Auditing and ‘Sting’ Operations: How the Far-Right is Pulling the Wool Over ‘Our Collective Eyes! 

Anarchism, at least in its modern sense, (and probably in its ancient sense), certainly cannot be trusted as far as the achieving of left-wing political aims and objectives are concerned. After-all, as an ‘individualist’ ideology – it was invented by ‘White’, and middle-class European males who wanted to strip the already opulent (capitalist) bourgeois worlds they inhabited of all the so-called ‘Authority’ structures! According to this hyper-individualistic ideology, a new utopia would be created if all the regulatory structures imposed from outside and upon the individual were suddenly (and ‘magically’) just ‘not there’! Although the ancient Greek notion of ‘anarchy’ simply meant that the opulent, slave-driven and misogynistic society the Greek upper-class men inhabited (including its questionable sexual practices involving young boys) would continue unabated, enhanced by the fact that all outside governmental structures would be dismantled by the fact that all order, regulatory, security and protection (inherent in those structures) would cease to function. The modern, ‘White’ bourgeoisie who reinterpreted this ancient Greek thought experiment believed that they too could also dismantle the capitalist and liberal democratic structures of their time whilst retaining (untouched or unaltered) the political, cultural and social opulence such people enjoyed! In other words, those bourgeoisie already enriched and engorged whilst living within the post-Industrial Revolutionary space – could continue to enjoy this lifestyle attained by exploiting the workers – with this situation be guaranteed by the threatening ‘collectivity’ of the exploited workers being reduced to an impotent ‘individuality’ that no outside government structure could come to the aid of (as all such structures in a utopian ‘Anarchist’ society would be dismantled, dissolved and abolished).

When Syria Recognised the DPR & LPR! (14.7.2022)

Following Syria’s recognition of the DPR and the LPR – Zelensky decided to cut-off all diplomatic relations! Syria’s move to ‘recognise’ the DPR and the LPR unfolded around sixteen days before the DPRK formally recognised the DPR and the LPR on July 14th, 2022! This is important as two non-White countries have come forward and are directly supporting Russia in its fight against Western-backed Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine!

DPR: Boris Litvinov – Video Conference – Communist Parties of the UPC-CPSU! (28.5.2022) 

Petro Symonenko began his speech by describing the current situation in Ukraine, in particular, he spoke about the active ‘De-Communization’ carried out by the Kyiv elite: “The current Ukrainian government is trying to eliminate everything that belongs to the leftist regime.” In his opinion, the Collective West has turned Ukraine into a springboard for a fight against Russia, therefore, in today’s realities, the 100th Anniversary of the formation of the USSR is an opportunity to demonstrate the solidarity of all fraternal peoples. “Only the Communist Party today realistically assesses the situation and offers ways to solve the problems we are facing,” said Petr Nikolayevich. He also added that in the current realities, coordinated and consistent work with foreign Communist Parties is especially important.

LPR: Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Airforce Atrocity – Remembering Inna Kukurudza [Инна Кукурудза] (2.6.2014)

This article covers the murderous events that unfolded eight-years ago today! Of course the US-controlled social media platforms are predictably excising from viewable memory all the obvious depictions of Hitlerism, fascism and Neo-Nazism that the West Ukrainian ‘Maidan’ State has been built upon over the last eight-years! Part of this effort at manipulating history is the removal of all evidence of Ukrainian Neo-Nazi atrocities – such as the shocking video uploaded in this article! The Ukrainian Neo-Nazis – encouraged by their US, UK and EU allies – used the Ukrainian Airforce to ‘bomb’ the Government Buildings located in the centre of Lugansk (on June 2nd, 2014) in the hope that they would ‘hit’ the leadership of the People’s Republic of Lugansk! In the end, like all such ‘vague’ attacks – only innocent people were killed and wounded – with the spirit of the LPR strengthened as a result!

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