A Quick Note To Margaret Cho… (21.8.2021)

I heard that Margaret Cho once played a ‘North Korean General’ – and then made a comment in one of her ‘Live Shows’ that at least she will not be thrown into a ‘Labour Camp’ for expressing her own opinion! Although Margaret Cho expressing an opinion that might be described as ‘left’ of centre – she lives in a vicious (predatory) system that allows people to be homeless in a society surrounded by ample housing, people to die of starvation whilst surrounded by ample food and people to die of medical neglect whilst surrounded by ample medical supplies and facilities. North Korea does not possess ‘Labour Camps’ – they use ‘judicial prisons’ just like virtually every other modern country. However, the United States use their prison system as a ‘free labour’ resource. This is to say that it is the ‘United States of America’ (USA) that imprisons a large percentage of its African-American population (i.e., ‘Black’ people) and uses their ‘free labour’ in a compulsory manner to manufacture virtually ALL military helmets, ammunition belts, identity (dog) tags, bullet proof vests and other military equipment, (which is then used via military action against the non-White populations of the world), as well as producing 93% of domestically produced paints, 36% of home appliances and 21% of office furniture, etc. This use of its predominantly ‘Black’ population being held within the US prison system, allows North America to compete with Mexican factories, and allows the same Black population to used in a system of modern slavery! It is the United States that does this to a significant percentage of its own population – and not North Korea! When Lincoln first freed the slaves, this legislation only freed those living within Confederate territory – and not those slaves still held within Union territory.