Holocaust Affirmation (1933-1945)

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The National Socialist (Nazi) government of Adolf Hitler pursued a racist and highly destructive ideology that mistakenly linked the destruction of physical bodies with that of the eradication of genes (assumed to be prevalent within certain ethnic and religious groups).  Just as ‘race’ is a fallacious pseudo-scientific term, Nazi ideology (which is premised upon ‘race’, racial distinction, eugenics and genocide) is equally non-scientific and premised entirely upon prejudice and race-hate.  Nazism perceived itself as ‘scientific’ and attempted to apply this pseudo-science throughout society and the world.  The application of Nazism was designed by Hitler to be propagated throughout the non-German populations of the world, through military prowess and brutal force of arms.  The Nazi ideology defined a true German as being of ‘Aryan’ racial descent, and declared all non-Germans to be racially inferior ‘non-Aryans’.  Nazi Germany was an Apartheid State that sought to deliberately separate the ‘pure’ Germans from the ‘inferior races’, or any German deemed to be ‘inferior’ through disability or sexuality (such as homosexuals or those Germans married to non-Aryans, or Germans with disabilities, etc).  Also considered ‘non-German’ from a racial point of view were all those who followed Judaism and forms of Christianity hostile to Nazism (although in the case of Jews – just being a ‘Jew’ was enough to be declared ‘non-Aryan’), as well as those who followed leftwing political ideologies such Socialism and Communism.  Germans who would otherwise be considered ‘Aryan’, but who simply disagreed with Nazism, were also declared an Enemy of the State.

The Nazi Germans had a policy of first marginalising and ghettoising all these religious, racial and political people, and then systematically removing their presence from existence.  In the case of the disabled, they were rounded-up and placed in ‘hospitals’ and ‘care homes’, to be quietly euthanized usually through lethal injection, but also through neglect and abuse.  In fact the plight of disabled people under the Nazi regime often receives very little official acknowledgement, despite the fact that one of the poorest and vulnerable groups in any society was targeted first by the Nazi regime.  Please never forget this fact when paying respect to the millions of Jews, Romany, Homosexuals, Communists, and innocent Germans (such as the heroine Sophie Scholl).  Concentration Camps definitely existed initially as a means to get ordinary Germans back to work – but they soon became places of punishment and death to all those who resisted the Nazi regime.  The false science of Nazism has its roots in Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ (My Struggle) which is the incoherent ramblings of a poorly educated working class man who is affected by anti-Semitism.  In fact once Mein Kampf establishes the false premise of anti-Semitic racism as a ‘science’, all of Hitler’s other prejudices, discriminations and hatreds are given full expression and are ‘legitimised’ (in his mind).

Nazism is not ‘science’, but Nazism is ‘racism’.  Do not be confused by the fact that Hitler had military alliances with fascist Japan – his anti-Japanese racism was less pressing for him at that time simply because Nazi Germany had very few, if any, Japanese people living there, and Japanese imperialist power and ambitions were no threat to Germany or its military conquests in Europe.  Nazi Germany’s collaboration with fascist Japan was an expedient at the time, used as a means to collectively confront the US and Britain.  However, the imperialist forces of Japan committed widespread atrocities throughout Asia, notably (but not limited to) the Chinese people.  Following the invasion of the USSR in 1941, Hitler set about ethnically cleansing the peoples of this Communist State.  He applied exactly the same dictates he used in Nazi Germany and beyond in Europe and persecuted the Soviet population without mercy.  Millions upon millions were killed as a consequence in the Soviet Union during the 1941-45 Nazi invasion of that country, on top of the millions more the Soviets lost in war casualties.  This is most definitely the holocaust in action.  Given that the holocaust against the Jewish people was real, and given that many other groups and ethnicities were also targeted, what is to be made of ‘Holocaust Denial’ and ‘Holocaust Revisionism’?

Self-proclaimed ‘historians’ such as the British David Irving and the Jewish-American David Cole Stein (as well as many others) fuel the subject of ‘Holocaust Denial’ and ‘Holocaust Revisionism’ with their out-spoken rhetoric disguised as ‘higher knowledge’, whilst implicitly and explicitly pursuing a rightwing agenda.  This is why the leftwing must reject ‘Holocaust Denial’ and ‘Holocaust Revisionism’ as it originates from, and is sustained by, the political right.  ‘Holocaust Denial’ and ‘Holocaust Revisionism’ is a ‘myth’ dressed-up with half-truths, non-truths, misunderstandings, misapprehensions, and deliberate falsification of history.  Its subject matter evolves around the questioning of the number of people who died in the holocaust, how they died, where they died, and why they died.  It advocates an ‘anti-Soviet’ Cold War ideology that Communist Russia was beyond everything that is perceived to be bad.  All holocaust deniers agree that the Nazi Concentration Camps were ‘invented’ and deliberately ‘fabricated’ by the USSR, and that the millions of different peoples who died in them were part of this Communist inspired mythology.  This myth alone reveals the untrustworthy nature of ‘Holocaust Denial’ and ‘Holocaust Revisionism’ academia.  What people like David Irving and David Cole Stein are doing is the deliberate misrepresentation of history.  In 1947, the Communist Party of Poland decided that the Auschwitz Concentration Camp would be retained as a memorial to the millions who died there.  This involved the open and deliberate construction of a ‘mock’ building believed to represent what the extermination chambers in other parts of the camp might have looked like – designed as a ‘visitor’s centre’.  This visitor’s building (and surrounding camp) eventually received UNESCO recognition.  No one in the USSR suggested that this was a ‘real’ extermination building.  However, holocaust deniers all follow one another’s established narratives, regardless of the reliability or truth of those narratives.  Both David Irving and David Cole Stein laughably present the lie that the well-known ‘Visitor’s Centre’ in Auschwitz is ‘proof’ that ‘nasty Soviets’ made-up the whole holocaust story, and then set about ‘inventing’ lies of extermination and outlandish death tolls.

This narrative makes no sense either historically or ideologically.  The philosophy of ‘Scientific Socialism’ and ‘Marxist-Leninism’, seeks to secularise society and spread scientific thinking throughout.  This means that the ideology of the USSR strove to diligently educate the masses away from the superstitions associated with blind faith and religiously inspired superstition.  There is no ideological justification from the Marxist perspective that would justify the martyring of the Jewish religion and Jewish race through subterfuge and deception.  In other words, the Soviet State ensured the right of Jewish people to exist and practice their religion, but did not, as an official policy, advocate the propagation of religion in anyway within secular society.  Religion within the USSR was a purely ‘private’ affair and had nothing to do with the State.  For the USSR to have ‘invented’ and then ‘fabricated’ the Jewish holocaust is an ideological absurdity.  So many people of all different backgrounds died in the Soviet Union through Nazi German aggression, that a ‘fabrication’ simply was not required – despite the rightwing David Irving stating that only 5 million Soviets died during WWII.  The point of this is as follows:

1) Hitler deliberately targeted and murdered millions of Jews.

2) The Nazi German regime did systematically murder millions of people in Europe and the USSR.

3) This collective ‘murder’ is the essence of the Jewish Holocaust.

4) Millions of others died alongside the Jewish people (including those who tried to ‘protect’ Jews).

5) The USSR ‘freed’ itself and Europe from Nazi persecution at a terrible cost to its own citizenry (27 – 40 million casualties).

6) The USSR ‘liberated’ many Concentration Camps and cared for those inhabitants who had survived – with many consequently settling in the USSR.

7) The illogicality of ‘Holocaust Denial’ and ‘Holocaust Revisionism’ would have us believe that one of the victims of the Nazi holocaust – the ‘Communists’ – were also the perpetuators of the holocaust myth.  It is a well-documented fact that Communists in Germany, and Communists in the USSR (and elsewhere) were deliberately targeted and liquidated by the Nazi regime and its maniacal death squads.

8) ‘Holocaust Denial’ and ‘Holocaust Revisionism’ is invariably linked to the political rightwing and far-right and is itself pursuing that political agenda.  Its justifying ideology is still fighting a world war that ended many years ago, against the USSR that no longer exists.

9) To deny the holocaust against the Jews (and other people) is a crime because it is the pursuance of Hitler’s idea that ‘lying’ is a legitimate political tool.

10) The fact that millions of Jewish people were brutally murdered by the Nazi German regime should not be conflated in anyway with the military behaviour of the modern State of Israel in Palestine, and that regime’s Zionist persecution, oppression and murder of the Palestinian people.  This means that Israel should not use the memory of the holocaust to justify its policy of of ‘ethnic’ cleansing, or its atheistic and fascistic ideology of ‘Zionism’.  The Palestinian people are not ‘Nazis’ and have never committed any historical acts of pogrom against the Jewish populations of Palestine.  In fact, as a religion, Islam has historically protected the Jewish people.  Therefore Holocaust Affirmation is in no way an endorsement of the oppressive and murderous policies of the modern State of Israel against the Palestinians.



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