Russia: Capitalist Baby-Steps Toward ‘Bourgeois’ Freedom of Thought! (6.12.2022)

Russia is NOT a ‘Socialist’ State. It lost that status (and definition) at the end of 1991, when the Soviet People betrayed their own 1917 Socialist Revolution – and lowered the Red Flag of Freedom for the last time over the Kremlin! A decade followed of utter chaos with the post-Soviet space (the ‘USSR’ was far more than just ‘Russia’) being filled with religious extremism, far-right political ideology and the inverted interpretation of reality that defines the bourgeois cultural experience (a thought in my head must literally exist in the material environment – because I believe it does). 

The young man above (wearing the ‘Z’ T-Shirt) is one ‘Stepan Antropov’ (Степан Антропов) and he is holding aloft the Russian ‘National’ flag (on the left) – which means absolutely ‘zero’ to me – whilst stood on the steps of the iconic Moscow State University. The middle-picture is a snapshot of Lecturers and students ‘criticising’ his actions (and viewpoint), whilst the picture to the right is from the Instagram page of the Moscow State University stating that ‘freedom’ of ‘thought’ and ‘expression’ are key attributes of the University’s ethos.  

I have spent around ten-months deeply immersed in the Russian-language milieu and by and large I have been profoundly ‘disappointed’ with what I have witnessed and experienced. The above is a prime example of everything that is wrong about modern Russia – and certainly these problems were not their 31-years ago when Marxist-Leninism ruled the roost (the errors originating from the 1956 Khrushchev-era could have been put right at any time – but no – the country went the way of Counter-Revolution and confirmed Khrushchev’s errors).  

The above post was made on the Telegram Channel attributed to the Soviet-born (6.2.1984) Journalist named ‘Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky’ (Антон Коробков-Землянский) and this is an English translation of the post he made: 

‘Student of the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University 

Stepan Antropov came to the faculty building with the flag of Russia and the letter Z on his chest. 

Within University social networks hysteria has erupted against him – a process which has seen other students and teachers JUDGE (and attack) him! 

Of course, this is a unique situation existing within the walls of a STATE university! Various individuals are happy to receive generous State salaries (whilst others receive free State education) all extracted from the Russian State budget – and yet these same ‘Russian’ people who benefit from the finances of the Russian State (gathered from the taxation of the Russian people) – remain opposed to defending their own country when the time comes! 

This basic contradiction has been going on in this University for three decades. Entire generations of Journalists qualifying through this University – thousands and thousands of people occupying various positions of ‘influence’ throughout in the Russian-language media throughout the country – carry to their readers, listeners and viewers the values of nihilism, anti-Patriotism and even Russophobia! 

This divisive approach is at our expense as a unified country! 

For more than ten years I have been lecturing by giving Master Classes in various Universities throughout the country. Unfortunately, it is precisely within Journalism Departments that students like ‘Stepan’ (above) are a minority! 

PS: I am in touch with Stepan now, I will provide him with all the necessary assistance.’ 

I will include the original Russian language ‘post’ below. What are we seeing here? This is exactly where critical thinking comes in. A quick internet search shows me that ‘Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky’ was a Citizen of the Soviet Union who grew-up living in a Socialist State that provided free housing, medical care and education – as well as many other progressive elements relating to sport, leisure, culture, child-rearing, employment and unemployment benefits, etc – all funded by taxation not just from ‘Russian’ taxpayers (as the USSR was comprised of far more countries than just ‘Russia’) – but from tax gathered from ALL the countries comprising the USSR (‘modern’ Russians are in a hurry to ‘forget’ what perhaps was their greatest achievement)! The countries that formed the ‘Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’ (USSR) are: 

1) Russia 

2) Ukraine 

3) Byelorussia 

4) Uzbekistan 

5) Kazakhstan 

6) Georgia 

7) Azerbaijan 

8) Lithuania 

9) Moldova 

10) Latvia 

11) Kirghizstan 

12) Tajikstan 

13) Armenia 

14) Turkmenistan 

15) Estonia 

(Constitution [Fundamental Law] of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – 7.10.1977) 

The countries of the so-called ‘Communist Bloc’ were situated throughout Eastern Europe. These countries were ‘Liberated’ by the conquering Soviet Red Army from Fascist Regimes (or direct Nazi German control) post-1945 – but were never part of the USSR (although all of these countries joined the Warsaw Pact as a stand against NATO aggression – accept Yugoslavia). The point is that today Russian chauvinism is the essence of the post-1991 ‘Nationalistic’ period – whereas prior to this point in history – the Soviet emphasis was upon ‘Internationalism’ – with Russia and the Ukraine being firm ‘Comrades’.  

When a country betrays its own Socialist Revolution – as the Russians (and others) have done – then what replaces Socialist ‘freedom of thought’ is bourgeois ‘hypocrisy of thought’! Young people are taught to think all kinds of crazy and inverted things whilst occupying the so-called ‘educational space’ (because ultimately this ‘experiment of thought’ means absolutely ‘zero’ in terms of effecting genuine change in society) – but as soon as they leave the insular and isolated world of academia the reality of life soon kicks-in – and they discover very quickly that if an individual does not conform to the expected norms of society then there will be no job, no money and no freedom to do anything!  

My view is that if an individual is ‘forced’ to accept an imposed point of view decreed by a government – then a country is ‘fascist’! This is exactly what developed capitalist countries do to their ordinary citizens! The US, UK and EU are prime examples, whilst many former Eastern European members of the USSR are now pursuing Neo-Nazi political pathways – all disguised as ‘Democracy’ and supported by the US! Modern Russia feels that it must ‘relate’ to its Soviet past (I can see this changing overtime) and so although inundated with fascistic modes of totalitarian thought itself (as can be seen through the illiberal attitudes as expressed by ‘Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky’ and his student friend ‘Stepan Antropov’) – Russia must reject ‘Hitler’ due to the mass-murder and destruction his regime historically inflicted upon the USSR!  

The lunacy (and anti-intellectualism) of modern Russia includes the bizarre conspiracy theory that the US is supporting Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine as a means to import homosexuality into Slavic lands (rather than simply projecting its own ‘hegemony’ into the region) and in so doing is attempting to ‘corrupt’ the idea of ‘Russian Manhood’ as defined through the fascist ideology of ‘Pan-Slavism’! So, there is nothing ‘suspicious’ about an older (male) lecturer coming to the rescue of a vulnerable and younger (male) student – with a large ‘Z’ painted across his chest…? 

Russian Language Source:

Студент журфака МГУ Степан Антропов пришёл в здание факультета с флагом России и буквой Z на груди. 

В соицальных сетях истерика — другие студенты и преподаватели его ОСУЖДАЮТ. 

Конечно, уникальная ситуация, в стенах ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОГО университета, люди, получающие зарплату и бесплатное образование из средств госбюджета, выступают против защиты собственной страны. 

И это продолжается там уже три десятилетия. Целые поколения журналистов, тысячи и тысячи человек, занимающие различные посты в СМИ по всей стране, несут своим читателям, слушателям и зрителям ценности нигилизма, антипатриотизма и даже русофобии. 

За наш с вами счёт. 

Больше десяти лет меня пришлашают выступать с лекциями и мастер-классами в различных вузах страны. И, к сожалению, именно на журфаках, таких студентов, как Степан — меньшинство. 

p.s. Со Степаном сейчас на связи, окажу ему всю необходимую помощь.