Berets: Hammer & Sickle Badges Sowed On!

In the Red Army Everything Done By Hand! My Children Astonished I can Sow!

Around three-years ago, my wonderful mother – Diane Wyles – acquired a number of berets and hammer and sickle badges (she is an old Revolutionary with lots of contacts worldwide)! She wanted me and Gee to sow the badges on the Berets and create Revolutionary headgear that the whole family could wear. Well, Covid19 derailed that plan, but following the West taking the side of the Neo-Nazis Ukrainians, we thought NOW was the right time to carry-out this important work! I sat in front of the TV watching a scifi series for a couple of hours and carefully stitched each badge into place. Here are a number of pictures to record this event! Long Live the Soviet Union and the Working Class!

Mei-An (Left) and Gee (Right)!
Kai-Lin with Che Guevara in the Background!
Mei-An and the Flag of the Soviet Armed Forces! The only Friends of Russia are the Army, Navy and Airforce – although the latter is now called the ‘Russian Aerospace Force!’
Me and Mei-An – Father and Daughter Ready to Do Battle!
Kai-Lin is only Five and is Already a Revolutionary!
Time to Teach Those Fascists a Lesson!
Long Live the Soviet Union!

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