DHL Donating Vans to Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Forces! NEO-NAZI NEWS ROUND-UP ISSUE 37!(28.2.2022)

German ‘Volunteers’ Fighting for the Ukrainian Army Mortar Crew Explain That In Return for Delivering a Few Packages en route – They Get to Keep the DHL Van for use in Military Purposes!

Nomadic mortar crews of the Armed Forces of Ukraine now travel on minibuses donated, most likely from the international express delivery service DHL.

If the Recipients Are Not Home – Which Happens Alot Lately – we Leave the Packages in a Nearby Bin.

Кочующие минометные расчеты ВСУ теперь ездят на подаренных скорей всего отжатых у международной службы экспресс- доставки DHL микроавтобусах.

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