US Drama: Rabbit Hole (S1-E4) – The Person in Your Ear! (14.4.2023)

Rabbit Hole (S1-E4) – The Person in Your Ear!

This is a US Drama appearing on the Paramount+ Streaming Service. Of course, virtually everything that appears on TV in the West is authorised by the US government – or at the very least – does NOT openly contradict the hegemony (and general ideological thrust) of the Bourgeoisie. This involves the generation and maintenance of ‘US Exceptionalism’ – a racist and anti-intellectual premise which projects the falsehood that White Americans are racially, culturally and politically ‘superior’ – and all non-White people can do in the world is a) acknowledge this reality, and b) conform to supporting this world view, but only from a position of ‘inferiority’! An important part of this narrative of stupidity is the falsehood that the political ‘Left’ is responsible for every abhorrent incident and occurrence – and that it is in everybody’s best interests to assist the Bourgeois Establishment in its combatting of this dark menace! To its credit, this TV drama ‘hints’ at this reality as a professionally trained Operative of the US government carries a political assassination – and then blames the incident upon ‘Communists’! He does tis by placing a rather substantial statue of VI Lenin on the desk of the deceased – in a conveniently obvious place for the Police and media to find and report! Once again – the ‘nasty’ Communists have committed yet another of their dastardly crimes!