When YouTube ‘Facts’ Are Wrong

Just because racist myths about China have a certain currency within the Eurocentric (racist) narrative about China, does not make these ideas ‘true’ in and of themselves. This equally true of those who repeatedly ‘trumpet’ ignorance as fact on YouTube. In China, life goes on as usual, and when people can be bothered to look at this Eurocentric stupidity, it just confirms their already low-opinion about life within a capitalist system.

Britain First – UK Christian Terrorism Exposed

It is no coincidence that Britain First shares the English Defence League’s obsession with attacking mosques in the UK. Christianity has always been antagonistic toward the religion of its founder – Judaism – whilst perpetuating and sustaining anti-Semitism, and also toward Islam, a religion that recognises Jesus Christ as a prophet, if not actually the son of god, etc. The pure racial hatred that has always defined the far-right is being directed and targeted in the UK against obvious migrants, which attacks even those people born in the UK and who live quietly and peacefully.