Cuba: Biden and Trump Commit Human Rights Abuses Against the American People!

The Cuban People Have Chosen the Path of Marxist-Leninism!

My Chinese colleagues were of the opinion that a Biden win would be worse for Socialism because Trump was doing a wonderful job destroying the bourgeois US from ‘within’ – and in so doing had convinced a large swathe or ordinary US citizens that this right-wing chaos was the essential definition of ‘freedom’! Trump represents the very popular face of US fascism and the feeling outside of the US was that all we (the ‘left’) had to do was to sit-back and watch the results come in! Trump managed to create the conditions within which a ‘popular uprising’ occurred in the US – the first that the American bourgeoisie had allowed since 1776! This ‘popular uprising’ saw tens of thousands of primarily ‘White’ working-class US citizens march on Washington and successfully ‘storm’ the Capitol Building (a sort of ‘inverse’ storming of the Winter Palace in 1917 Russia) – armed with their far-right-wing symbols and slogans of racial superiority and racist abuse – this mass of men and women also included a number of non-White supporters also holding-up placards expressing racial slurs that not only applied (negatively) to themselves – but also ‘demonised’ their entire ethnic community!  

Working from within the very strong anti-worker and anti-Socialist US system – Donald Trump – managed to inspire a vast swathe of the US population to ‘seize’ back the Constitutional power he claimed they had loss through successive (corrupt) US governments that had put the minority rich first and the majority of ordinary people last – effectively ‘inverting’ the US Constitution! Make no mistake about it, Donald Trump was and is a very dangerous far-right politician who equates the real-life conditions of the ordinary people to mere economic conditions – conditions, of course, that favour the ultra-rich and which blames the poor for their own condition. Trump, as a very effective fascist, is a very accomplished racist, misogynist and ablest, who makes no secret of his homophobia and anti-LBGTQNB+ opinions – which ironic when it is considered that the far-right is riddled with all kinds of perverse sexual behaviour – and the fact that the gay community in general tends to support the capitalist status quo! Trump’s fascism involved a very effective ‘popular uprising’ in the United States the likes of which has not been seen in modern times! And then Biden turned-up and spoiled the party… 

Trump – who had inflicted even more unjust, illogical and illegal sanctions upon Socialist Cube – nevertheless, sought to mimic the ‘people power’ expressed with popular Socialist movement and generate his own ‘State within a State’ – an independent political space that only he controlled and which no change in public opinion could affect! Trump wanted the glory of a ‘popular uprising’ of the people – but wanted such an uprising to ‘fascistic’ rather than ‘Socialistic’ He wanted to mimic Socialist Cuba whilst continuing the US (racist) persecution of the non-White Cuban population! For many millions throughout the world – it is Socialist Cuba that represents the hopes of humanity – and NOT the United States! By comparison, the ogre of Biden is the acceptable face of US bourgeois racism aimed squarely at Cuba! Biden is a monster of the mediocre, a master of appearing to follow the status quo, and an ugly embracer of ‘difference’ (like a child-molester who ‘hunts’ across all ethnic groups)! This evil man has perpetuated US anti-intellectualism to arguably greater heights than his predecessor and has led the US ever further into the chasm of fascistic dysfunction, democratic dictatorship and highly immoral and unjust political and military decisions that have already claimed that Covid19 was ‘manufactured’ in a lab in China (an idea that was thoroughly dismissed by US researchers early on in the pandemic).  

It has been the Biden Administration (which remains peculiarly ‘unpopular’) that has taken judicial action against the tens of thousands of US citizens who took to the streets (often with overt police support) and stormed the Capitol! Why has the US taken the decision to persecute US citizens who were expressing their Constitutional Rights in relation to direct protesting? Surely, regardless as wherever these people fall upon the political spectrum (which should have ‘nothing’ to do with it within a liberal democracy) they are ‘guaranteed’ a right to ‘direct protest’ – indeed, this was a ‘right’ that most law enforcement on the day fully recognised often stepping aside or explaining what the protestors ‘could’ or ‘could not’ do. Biden has taken the illegal position that these people were ‘breaking’ the law and has proceed from this non-democratic legal position. My argument here, is not to support ‘fascism’ – far from it – but rather to clarify and support the ‘rule of law’ and explain how the Biden Administration has ‘broken’ this law! Biden has not only continued the illegal and immoral US attack upon Cuba with his personal sanctions – but has continued to attack his own US people for following their Constitution Rights! Whereas Cuba recently saw a protest against the unjust US sanctions – Biden continues to violate the ‘Human Rights’ of his own people by falsely asserting that their exercise of political freedom was somehow ‘wrong’ 

Biden is as much of a sinister racist as is Donald Trump. His anti-Cuba, anti-China and anti-DPRK activities prove this. Biden, however, is far more dangerous than Trump because he comes across as ‘middle of the way’ when in fact he is just as deadly due to being far more organised and grounded than Trump. Both are anti-Socialist and anti-worker – and each represents bourgeois political parties that fight to put their own retainment of political power over the rights of the people they claim to represent and who elected them into office. US racism (and genocidal) attitudes have existed in the US ever since it was a British colony! Following the US bourgeoisie ‘breaking’ with the UK bourgeoisie – The ‘independent’ US turned inward upon itself and consolidated the racism that defined its identity and justified its power over non-White people. Wiping-out those populations of non-Whites who will not submit to this tyranny is a theme that repeats itself throughout US history. Even today, what the US cannot do with the bullet or the bomb – it attempts to do with the manipulation of the international political system! Biden is attacking the American people for exercising their Constitutional Rights to protest – and is continuing to unjustly attack Cuba because he does not personally agree with the self-determination of the Cuban people who have clearly rejected te perversity of US-style capitalism and the liberal democracy that supports it! 

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