My VK Encounter with a Danish ‘Fact-Checker’! (30.3.2022)

Message Received Via My VK Account: 1:56 pm – 30.3.2022

My name is Nikolaj, I’m a journalist for the Danish fact-checking site TjekDet. We are seeing images being floated around here in Denmark of people in Lviv being taped to light posts and being painted green in the face. I can see that you’ve shared the images on the blog
Can you tell me where you found the pictures? Do you know who took the photos? 

My Response: 4:14 pm 30.3.2022

Dear Nikolaj – Thank you for your message! I am linked to the frontline through a number of ‘Telegram’ Channels. This includes frontline fighters, journalists, medics and humanitarian aid givers – all on the Russian side, of course. The Telegram Channel – – is where I acquired the pictures, although Neo-Nazi Ukrainians tying victims to lamp-posts (and trees) using cling film, beating and humiliating them, filming it and then uploading the event for public consumption – is something of a drug-induced national pastime for these people! As a British person, I uphold the anti-fascist traditions of my two Western grandfathers (one who served in the Royal Navy in the North Atlantic alongside the Russian Arctic Convoys – and the other who was a frontline Infantryman who fought his way from Normandy into Nazi Germany), and also as someone of Chinese heritage, I uphold the anti-fascist traditions of our Chinese grandparents who fought and died in the Hong Kong People’s Militia against the Imperial Japanese! We stand with all non-White people, disabled people and all other victims of fascism, Nazism and Neo-Nazism – and are proud to do so! I believe that the West’s support for the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Junta (which illegally seized power and overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014) is a Crime Against Humanity – an irresponsible act that is enabling, justifying and perpetuating numerous and brutal War Crimes within and around the Donbass area. But of course, I have been writing and protesting about the US, Uk and EU supported ‘Maidan’ Junta since it illegally seized power in 2014 – and have been recording its Neo-Nazi inspired crimes as they occurred! For most of that time, the docile masses have been indifferent to where their tax-money was being funnelled and there has been little genuine so-called ‘fact-checking’ going on – other than right-wing groups and associations presenting various distorted paradigms and narratives as ‘facts’, etc. Perhaps you should be ‘fact-checking’ all the scripted and coordinated lies broadcast by the US, UK and EU media which is united in presenting the vicious Neo-Nazi ‘Euro-Maidan’ Junta as some kind of benevolent ‘freedom-fighting’ organisation – whilst ignoring all the terrible crimes that this fascist organisation is committing. I would have thought that the murdered young girl found in a basement held by the Azov Battalion – who had a swastika cut into her abdomen – is far more worthy of ‘fact-checking’ rather than ascertaining the identity of a number of Western-financed (Neo-Nazi) Ukrainian crack-heads issued with cans of spray-paint by the UN! Good luck with your future work – and may the spirit of truth inspire your conscience!  

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