Beef (S1-E3) – I Am Inhabited by a Cry! (13.4.2023) 

The US Military Routinely ‘Napalmed’ Schools within North Vietnam!

The Ali Wong character states the first time she heard a bird sing was when she came to America – because the Vietnamese ‘ate’ all the birds! She said her mother believed that talking about feelings was the same as ‘complaining’. She seems to be unaware that her adopted country – the capitalist US – started a bloody imperialist war which killed around 3 million Vietnamese people. The US blanket bombed North Vietnam to such an extent that more high explosives were dropped on the small Socialist State than the US and UK dropped on Nazi Germany during WWII! The level of destruction was so great that men, women and children had to burrow underground to construct safe living quarters – with entire generations being brought up without ever seeing daylight! The Americans quite literally ‘killed’ the sun! 

And yet these people not only survived – they also managed to militarily fight back and eventually defeat the US! However, Ali Wong is wrong in yet a far more profound way. As the White Americans have no respect for non-White people – they often deploy bizarre biological and chemical weapons upon the minds and bodies of their foreign enemies! The Americans then stand back and observe the effects of the racist debauchery! One such weapon used in Vietnam was ‘napalm’ – a mixture of petrol, glue and acid (which can NOT be washed off)! When it is dropped – it is spread over hundreds of metres. The oxygen is immediately eradicated. Everything that is covered – every man, woman, child, animal, plant and building – is then immolated and burnt to a crisp!  

Ali Wong might want to consider that this might be ‘why’ birds – (along with every other living creature) were destroyed by the fascistic Americans! I suspect that this line was inserted into the Asian based US comedy drama ‘Beef’ to appeal to the White Americans who have allowed this programme to be made! The programme itself is racist in that it strives to justify and normalise US neo-imperialism by perpetuating the idea that Asians must conform to White racist standards of behaviour whilst actively supporting the US colonies of Taiwan, South Korea and Japan! This includes the destruction of Asian culture and the replacement of Asian religions with right-wing, Protestant Christianity! Asians can only be included in US TV dramas if they refuse to support the independent countries of the land of their ancestors! Long live North Korea, Socialist Vietnam and Communist China!