Deconstructing the ‘Woke’ Trotskyism of Francis Aaron (Problematic)

Francis Aaron Uses Every Far-Right Trope Available!

Author’s Note: Below is a short review I made of yet another far-right offensive against ‘difference’ disguised as ‘material science’, which says one thing any yet means another. This all stems from Adolf Hitler’s book entitled ‘Mein Kampf’ (‘My Struggle’) which advocates (prophesises) a ‘race war’ between the different races of the world, which, according to Hitler, will result in a victory for the ‘superior’ White race and the inevitable eradication of all the so-called ‘inferior’ races! Ironically, like this video, Hitler substitutes actual science for pseudo-science and then claims (also like this video) that he possesses a ‘higher insight’ that is both stunningly insightful and thoroughly unique! Make no mistake about it, just as Trotsky formulated his alliance with the forces of international fascism in 1938 – this video aligns itself with neo-fascism and neo-Nazism and as it is British – disguises this sleight of hand as ‘trip down the pub’ and being a manifestation of ‘common sense’. Of course, fascist rhetoric is none of these things as it is comprised of the central Hitlerite stricture of ‘lying’ to gain popularist influence and political power. The ultimate end logic of this video (and other similar songs) is the Death Camps for all those human-beings who do not psychologically or physically conform to the so-called ‘norms’ of the White race as defined by the fascists. A non-White person cannot be ‘British’ because they are ‘not White’ with ‘Britishness’ destined by the Hitlerites as belong to ‘White’ people only! The Strawdog fallacy this video peddles is that a) personal perception (a varied psychological element of humanity), is b) equated with different (but essentially ‘static’) physical categories of ‘species’ – as defined by the rigours of material science. This is an attack upon personal choice justified on the fallacious grounds of supporting material science – but this was the false grounds that defined the ruthless warmongering and genocidal racism as pursued by fascist Italy, imperial Japan and Nazi Germany both prior to and during WWII. Fascist Italy massacred hundreds of thousands of non-White people in Africa (with their fascist ineptness being their only impediment to killing a greater number in a more efficient manner), whilst Nazi Germany murdered around 34 million Soviet men, women and children during its barbaric invasion of the USSR (1941-1943) and another 11 million during the Holocaust proper (6 million Jews and 5 million others) and Imperial Japan murdered tens throughout Asia (including tens of millions of Soviet POWs used in military experiments in Manchuria)! If the neo-fascists and neo-Nazis had their way – all the human-beings who exercise their right to diverse self-perception would be placed in Concentration Camps and ‘murdered’ for daring to exercise ‘freedom of thought’ – regardless as to the scientific categorisation of their bodies! I would suggest a working-class boycott of this type of fascist-supporting ‘entertainment’. We should protect the vulnerable, support freedom of choice and not tolerate the stealthy rise of fascism within our communities! ACW (15.8.2021) 

A fascistic sleight of hand. Woke Rap in the form of a Trotskyite misdirection (this track is not about what you are misled into thinking it is about – and that’s why the author feels ‘smug’ when he laps up your misplaced adulation)! An ever-present right-wing agenda attacking what it misconstrues as ‘the left’ – whilst laughingly attempting a (‘Vanilla Ice’ type) cultural appropriation and utilising the very anti-intellectualism it claims to be exposing! Appreciated best by those who possess the very same inverted mindset that gave rise to this counterfeit art form. Move along – nothing to see here. Get yourself an authentic education. Learn about the history of the far-right (and its Trotskyite allies), learn how it lies and how to expose and fight it, and form a new Red Army! 

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