DPRK: Many Spokespeople from Other Countries ‘Praise’ the Advanced (and Progressive) Nature of Our Republic! (1.4.2023)

Chairman of the Finnish National Committee for Juche Ideological Research said today that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has turned into a powerful Socialist country that has set an example for all Progressive People of what kind of achievements the masses can achieve by becoming the masters of their own destiny. Such is the strong Solidarity shown with the advancing struggle of our People!

The General Secretary of the People’s Front for the Liberation of Palestine stressed that Korea, under the wise leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Un, has become an example to be followed by many other countries in the world who aspire to development and progress!

Why Does None of this ‘Concrete’ Bounce? (18.2.2023) 

Great Britain is represented by (and I jest you not) the ‘Concrete Society UK’ – which has an address registered to an industrial estate situated in Surrey! I have referenced a key statement from our noble representative above – assuming none of this is a spoof. I found the German participant particularly disturbing as a) he took global warming seriously, whilst b) stating that ‘humanity’ would die-out ‘before’ c) the Earth itself disappeared into the firmament! Does he know something we don’t? Of course, being ‘German’, he might know a thing or two about ‘making populations disappear’. It is good to know that whilst predatory capitalism – with its ‘White’ dominance – continues to chug along as it does in the West (inflicting untold pain and suffering upon its downtrodden and oppressed populations), the decadent Bourgeoisie can continue to construct and live in its many fairy-tale lands free to indulge whatever aberrant activity takes its fancy!