Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Zionist (Israeli) Flag Proudly on Display! (19.5.2023)

The Faces Were Apparently ‘Obscured’ At Source!

Author’s Note: I was reading a Russian language discussion regarding this photograph. One author wrote:

‘The USSR lost around 41 million men, women and children during the Nazi German invasion (1941-1945). This separates to about 21 million civilians and 19 million military (far greater numbers in this anti-Slav ‘genocide’ than were lost during the ‘Holocaust’ – which involved more victims than just the ‘Jews’). The Hitlerite Germans were aided and abated by ‘Volunteers’ from all over the US and Western Europe (mostly in ‘SS’ Units) the (Catholic) Italians, Spanish and Hungarians, as well as the Finns and the Romanians! There was also the Slovakians, Slovenians and those from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania! Near the end of the war – there was even a small ‘Britisches Freikorps’ (BFC) – a Waffen SS Unit fighting on the Eastern Front! The whole world was against us and yet it was OUR Red Army soldiers who first fought their way to the Nazi German Concentration Camps and ‘freed’ the inhabitants! What does the Russian people receive for this effort and sacrifice? Jewish film producers who write the Red Army OUT of historical narratives – and Holocaust Survivors who claim to have been rescued by ‘nice’ Germans! Perhaps the Israelis are now showing their ‘true’ colours!’ ACW (19.5.2023)

The (Zionist) Government of Israel is NOT reticent in allowing its ‘Official’ support for the Neo-Nazi Government of Ukraine to be public knowledge! Part of this Israeli support for ongoing US-policy in the region of Nazified Eastern Europe – is the call for former Israeli Defence Force (IDF) Members to ‘Volunteer’ their services to the Neo-Nazi Military Formations of ‘Maidan’ Ukraine! Ex-IDF Members have been photographed and filmed participating not only in the ‘Regular’ Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) – but also in the Hitlerite ‘Nationalist Punitive Battalions’! It is thought that the ex-IDF experience of suppressing (and oppressing) the civilian population of (non-White) Palestine is required for keeping the ‘ethnic Russian’ population of the Donbass region of Ukraine under-control and preventing this group politically or militarily opposing the US-backed Neo-Nazi Junta!

This photograph was released (internet-wide) from a point originating in Ukraine on the 15th of May, (2023) – the day Commemorated in Palestine as the ‘Nakba’ (Disaster) – when Zionist Terrorists (armed by the West) militarily attacked the peaceful and unarmed Palestinian population (in 1948) stealing their homes, land and property! Tens of thousands of Palestinians were displaced with a similar number murdered by the Zionists! Israel is currently continuing this ‘genocide’ against the Palestinian people. This explains why the UN voted (in 1975) to declare Zionism a form of ‘White Supremacy’ practiced by ‘White’, ‘Middle-Class’ (Secular) Jews! The Zionists in Ukraine posted this picture as part of their continued ‘terrorist’ attack upon the minds and bodies of the Palestinian people!