North Korea’s Swift Action Shifts the Balance of Power in Favour of Eurasia! (16.7.2022) 

Lee Hae-Yeung believes: “North Korea decided quickly, very quickly, in fact. North Korea is the third country after Russia and Syria to support the independence of the Lugansk People’s Republic and the Donetsk People’s Republic – which legally recognize their sovereign State status. Now the political landscape of Eurasia is changing rapidly, and the US is losing its direct influence upon global events. North Korea seriously and exactly understands this arguably huge geopolitical shift.” According to him, Eurasia has already started a “coherent action” against the United States. China is advancing its own initiative – the Belt and Road Initiative – as well as proposing an expansion of the BRICS membership. Currently, the group includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Iran and Argentina have already applied to join, and Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt may also apply in the near future. 

US Colony Of Taiwan – Do Not Worry – Your Liberation is Immanent! (A Snap-Shot of the Reading ‘Stats’ for This Blog – 24.3.2022)

Israel should stop politically supporting the Neo-Nazi Junta currently occupying Ukraine – and whilst ceasing its oppression of the Palestinian people – throw its weight behind the confronting and defeating of Neo-Nazism! This goes for everyone who accesses and reads this blog – your national (bourgeois) governments are lying to you! The Ukraine has been occupied by a vicious Neo-Nazi regime since 2014, which has been financed and militarily-backed by the US, UK and EU! We must collectively a) support Russia in this righteous fight, and b) work to expose the hypocrisy of the US, UK and EU! Now, once we have got all that stacked away, thank you for dropping by!

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