The Pre-History of the 2021 US Defeat in Afghanistan!

Taliban Capture Presidential Palace – Afghanistan!

When the CIA first worked on their ‘new’ anti-Communist project of combining a distorted Islamic theology with a Western notion of racist nationalism in the 1970s, it is likely that their leading ideologues could not have envisioned the mess this was going to cause the very Western would they thought they were protecting from the spread of Communism! The smoke and mirrors of the CIA first gave the spawn of this hybrid the name of the ‘Mujahadeen’, but mixed and matched later names according to circumstance. Since then, the CIA have fed the world such names as ‘Al Qaeda’, the ‘Taliban’, ‘ISIL’, ‘ISIS’ and ‘Daesh’, etc, all possessing apparently diverse back-histories that although fictitious, sometimes over-lap with historical events by way of coincidence. In reality, if a free-thinking historian digs deep enough, all these names circle back to the CIA project in Afghanistan.  

Following democratic elections throughout Afghanistan in the early 1970s, the modernising populace of that country voted-in a Socialist government. This was a Socialist Party with Marxist-Leninist leanings brought to power by the bourgeois ballet box – but the US could not accept ‘Socialism’ or ‘Communism’ being brought to power by peaceful election – as such an embarrassing happening undermined the US assertion that Communism is always imposed upon the majority by a domineering and artificially empowered ‘minority’! The Americans were twice prepared to go to war – once in Korea and again in Vietnam – to stop this process from unfolding free for all to see on the world stage! The US would rather kill hundreds of thousands through pointless warfare than have their base assumptions about Communism proven profoundly incorrect! Such a scenario unfolded in the Afghanistan of the 1970s where the population was starting to throw-off the superstition of medieval religionism, and slowly but steadily moving toward a more ‘modern’ society!  

To stop this natural process, the CIA formulated the idea of co-opting the essentially illiterate tribes living in the remote areas of Afghanistan, and using a form of ‘brainwashing’ to convince them that the elected National Government was in reality ‘their enemy’ The Imans were brought-off and flown to the West to enjoy fine food and luxurious hotels. In the meantime, CIA Operatives were dropped into these tribal areas who began the process of imposing ‘fascist’ and ‘racist’ ideology upon these people so that their ancient form of Islam was slowly replaced with a vicious, racist and brutal form of distorted theology that saw any non-Muslim and any Muslim of a different tradition – as ‘enemies of Islam’ that should be killed in the name of Allah! The CIA backed-up this ideology with imported wealth, expensive travel and the extensive arming of hundreds of thousands of Islamic men of all different ages! These tribes were encouraged by the CIA to declare their tribal areas ‘independent’ and ‘outside’ an Afghanistan which they were encouraged to interpret as being under the ‘foreign’ occupation of heathen ‘Socialists’!  

Whilst declaring war on the democratically elected National Government, these tribal militias (led by CIA Operatives) would march into local (unaffiliated) villages and carry-out torture, rape and mass murder all in the name of Islam! The message was that anyone supporting the ‘Socialist’ National Government would be viewed as ‘an enemy of Islam’ and targeted for immediate eradication! The objective of the CIA was to use a Nazi-style form of psychological and physical terror designed to inspire ‘fear’ in the minds of ordinary Afghanis so that they would be forced to denounce the ‘Socialist’ government they had voted into power. When the body-count of innocent Afghani men, women and children reached the tens of thousands – the Afghan National Government requested help from the nearby Soviet Union to combat what the CIA was doing in their country. This is why the Soviet Red Army entered Afghanistan on December 25th, 1979, and immediately began the process of pushing back the ‘Mujahadeen’ and forming a protective cordon around the villages and towns friendly toward Socialism.  

In response, the US sent Special Forces troops and better weaponry into Afghanistan to assist the Islamo-fascist movement it had created. Furthermore, CIA Operatives were often present when Soviet POWs were captured, tortured and hideously ‘murdered’. These terror-tactics are still used today by all Islamo-fascist groups with the added element of the filmed events being broadcast across social media. This feeds the far-right mania for death and destruction across the world, and projects ‘fear’ into the hearts and minds of the general populace. Whilst Soviet POWs were being castrated, disembowelled and beheaded with dull-bladed knives – Sylvester Stallone starred in the embarrassing film entitled ‘Rambo III’ – where he eulogises the CIA-terrorism of the Islamo-fascists – the same destructive spirit that would eventually fly commercial airliners into the World Trade Center buildings during the ‘911’ New York terror attacks! How did it all go wrong? Well, after the withdrawal of the Red Army in 1989 – the US-backed Islamo-fascists in Afghanistan believed they were invincible and started demanding ever greater concessions, money and arms from the US! When the CIA explained that their job was done and that they could now ‘disperse’ – the Islamo-fascists declared that not only was it opposed to ‘Socialism’ but it was also in opposition to ‘US capitalism’ – with both ideologies being considered hostile to Islam!  

The 911 terror attacks in New York were supposedly carried-out by 17 Saudi and 2 Egyptian citizens! Despite this reality, as these two countries were allies of the West and supportive of Zionist Israel, no retaliatory action was taken against either one. Indeed, the US government attacked Afghanistan in 2001 because it knew that this was the source-area for the Islamo-fascist project carried-out by the CIA. The thinking seems to have been that whilst utilising a full US and UK military deployment, the Islamo-fascists (now called the ‘Taliban’) would soon be defeated! It became clear early on that this ‘easy’ victory was not going to be achieved with the resources the West had to deploy. Furthermore, the Western invasion of Afghanistan was viewed by the Muslim world as an attack on Islam and this led to a steady stream of hundreds of thousands of men heading to that country to join the Taliban! Although the Taliban foot soldiers were cleared from certain key areas – the Taliban presence and strongholds in the remote areas could not be safely attacked without risking substantial military losses and perhaps even suffering a number of defeats.  

To prevent the threat of defeat on the battlefield, the US and UK military ‘paid’ the local Taliban leaders ‘not to attack’ their forces and to leave them in control of limited areas ‘as if they had won land’. This ‘face saving’ device was employed for years as the war dragged on. Although a number of major Taliban attacks were thwarted by this process of ‘bribery’ – the Taliban guerrilla war continued at a blistering rate with continuous IEDs, suicide attacks and small-scale raids. Despite its material advantage and the skill of its armed forces, the West could not inflict a decisive defeat upon the Taliban. Furthermore, wherever possible, the Taliban were left alone in their mountainous strongholds to build their forces and train in their required tactics and strategies for such a time when they could launch a major offensive. This was exactly the situation in 1989 when the Soviet Red Army withdrew – although the Socialist forces of the National Government managed to last a considerably longer time than the Puppet Army recently trained and left behind by the US! The US has tried to cover-up its War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity by inflicting predatory capitalism and liberal democracy upon a population that now wants neither. Us-generated Islamo-fascism has proven such a powerful force that it has turned upon its creator and with the Taliban taking Kabul after the US pull-out – has even inflicted a disastrous defeat upon the Americans! The anti-Socialist Islamo-fascism inspired by the CIA in the 1970s has now morphed into a very virulent ‘anti-American’ and ‘anti-capitalist’ ideology that is both ‘racist’, ‘nationalistic’ and opposed to all forms of ‘modernity’! The US should be held accountable to this terrible Crime Against Humanity! 

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