Auditing and ‘Sting’ Operations: How the Far-Right is Pulling the Wool Over ‘Our Collective Eyes! 

US Anti-Intellectualism At Work in France!

Author’s Note: Predominantly ‘White’ Vloggers walking around with a camera and goading the ‘White’ establishment (in the form of police, prison staff, NHS security or the staff of private or publically owned buildings) – cannot be compared to the struggle of ‘non-White’ people in the face of the tyranny operated by the same ‘White’ establishment! Indeed, the ‘White’ Vloggers and the White establishment are essentially the same side, and a false dichotomy is being generated which falsely suggests that the disruptive and immature behaviour of so-called ‘Auditors’ is somehow ‘Revolutionary’! This shocking hypocrisy is enhanced by the fact that a White ‘Auditor’ from Liverpool (of all places) who dresses like an Al Qaeda terrorist, routinely shares posts, comments and appeals in support of ‘Tommy Robinson’ – a convicted criminal and well-known supporter of the far-right! A racist thug through and through with no redeeming characteristics – just like another so-called Auditor ‘Charlie Veitch’ – a ‘Whiue’ Zionist and homopobe amongst many other unsavory things! This falsehood is even more laughable when ‘non-White’ individuals decide to ‘mimic’ their ‘White’ colleagues! If enough of the videos of this mostly ‘White’ pastime are studied and observed, then it becomes obvious that the majority of these ‘Auditors’ are just as ‘racist’ as the ‘White’ establishment they are goading into a ‘click bait’ reaction! The ‘Auditors’ and the ‘Establishment’ are two-sides of exactly the same ‘White’ power structure! 

As the supposedly ‘anti-paedophile’ Sting groups, again ‘click bait’ is the real incentive as the format of the prolonged ritual humiliation of mostly ordinary, working-class individuals clearly demonstrates. The false dichotomy established is that the viewing audience either ‘agrees’ with the action of the group or the viewing audience is somehow in cahoots with paedophilia! Given that between 95-99% of all those accosted are either innocent or are otherwise realized without charge – this is something of a very sick joke considering the seriousness of the subject matter! What these invariably poorly educated and ill-informed groups NEVER do is target bourgeois paedophilia. This is to say, these groups (which my research reveals are members of far-right political movements) do not possess the ability or will-power to infiltrate middle-class establishmentarian groups that involve childcare professionals, police officers, teachers, doctors, judges, lawyers, priests and other powerful ‘official’ figures! I suspect this is because many of the upper echelons of the political far-right are involved in paedophilia – just as the followers of Adolf Hitler were!  

As the US-controlled internet has been thoroughly colonized by the capitalist, free-market economics of America and is pre-set at being anti-Socialist and anti-leftist. This means it is right-wing friendly and an accommodating home for the political far-right! Most social media platforms are designed to make money and are opposed to any left-wing paradigm or narrative. This makes the video platforms particularly useful for the far-right (which is riddled with a groundswell of ‘White’ and unemployed members) to generate income using issues that they believe are ‘emotive’ amongst the general public! The irony (and contradiction) involves the fact that Fascist Societies are the most oppressive form of human organization the world has ever known – whilst paedophilia is almost a national pastime and hobby amongst the far-right, Neo-Nazi and supporting religious groups – such as the Catholic Church! The two examples I present below, demonstrate just how insidious the far-right is throughout the Western world, how the US supports the far-right and how this US anti-intellectualism has spread to the UK!

This process is perhaps exemplified by the obsession of a number of so-called ‘Auditors’ that venerate the ‘Union Jack’ flag in exactly the same manner the average brain-dead American venerates the ‘Stars and Stripes’ – and the average Neo-Nazi eulogises the inverted Swastika as used by Adolf Hitler! The British Police was invented as an oppressive institution in the early 1800s as a means for the State (Polis) to protect the already enriched middle and upper classes from the impoverished working-class! By doing this, the Bourgeois State was protecting itself and preventing a working-class Revolution! As a consequence, each Police Constable was taught to talk down to the working-class by assuming the air of a disapproving (Victorian) middle-class father who possessed power over life and limb! This methodology is retained today – with many Police Officers wearing a modified ‘Union Jack’ containing a ‘Thin Blue Line’ running through its centre. The ‘Union Jack’ is a disgusting and disgraceful flag of historical oppression that has been responsible for the death of millions and the oppression of millions more! The ‘Union Jack’ is a flag of ‘White’ oppression and is a symbol of tyranny and fear for all non-White people! No doubt, this is why the far-right associated Auditors admire it so much! Although these idiot Auditors are always making racist comments suggesting Russia or China ‘are not free’ (a vile racist attitude never corrected by the White audience) their own recorded evidence demonstrates that it is the US and the UK that are the two countries whose police and authoritarian establishments are withholding the very ‘Human Rights’ these idiots believe they possess and Russians and Chinese do not! A prime example of the spread and success of US anti intellectualism if I ever saw one! ACW (9.8.2022) 

Both the Political Far-Right and the British Police Venerated the Union Jack Flag – Which Evolved Over Hundreds of Years as English Nationalism, Imperialism and Colonialism Developed into Its World-Wide British Variety! The Far-Right ‘Auditors’ Often Complain, However, When The Police Place a ‘Thin Blue Line’ Through Its Middle – As If It Matters! After-All, It Is All Variants Upon the Theme of Tyranny!

Anarchism, at least in its modern sense, (and probably in its ancient sense), certainly cannot be trusted as far as the achieving of left-wing political aims and objectives are concerned. After-all, as an ‘individualist’ ideology – it was invented by ‘White’, and middle-class European males who wanted to strip the already opulent (capitalist) bourgeois worlds they inhabited of all the so-called ‘Authority’ structures! According to this hyper-individualistic ideology, a new utopia would be created if all the regulatory structures imposed from outside and upon the individual were suddenly (and ‘magically’) just ‘not there’! Although the ancient Greek notion of ‘anarchy’ simply meant that the opulent, slave-driven and misogynistic society the Greek upper-class men inhabited (including its questionable sexual practices involving young boys) would continue unabated, enhanced by the fact that all outside governmental structures would be dismantled by the fact that all order, regulatory, security and protection (inherent in those structures) would cease to function. The modern, ‘White’ bourgeoisie who reinterpreted this ancient Greek thought experiment believed that they too could also dismantle the capitalist and liberal democratic structures of their time whilst retaining (untouched or unaltered) the political, cultural and social opulence such people enjoyed! In other words, those bourgeoisie already enriched and engorged whilst living within the post-Industrial Revolutionary space – could continue to enjoy this lifestyle attained by exploiting the workers – with this situation be guaranteed by the threatening ‘collectivity’ of the exploited workers being reduced to an impotent ‘individuality’ that no outside government structure could come to the aid of (as all such structures in a utopian ‘Anarchist’ society would be dismantled, dissolved and abolished). 

This is why ‘Anarchist’ ideology is not the friend of the workers and never has been. Despite the working-class elements it has attracted, it is just as likely to be right-wing as left-wing, but more to the point, modern Anarchism is premised upon preserving and enhancing the vehicle of ‘individualism’ to do its dirty work, with ‘individualism’ being exactly the same (and preferred) mode that is used by the exploitative capitalist system! Yes – this is a correct and foreboding observation! Regardless of how ‘Revolutionary’ philosophical Anarchism may seem to be (it was and remains the philosophical onus behind the punk-rock movement). Whereas Marxist-Leninists and Anarchists may on occasion operate in a rather shaky alliance – as both want to tear-down the existing exploitative system – it is what comes next that has always been the sticking-point! For the Anarchist – simply taking power away from the establishment is enough (as all authority structures are immediately abolished), but this also means that there are no social structures left to defend the new status quo and keep the working people safe! Consequently, the establishment soon rallies its forces and takes back the previously (and ‘momentarily’) lost social space and the status quo is re-established (as if nothing happened in the interim). For the Marxist-Leninist, although it is true that the ‘State’ will eventually ‘fall away’ – it cannot be got rid so quickly as the Anarchists demand and must be ‘moulded’ into a worker-friend Socialist construct that may last hundreds or thousands of years until the ‘Stateless’ Communist reality is attained!  

This difference in agendas often means that the followers of ‘Anarchy’ align themselves with fascism, Trotskyism and all sorts of ‘reaction’ in the face of Marxist-Leninist ideology. Yes – on occasion some Anarchists openly align their objectives with the collective force of Marxist-Leninism, but generally such alliances cannot be trusted either theoretically (as many such individuals write with a poisoned pen whilst eating our food, wearing our clothes and being protected by our weaponry)! The point is that the main vehicle of ‘Anarchism’ is ‘individualism’ – the very same ‘individuality’ that is the essence of modern capitalism! Individuality dilutes and weakens the collectivity of the workers and thereby renders them both defenceless and completely open to exploitation! Without class-based collective activity – there can be no genuine (or ‘existential’) class-based security for the worker! This reality leads to two defining elements of the ‘Anarchist’ movement: 1) the embracing of ‘terrorism’ (which Marxist-Leninism rejects), and b) the aligning of political objectives with the right-wing and political far-right! Whilst many people in the West are well aware of the US and its anti-Socialist stance both before and after WWII (treating ‘Marxist-Leninism’ as the enemy of the people), in fact, the US has never been targeted by a genuine Marxist-Leninist group but has been targeted and hit by numerous ‘Anarchist’ attacks both prior to and after WWII! Perhaps those Anarchist attacks with the greatest political import (often linked to movements in Italy or to Italians spread around the world) happened during the 1920s. All were as shocking as the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001, (to this day no one has claimed responsibility), but the US State chose to play-down these attacks (which often targeted banks or places of finance, etc). As for after 911, every crazed individual who walked into a school or other crowded place in the US and opened-fire with a weapon is motivated by the individualistic and political ideology of ‘Anarchism’ – but again, the US State chooses not to highlight this connection of ‘violence’ and ‘political’ motivation.  

My own opinion is that this is because the Anarchist groups concerned are linked to the political far-right in the US – which generally supports the US capitalist system and US neo-imperialist ideology which perpetuates oppressive and destructive political and military action around the globe! The caveat for this laisse faire attitude by the US State is that the individuals who carryout these mass murders are not ‘official’ representatives of the far-right groups who’s fascistic (and ‘Neo-Nazi’) activity has inspired them! A false line of demarcation is drawn between the vicious and brutal (capitalist-supporting) ideology of the far-right – and those individuals who encounter this ideology, study this ideology, absorb this ideology and then ‘act’ upon this ideology. The medium of US anti-intellectualism would have the sane population of the world believe that there is NO connection between a hateful (and ‘racist’) far-right political ideology – and the ‘individuals’ who ingest this type of thinking and follow the inherent instructions they are given to murder and maim all those who do not fit into this far-right, Anarchistic vision of the world! 

I am focusing upon the US experience as since the inception of the internet, US neo-imperialist ideology and culture has been spread easily throughout the world and straight into our living rooms through TV sets, computers, mobile ‘phones and Ipads, etc. The boots on the ground involving US Paratroops, US Army troops or US Marines are not required – as US culture is fed through the news, educational programmes and even advertisements! US anti-intellectualism has spread through the internet and enforces upon everyone outside of geographical America – specially (and sinisterly) focusing upon children’s education and entertainment! This means that various cultural trends are broadcast through video platforms which show US youths and adults behaving in neo-fascist and Neo-Nazi modes of cultural expression that are interpreted (and tolerated) because they are camouflaged as ‘ultra-individualistic’ and therefore allowable in a capitalist society that thoroughly and completely rejects any and all forms of ‘collectivity’ that would empower the workers and disempower the Bourgeois State! There are two examples of how the far-right has infiltrated mainstream society in the US and in the Uk – and have got away with it! 

Adolf Hitler’s book ‘Mien Kampf’ (My Struggle) is a mixture of highly dangerous and potentially violent ‘Anarchist’ ideology (designed to empower the individual living within a liberal, bourgeois, capitalist society) – and the call to commit psychological and physical violence against those marked as ‘Enemies of the State’! Ironically, and perhaps typically, Hitler advocated a type of far-right ‘Hippyism’ which advocated the ‘freedom’ enjoyed by those who do not work! This confusion came about by the fact that the bourgeoisie – who live off the profits of the exploited working-class – enjoy the leisure-time earned by others, but Hitler wanted this freedom as a working-class man with NO financial resources (particularly when he was an ‘artist’). This would be a freedom he would ‘deny’ to every citizen of a Germany that was under his control – with the unemployed rounded-up at gunpoint and placed in forced labour camps (to carryout ‘free’ labour for the German State). Why was there such a disconnect between Hitler’s embracing of ‘Anarchism’ and the ‘totalitarian’ reality of a Germany under ‘National Socialism’? This is because Hitler advocated the extensive use of ‘lying’ and ‘deceit’ as a legitimate poetical tool to be used against the far left (the Socialists and the Communists), as well as the Bourgeois State! Lying is an important element not only of the far right – but also of US anti-intellectualism – as both ideologies blame others for all the problems within their own society.  

The political far-right is administered by ‘White’, rich middle-class men who live in the often ‘gated’ leafy suburbs of Surrey and Kent! They are generally well respected in their local communities and hold typical middle-class jobs. Typically, their political activities are not known in the vicinities of where they live. Such people do not carry out any direct political action (other than giving talks or authorising activities) but rely instead upon a vast ‘army’ of ‘White’ (young) predominantly unemployed men! These men are fed a steady stream of (false) political ideology that blames their circumstances not upon the inherent injustice contained within the capitalist system, but rather upon the presence of certain other (vulnerable) groups (such as migrants, the disabled, Jews, Communists and homosexuals, etc)! Many of the working-class who support the political far right are ‘unemployed’ in the UK and are often in receipt of State Benefit (a relatively small payment). This Benefit is strictly regulated by the Department of Work and pensions (DWP) – with anyone deemed of committing ‘Benefit Fraud’ being prosecuted and imprisoned (this process is used to exploit and oppress ALL working-class people – but I am focusing at the moment upon how the far-right exploits this system designed to help the poorest and most vulnerable members of society). As Unemployment Benefit is paid into personal bank accounts – the DWP has direct access to the personal details of anyone in receipt of State Benefit (as those in receipt of State Benefit are NOT protected by the privacy laws that the banks routinely apply to the rich). The problem the leaders of the political far right give the rank-and-file members to solve is that of generating extra revenue whilst a) being in receipt of State Benefit, and b) avoiding prosecution for ‘Benefit Fraud’!  

My research suggests that the political far right in the UK has solved this problem with at least two movements that have spread from the US to the UK. These are the a) anti-paedophile ‘Sting’ movement, and b) the ‘Auditing’ movement! The primary objectives are to maintain the use of the Hitlerite ideology what simultaneously generating funds for the far-right movement! Both of these movements have successively mined a substantial section of the sentiment of the British public. It is a form of emotional blackmail that Hitler advocated to generate mass movements that target vulnerable groups. The anti-paedophile ‘Sting’ movement, for instance, failed miserably in the UK with around 95-99% of all those targeted being proved ‘innocent’. A disturbing number of people with disabilities have been targeted – with the unlawful behaviour of the ‘Sting’ groups contributing to those they target being released without charge! This vigilantly and lynch-mob mentality manipulated the police and for a time into supporting its actions – all of which were filmed by the participants themselves. A ritualistic humiliation of each targeted individual was filmed culminating in the ‘arrest’ and the supposed vindication of the group’s aggressive and unlawful behaviour. These videos were then uploaded onto the YouTube social media platform – even when those targeted were proven completely innocent! These groups of uneducated and unqualified members of the far right possess no knowledge, expertise or mandate to carry out this type of work within society. Such individuals are not police officers, psychologists or medical professionals The point of this is that these videos generate tens of thousands of pounds for those who own the account!  

Exactly the same dynamic is in operation with ‘Auditing’ which took-over when the ‘Sting’ activity in the UK started to be downplayed and suppressed by the police. Auditing involves individuals (rather than co-ordinated groups) simply turn-up ad hoc with no previous planning or fore-thought of action. It is an evolution of the ‘Sting’ activity which was time-consuming and took much planning to give it a fake veneer of officiality. Auditing, by comparison, just takes one person and a camera filming an official or ‘sensitive’ building that could be the target of terrorism. Auditors apply the far-right notion of law – whereby the legal dogma perpetuated within Fascist States is applied everywhere and at the same time with no difference! Auditors falsely insist that the regulatory aspect of law (designed to give a lateral leeway to protect individuals and property) within a democratic society does not apply when they feel like breaking the law and endangering society! Within the far-right this is viewed as ‘Revolutionary’ action as it is challenging the very substance of the liberal law which affords protection and safety. Auditors, by their very presence, attempt to take away this regulatory (and protecting) part of the liberal law – and replace it with a totalitarian alternative whereby a single and unbending law replaces centuries of accrued law. The individualism of ‘Anarchy’ is the vehicle – whilst the far-right notion of the ‘dominance’ of the right kind of individual is the objective! These manifestations of far-right ideology are fake but effective. The anti-paedophilia ‘Sting’ movement did not save one child – but it did successfully target a substantial (and ‘innocent’) section of society deemed ‘sub-human’ by Hitler (the disabled and the homosexuals, etc). Auditors, whilst acting under the cloak of fighting for our rights – are in fact engaged in a far-right policy of actively compromising and taking away our rights! 

How do these two movements generate income for the political far-right? An individual who is in receipt of State Benefit has their personal and banking details closely scrutinised by the DWP – who are on the lookout for any provable acts of Benefit Fraud. However, the unemployed (but generally ‘young’ and ‘fit’) are exactly those which comprise the foot soldiers of the far-right membership! Their status of perpetual (lazy) unemployment is justified because of the presence of ‘foreigners’ within British society. The ‘White’ middle-class leadership of the far-right have had to mobilise this mass of unemployed adults and youths to raise funds but not get caught in the process! All their activities must be ‘unpaid’ and ‘voluntary’ (so as to avoid prosecutable offense of working whilst in receipt of State Benefit). The YouTube channels themselves are registered with individuals who are in full-time employment, or better still, with elderly people who are ‘retired’! The unemployed masses head out into society carryout their ‘voluntary’ work of supposedly confronting paedophiles or protecting our rights, goading individuals into argumentative or angry outbursts on video – and then returning to upload these videos onto YouTube. The more violent, argumentative or otherwise chaotic the video is – the more people will ‘click’ to watch it and the greater the advertising revenue is generated! Tens of thousands of pounds can be generated from a single ten-minute video – so the returns more than justifies the effort – with ‘Auditing’ being far less time consuming than the ‘Sting’ movement! Those who are not in receipt of State Benefit ‘harvest’ this YouTube revenue into paypal accounts which the British government does not have access to – with a certain percentage of the money withdrawn and distributed amongst the unemployed participants as untraceable ‘cash-in –hand’ payments! The rest of the money is laundered into the already opulent accounts of the ‘White’ middle-class leaders of the far-right and goes toward funding their leisurely lifestyles and printing more far-right leaflets (usually in the printing factory used in Newton Abbot) for distribution and the brainwashing of a new generation of victims!  

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