Emails: False Flag – False Mind! (20.5.2022)

The ‘White’ Establishment In the US Routinely Uses ‘Racism’ to Influence International Affairs!

Dear Adrian (from Gillian)

Another ‘False Flag’ Attack?

On Fri, 20 May 2022, at 06:59:

Church shooting suspect from China, targeted Taiwanese group over political tensions: police

The suspect has an “an absolute bias against the Taiwanese people,” officials say

The suspect who allegedly killed one person and wounded five others in a California church was a Chinese immigrant who targeted the worshipers because they were Taiwanese, officials said.

The suspect is 68-year-old David Cho of Las Vegas. His wife is currently living in Taiwan, Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes stated during a press conference.

“The suspect was able to secure the doors within the church with chains and tried to disable locks within the church with super glue,” the sheriff said. The alleged gunman also placed four explosives around the church while socializing and mingling with the congregants, authorities said.

Five Asian Americans ranging from ages 66 to 92 were injured. Dr. John Cheng, 52, died attempting to disarm the shooter and likely saving the lives of “upwards of dozens of people,” police explained.

“I believe this hatred of Taiwan manifested when he was residing there in previous years, possibly in his youth. He was not well received while living there, according to what we believe,” Barnes noted.

“That’s manifested into this hatred that’s combined with the political environment of this hatred of the Taiwanese people between the China and Taiwan tensions that are currently occurring,” he added.

China views Taiwan as part of its territory and has hinted at the possibility of an invasion.

“I will tell you that evil was in that church yesterday,” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said.

He accused the suspect of having “an absolute bias against the Taiwanese people… as a Chinese or mainland national.”

Dear Gillian (from Adrian)

Friday, 20 May 2022 07:35

Source: Orange County Sheriff’s Office

On May 16, local time, the Orange County, California, police identified David Chou (Zhou Da Wei – ·周大卫), a 68-year-old Asian man, as the suspect in the Laguna Woods church shooting on the 15th. According to a statement released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office on the 16th, David Chou was charged with one count of murder and five counts of felony attempted murder. According to reports, the shooting occurred at around 13:30 local time on the 15th, when about 40 church members were having a dinner in the church. David Chou shot randomly after entering the church, causing a total of 1 death and 5 injuries. Law enforcement officials stated the suspect had no connection to the church and his action had no clear motive. He was arrested because former pastor Billy Chang, who was attending the meeting at the time, hit him with a chair while he was re-loading his weapon – the suspect was then caught. Police said that if church members had not intervened at the time, more vicious incidents would have occurred. Source: Xinhuanet, CCTV News

Dear Gillian (from Adrian)

Saturday, 21 May 2022 00:01

In many ways, and in a totally unexpected manner, the article you provided (what we might tentatively call the ‘finished product’) and the article I unearthed from within Chinese language sources (equally tentatively the ‘source’ article), present two distinct stages in the ongoing disinformation battle being raged by the US government against a) the Government of China, and b) the Chinese people world-wide! 

Of course, your article arose geographically nearest the source in the USA – but deviates from the official story to an alarming degree. My article arose in China the furthest from the geographical source – but repeated the Sheriff Office report word for word – and is therefore the ‘nearest’ expression of the truth as ascertained on the ground. 

Given that Chinese officials would not have added the self-defeating embellishments, fabrications and lies, it logically follows that the Sheriff Office issued a factual report into the US media machine – where forces ‘unknown’ added layers of what is basically a racist story designed to trigger every negative stereotype in the Western mind regarding China! It is interesting that this process of ‘disinformation’ has become ‘normalised’, ‘unchallenged’ and is very much a part of modern US anti-intellectualism!

By the way, the story concocted, when translated into Putonghua, makes no cultural or political sense to either Mainland Chinese people – or the Chinese people living in the Taiwan area of China! The effect is rather like using the outdated cultural reference points found within a Grimm’s fairy-tale to fabricate a news bulletin that attempts to explain contemporary events in Donbass! This means that the intended purpose of ‘dividing’ Chinese people into confronting factions (controlled by the West) fails due to its lack of genuine understanding of Chinese culture. 

There is one vital difference in my analogy, however, as a Grimm’s fairy-tale is ‘European’ and the events in Ukraine are European to all intents and purposes – and in that sense there is a continuation of relevance if not context. In your news article, however, it is an entirely Western affair that happens to involve Chinese people used as ‘props’ – with a further superimposing of a non-Chinese troupe across the surface events. This attempt at a contemporary ‘fairy-tale’ is then presented to the average Western mind as a story that ‘has relevance’ to the average Chinese mind – which – of course, it does not, and therein lies the racist (Eurocentric) essence! Fascinating. 

Dear Adrian (from Gillian)

On Sat, 21 May 2022, at 06:03:

> Totally agree. > Love your phrase > an entirely Western affair that happens to involve Chinese people used as ‘props’

Dear Gillian (from Adrian)

Saturday, 21 May 2022 08:26:

As far as I am aware, Orange County is an area in the US renowned for its Vietnamese population. When the US invasion and colonisation of Vietnam was obviously failing (in the late 1960s and early 1970s) – the Vatican encouraged tens of thousands of its ‘Catholic’ converts to flee to America – more or less irrespective of what the Americans thought about this! Of course, the White ‘Christian’ populations of the US did not take kindly to the sudden influx of South-East Asian converts descending upon their communities (and their Churches) – and so the US Authorities ‘diverted’ all incoming ethnic Vietnamese to Orange County (the irony of this ‘social engineering’ is not lost on me – as this US action sounds like something the Americans are always accusing Stalin of doing)!

As the Vatican basically controls Orange County, I think we have found our ‘anti-Communist’ culprits! The Sheriff Office releases a more or less ‘correct’ news bulletin (minus the obvious mental health issues of a 68-year-old Asian man) – so that the Vatican Authorities then ‘re-invent’ the news article in its own image! There are ‘White’ (Christian) Chinese and there are ‘Yellow’ (Heathen) Chinese (nasty Hobbitsies) and the two do not get on! These two groups of Chinese hate one another – just as ‘White’ Hitlerites hate ALL non-Whites! The ‘White’ Chinese, however, (and you need to pay attention here), have ‘god’ on their side and are obviously ‘right’! Just ‘why’ an ‘all-loving’ Christian god would allow a 68-year-old ‘Yellow’ Chinese (heathen) to ‘kill’ the nice ‘White’ Chinese is really a complex theological issue and is all part of the ‘mysterious’ manner in which god traverses the lands he controls, conquers or has always owned since he created them! I suspect there is an attic-room somewhere which has a team of chain-smoking Vatican priests who are judged by the holy see on just how effective they are at generating discord in the Chinese community!

Dear Adrian (from Gillian)

Saturday, 21 May 2022 08:56:

except that the attack was at a protestant church and the irony is that for most Americans the Catholic church is simply too pro China and ‘leftist’. However it is a Democrat state and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church (the significant majority in Orange County) is definitely in bed with the warmongering Democrats…… I think we have to look at who controls the Catholic Church… they are too much of the comedy evil villain to be the real controllers of all this evil.

Dear Gillian (from Adrian)

Saturday, 21 May 2022 08:56:

Certainly – hence the ‘chain-smoking’… Tracks must be covered. Probably a coffee-fuelled ‘all-nighter’ to arrive at the final draft – whilst the families of the priests involved were enjoying an unexpected (and all-expenses paid) invitation to the Vatican – just to ensure the best possible outcome…

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