialism For All’ Channel!

These texts are timeless and eternal! Many right-minded individuals and groups conspire to preserve, maintain and make available these (and similar) mind-expanding texts in the face of bourgeois indifference on the one-hand, and damn-right aggression on the other! Whilst bleating-on about ‘access to education’ (paid, of course) – the bourgeoisie would rather prefer that the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao, etc. – simply ‘disappear’ through a general lack of use, or an overwhelming consensus of redundancy! The point is that whatever dialectical circumstance we happen to individually inhabit or find ourselves traversing through (or ‘trapped’ within) – texts such as the above contain myriad of answers that help us understand our existential predicament! I have chosen the ‘Socialism for All’ Channel because the owners upload a vast array of important data including both ‘White’ and ‘non-White’ thinkers that include Mao, Stalin and Ho Chi Minh amongst many others (including the all-important ‘African’ thinkers)! Like myself, this Channel also follows the Marxist-Leninist convention of permanently ‘excluding’ Trotsky and his cadre of fools, imposters and imitators!

Today’s major issue (which will eventually pass into history), is Putin’s incursion into the Ukraine. A ‘Black’ US President Obama funded, armed and illegally brought to power the Neo-Nazi ‘Euro-Maidan’ regime in the Ukraine in 2014! Although this far-right regime overthrew (by force) the genuinely elected Ukrainian government – this did not concern the US Administration of the day as it contributed to an iron-ring of Neo-Nazi governments and regimes already surrounding Russia, all united by their dependence for legitimacy and survival upon the USA whilst earning this support through their incessant and insidious anti-Soviet and anti-Russian attitudes! The ultimate destination for the Neo-Nazi governments of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland is EU membership followed almost immediately by NATO protection! Although the US agree NOT to extend NATO toward the Russian borders in 1991 – it has actually done so FIVE times!

Putin is no Socialist. Indeed, he personally created a ‘private’ army – which he named the ‘National Guard’ (the same as the part-time citizen army of the United States designed to protect the American homeland from invasion) in 2016, a body of around 350,000 heavily-armed and well-trained paramilitary troops answerable only to the President of Russia! In doing this, he cut-out of the equation the Ministry of the Interior that used to have control of Border Guards and Special Interior Troops all answerable to a number of different elected individuals. It would seem that Putin, not sure that he could rely upon the regular Russian military – constructed his own personal army which has seen action from day one in Donbass fighting alongside the People’s Militias of Donetsk and Lugansk!

Of course, Russian Paratroopers have also acted as shock troops as have other Russian Units. Putin (and Russia) is definitely fighting a vicious Neo-Nazi government created by the United States to further its geo-political interests – and the West is undoubtedly ‘lying’ about it! The West is trying to cover its tracks of colluding with far-right extremist regimes by generating a toxic atmosphere that is inherently ‘anti-Russian’, racist, and mispresents the situation back to front to typical US anti-intellectual style! Most Ukrainians are supporting the Russians in their fight to get rid of a terribly oppressive Hitleresque Junta that has made their lives a living hell for eight-years! Whereas hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have headed to Russia for care and safety – a steady trickle of criminals and Neo-Nazi activists have been heading for a life of luxury and excess at the taxpayer’s expense to be settled amongst our populations in the West. What President Biden refers to as ‘heroes’ are in fact ‘paedophiles’, ‘murderers’, ‘rapists’ and ‘terrorists’ all encouraged and indulged in their criminality by the West! These are the people that murdered between 13000-14000 men, women and children in the Donbass area (between 2014-2022) simply because they view themselves as ‘Russian’! You will find a surprising number of parallels between Lenin’s work above the situation currently unfolding in the Ukraine at the moment!

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