Is Huey Newton Being Betrayed by His Contemporary Representatives? (14.3.2023) 

Just as Black rap music switched from expressing a righteous angst against the US System – to ‘making money’ by collaborating with that System post-911 – it strikes me that a similar situation exists with the contemporary so-called ‘representatives’ of Huey Newton in 21st century America! Anyone visiting the ‘Dr. Huey P. Newton Center for Research & Action (HPNCRA)’ will find a sleek, corporate-style website – enticing individuals to pay money to join – if only to receive ‘exclusive’ material ‘first’, when such material becomes available! At the bottom of the main page is a disturbingly long list of ‘establishment’ organisation that work in conjunction with the ‘Foundation’! This being the case, it is obvious that this ‘Foundation’ is advocating the propagation of a Bourgeois ‘nostalgia’ which ‘looks back’ with pride at the work of Huey Newton performed (effectively ‘claiming’ it for Copyright reasons) whilst definitely NOT looking forward with a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist attitude or inclination! 

As far as the ‘Foundation’ is concerned, Huey Newton is ‘history’ – an attitude they share with the ‘White’ State that ordered the murder of Huey Newton in 1989! I recently required the ‘The New Huey P Newton Reader’ – published by Seven Stories Press – which retails in the US for $19.95 and in the UK for £15.99. This book is published by the ‘Dr. Huey P. Newton Center for Research & Action (HPNCRA)’. Genuine Communist (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) Movements tend to provide ideological literature of this nature either very cheaply (or as cheap as possible) or ensure that the poor and the oppressed receive the literature for free! Indeed, this is one element of propaganda and agitation that Huey Newton understood very well – poor people will not spend the limited funds they have on books when their children need food and clothing! Everything on the ‘Foundation’ website is designed by corporate lawyers and is intended to ‘protect’ the business interests of this group which operates very much along the lines of a Trotskyite cult! These usurpers have even tried to ‘Copyright’ Communist ideology and slogans so that only THEY can make money out of them! 

The content of the ‘Reader’ belongs to Huey Newton – and to humanity – and not to this so-called ‘Foundation’ that claims to have the sole right to represent him. One thing you will not see on their website is a condemnation of the ‘White’ America Huey Newton opposed, suffered under and resisted! This collaborative attitude with ‘Whiteness’ is further enforced by these deceptive Trotskyites by their deciding to include the arch-Trotskyite of our time on the inside of the front cover – namely Slavoj Zizek – perhaps the ‘Whitest’ of all ‘White’ anti-Communist ‘Communists’. One of many who have cropped-up from within the religiously fertilised ‘capitalist’ soil since 1991 (throughout the post-Soviet space)! More to the point, every single point Zizek thinks he is making about Huey Newton is ‘wrong’ and ‘racist’! This being the case, WHY did the ‘Dr. Huey P. Newton Center for Research & Action (HPNCRA)’ allow him to make these comments knowing they are wrong? We are people that Huey Newton represented with his heart and mind! He was the Black Lenin, Stalin and Mao! The Foundation makes absolutely sure that there is no obvious link to the USSR, Cuba, China, Vietnam, Laos or Cuba – all places Huey Newton valued for their resistance to the predatory capitalism that generates the racism he opposed!  

Zizek’s religiosity is sickening considering how ‘White’ (Judeo-Christian) America treated Huey Newton! Read Chapter Fourteen of Revolutionary Suicide to understand the shit-covered darkness of this religious outlook! And Zizek dares to talk about ‘daily bread’! Huey Newton existed at the very heart of the struggle for non-White people to be ‘free’ of ‘White’ oppression! And Zizek dares to talk about Huey Newton holding a post-colonial attitude! Huey Newton campaigned from the position that Black people continue to be ‘colonially’ oppressed within ‘White’ America – and that this continuous experience of racial oppression at home is mirrored by the non-White experience of oppression abroad! White America is the biggest oppressor at home and abroad – but Zizek has spoken, and the Foundation has remained ‘silent’! Huey Newton was a sound historical materialist – and conducted his highly effective campaign likewise. And Zizek implies he possessed the superstitious attribute of ‘extrasensory perception’! Huey Newton was not part of the ‘radical left’ as Zizek suggests – as the ‘radical left’ is a ‘White’ and ‘Trotskyite’ invention – the very enemies of genuine Marxist-Leninist-Maoism! If you really want to study Huey Newton – study Marxist-Leninist-Maoism and continue the very Revolution he participated within throughout his life! Expose these ‘Black’ Bourgeois organisations that seek to steal or working-class Revolution with their peculiar distortion of racism constricted to look like a dollar sign!