Neo-Nazi Ukraine: A Disturbing Example of ‘Modern’ Russian Racism! (17.3.2023) 

A British News Clip Featuring Scottish MP ‘Hamza Yusaf’! The Russian Opinion is that Non-White People Should Be Allowed to Assume Positions of Power in European Countries! Very Similar to Hitlerism and Zionism – and Exactly the Same Rhetoric Routinely Seen on Far-Right Websites in the West!

Author’s Note: The first point to be made is that Scotland accommodated around 10,000 Ukrainian War Criminals in the post-1945 era – and the Scottish government today is hypocritically accommodating the ‘Neo-Nazi’ descendent of those original fascists (indeed, the ‘revisionism within the Scottish media and academia is outrageous and insulting to those who gave their lives either fighting the Hitlerites – or as their victims)! The second point is that I (and my family) SUPPORT every Russian soldier who is fighting this just war for humanity! What the idiotic SNP MP ‘Humza Yousaf’ (referred to in Russian transliteration as ‘Hamza Yusaf’) does not realise is that the answer to his question ‘Where are all your men?’ – is this – ‘They are busy killing people who look like you!’ These points and observations do not detract from my opposition to ALL forms of racism. I oppose ‘Humza Yousaf’ because he and his Party support a vicious Neo-Nazi government in the Ukraine – and are therefore increasing the accumulative ‘risk’ we all face from the Hitlerite ideology gaining traction in the world!

The Russian military action in East Ukraine (a relatively ‘small’ geographical area of sovereign Ukraine which contains a very pro-Russia ethnic population) is justified by President Putin as being premised upon the requirement to ‘clear’ the region of its ‘Neo-Nazi’ Occupiers. This stems from the US (under President Barack Obama) sponsoring an illegal seizing of power (in 2014) by a far right and right-wing coalition of extremist political parties that had existed from 1991 – and although supported by the Vatican – could not gain election to the Ukraine Parliament through legitimate (liberal democratic) means. The people of Ukraine, when asked to vote, continuously chose centre, centre-left governments friendly toward Russia – and firmly ‘rejected’ the Hitlerite rhetoric of the extremist groups.

Behind the scenes, however, the US was supplying money, resources and weaponry to these extremist groups which were based primarily within the Western areas of Ukraine – the geographical area with the greatest number of Catholics. Whilst the Soviet Red Army moved forever onward toward Berlin in late 1944, the Special Forces of the NKVD were brought in behind its lines to take up the fight against the remaining ‘non-surrendered’ Nazi German Officers and the Ukrainian SS ‘Volunteers’ that they led! Their hide-outs were strewn throughout the forested areas of Western Ukraine – and the NKVD Special Force had to fight what should probably be termed ‘Neo-Nazi’ forces (as these battles extended beyond the formal ‘Surrender’ of Nazi Germany’s in 1945) – battles that lasted between the years of ‘1945-1947’.

The British BBC Journalist ‘Alexander Werth (based in the USSR during WWII) ‘Dedicates’ his book entitled ‘Russia at War’ to a personal friend of his (Mitya Khludov Aged 19) – who fought (and ‘Died’) in the Soviet Red Army during the latter stages of these brutal battles (in Belorussia) – and together with his ‘Russia – The Post-War Years’, explains the ongoing Soviet battle against the residual elements of Hitler’s collaborators who had to be smoked-out and eradicated over many years (including the following right-wing Uprisings in Hungary during 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968 – both termed ‘fights for freedom’ by the West)! This process was ongoing whilst Churchill ironically resettled 10,000 Ukrainia ‘SS’ War Criminals in rural Scotland – this all happened whilst the Vatican organised the ‘escape’ of tens of thousands of Nazis to safe-havens throughout South America and the US quietly granted ‘immunity’ to hundreds of Japanese medical and scientific War Criminals who were then given US citizenship!

Today, modern Russia has a just fight on its hands, but its people are no longer taught Marxist-Leninism at school, are not interested in ‘Internationalism’, and are just as prone to ‘White’ racist outbursts as their Ukrainian counterparts (we must marvel that how ‘quick’ the Ukraine stopped being the cherished frontline of the USSR)! The US, however, knowing what a ‘touchy’ subject Neo-Nazism can be for the tens of millions of Europeans who suffered at the hands of Hitler – is successfully stage managing the Neo-Nazi takeover of the Ukraine so that its ‘racism’ seems to be ‘anti-racism’ and its ‘homophobia’ appears to be ‘equal rights’! The US has been aided and abetted in this mass hallucination by the UK and EU – but the Russians – (who claim to be the ‘enemy’ of Hitler and opposed to Neo-Nazism) are encouraged by their leader to openly express the ‘racism’ and ‘homophobia’ they now feel, apparently oblivious to the fact that by participating in such banal behaviour, they are displaying a far greater loyalty to the legacy of Adolf Hitler than the Ukrainians are! Although it is undoubtedly the case that Russia must defeat the Neo-Nazism now active in Ukraine – it is also the case that ‘racism’ must also be ‘purged’ once again from both Russia and the Ukraine! ACW (17.3.2023) 

Soviet Ukraine ‘Suffered’ Terribly During Hitler’s Invasion!

If what I am seeing on the internet regarding post-1991 Russian attitudes are in anyway indicative of pre-1991 ‘Soviet’ attitudes – then political activists like Mao Zedong, Kim Sung Il, Ho Chi Minh, Paul Robeson, Huey Newton and Che Guevara were all completely ‘wrong’ in their assessment of the USSR! This is true even if we put to one side the 1956 ‘revisionist’ betrayal of Stalin. It is my experience, however, that this cannot be the case. In just 32 years of religious and capitalist indoctrination, the mainstream of ‘White’ Russian society has been quick to adopt the ‘pro-White’ attitudes associated with the far-right ideology of ‘Pan-Slavism’ – a process of adjustment that brings modern ‘capitalist’ Russians in alignment with the majority of ‘White’ people around the world! The thorny issue of ‘Pan-Slavic’ collaboration with Hitlerism during WWII is simply ‘denied’ or ‘ignored’ as being relevant! 

Whilst the US is undoubtedly (and cynically) utilising the racist (and ‘anti-Russian’) ideology of Neo-Nazism to advance NATO to the borders of Russia – the modern Russians are as ‘good’ racists as their Ukrainian counterparts! This is despite many areas of Russia being populated by various types of Asiatic people – and Islamic soldiers dying daily for Russia who are from Chetnya! The racist attitudes of many modern Russians (which is similar to the average ‘White’ American) is that Russia is a ‘White’ country that should only be led by ‘White’ people! Furthermore, every European country – including ‘Scotland as a ‘White’ country – should only be led by locally born ‘White’ people! Adolf Hitler, if he were alive today, would be proud of this new Russian attitude toward people of different races – which so closely mirrors his own!  

Whilst millions of vulnerable British people are starving and going without housing, medical care and proper education – the UK is following the command of the US and rehousing thousands of Neo-Nazi Ukrainian refugees – giving them all the resources denied to the British people who have earned them through their collective labour over many decades! I disagree with this policy just as much as I disagree with Russian racism! The process of dialectical (historical) assessment demands that reality has to be assessed as it is and not as we would like it to be – or ‘imagine’ it to be! The above video has been featured on the Telegram Channel entitled ‘Open Ukraine’ – a portal into Russia that has had a number of incarnations over the last year. I cannot stand most of its right-wing and homophobic content – but access it to find out news from the frontline not allowed by the US to be readily reported in the West. The main post accompanying the above video states (in translation): 

‘Candidate for the head of Scotland – Hamza Yusaf – visited Ukrainian refugees in Edinburgh and asked the question – “where are your men?” The girls giggled in response. It is probably inconvenient to answer – “and we left our poor Mykol and Tarasov at the front, for the sake of rich Europeans” The situation does not cause gloating, rather, horror comes from how a large nation was been duped and practically dissolved into oblivion before our eyes. The men were killed in Russia for the amusement of the white gentlemen, and the women were taken away as mistresses and servants.’ 

A selection of the ‘Comments’ responding to this post (reproduced below) give a reliable cross-reference to the average ‘Russian’ mind-set – which all playoff the ‘racism’ contained within Islamophobia and trade of the Eurocentric ‘fear of the Black man’: 

1) ‘Where the world is heading …… the Leader of Scotland can be a man named Hamza … 😔😔😔 This is some kind of shit-covered puppet….’ 

(Куда мир катится……главой Шотландии может быть человек с именем Хамза…😔😔😔  

Это какой-то пипец….) 

2) ‘- From near Donetsk they flooded, – seeing off the crowd, the old devil said thoughtfully. – Now more work! – Who has the six of spades? Do not darken…. – the devil who dealt the cards stammered, staring at the burnt tank (and its dead crew) who appeared in front of them, – Another one! – From the heavenly hundred! the little devil chuckled. – We can congratulate you, you are dead! – How did he die? – the tank crew got excited – Well, probably you got hit by a grenade launcher? – suggested the little devil. – We can’t die! – the tank crew got excited, – we have girlfriends at home. – Don’t worry! – the old devil folded the cards, – Your girlfriends will not disappear! They will wash the floors in Europe for a couple of years, then she will marry a black man. – How will it come out? – How everyone gets out. You did it yourself! – I didn’t! – Did you go to war? – Go!, You were killed? – Yes – Killed! She married a Negro and it’s your fault. – you dare to fight to free Ukraine!!! The devils began to neigh… – You fought for your girlfriend to marry a black man in Europe! – sympathetically said the old devil. – For this you killed those who did not want you to die, and your girlfriend married a black man…’ 

(- С под Донецка попёрли, – провожая взглядом толпу, задумчиво сказал старый чёрт. 

– Теперь работы прибавится! 

– У кого шестёрка пик? Не темнить…. – сдававший карты чёрт запнулся, уставившись на появившегося перед ними обгоревшего танкиста, 

– Ещё один! – Из небесной сотни! – хихикнул маленький чёрт. 

– Мы можем вас поздравить, Вы умерли! 

– Как умер? – заволновался танкист 

– Ну наверное вас гранатомётом бабахнуло? – предположил маленький чёрт. 

– Мне нельзя умирать! – танкист заволновался, 

– У меня девушка дома. 

– Не переживай! – старый чёрт сбросил карты, 

– Не пропадёт твоя девушка! Пару лет в Европе полы помоет, потом замуж за негра выйдет. 

– Как выйдет? 

– Как все выходят. Ты же сам это своими руками сделал! 

– Не делал я! 

– Воевать пошёл? 

– Пошёл!, Тебя убили? 

– Убили! Она вышла замуж за негра. 

– Я воевал за Украину!!! Черти начали ржать… 

– Ты воевал за то, чтобы твоя девушка вышла замуж за негра! – сочувственно сказал старый чёрт. 

– За это ты убивал тех, кто не хотел, чтобы ты умер, и твоя девушка вышла замуж за негра…) 

3) ‘The ‘Scotsman’ is especially beautiful. Together with Chief Englishman ‘Rishi’ they make a nice pair of ‘brown’ shoes.’ 

(Особенно прекрасен Шотландец. Вместе с главным Англичанином Риши они make a nice pair of shoes.) 

4) ‘Russia is a multinational power run by Europeans. Scotland is a country that has always been proud of its (White) self-identity and does not recognize the concept of being ‘British’!!!! Their allegiance belongs to the queen (or king) and not to Britain. So, this candidate is not ‘Scottish’ – a shame for the ‘White’ Scots!!!’ 

(Россия многонациональная держава. Шотландия  – страна  всегда гордившаяся своей самоидентичностью и не признающая англичан!!!! Их верность принадлежит королеве (королю), а не Британии. Так что кандидат не шотландец для них позор!!!) 

5) ‘Moreover, this ‘brown’ man recently complained that in Scotland 96% are still ‘White’ – a mess – according to him!’ 

(Более того, недавно он сетовал, что в Шотландии 96% – белые, непорядок, как он говорит) 

Russian Language Reference:

Кандидат в главы Шотландии Хамза Юсаф посетил украинских беженок в Эдинбурге, и задал вопрос – “а где же ваши мужчины?” 

В ответ девчата захихикали. Наверное неудобно отвечать – “а мы бросили своих нищих Мыкол и Тарасов на фронте, ради богатых эуропейцев” 

Злорадства ситуация не вызывает, скорее приходит ужас от того, как оболванили крупный народ и практически на глазах растворили в небытие. Мужиков убили об Россию на потеху белым господам, а женщин забрали в качестве любовниц и служанок