Lenin in Piramida [Пирамида] (USSR)


Piramida (Пирамида) was a Soviet settlement and coal-mining community situated on the freezing archipelago of Svalbard, Norway. It was founded by Sweden in 1910 (during Czarist times) but was sold to the Soviet Union in 1927. Its name is pronounced ‘Pyramiden’ in Swedish – apparently referring to a ‘pyramid’), and despite surviving the collapse of the USSR, it was finally closed in 1998. As the area is isolated, and the climate harsh, Piramida quite literally remains ‘frozen’ in time, as it is only accessible via snow-mobile. Today, a small trickle of tourists come to observe the statue of Lenin that dominates the area, and the Soviet-era architecture and artwork. This place demonstrates the Soviet spirit of progression and the scientific will-power of humanity to dominate and subordinate the forces of nature to the development of human society and the eventual establishment of Communism.





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Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong (1995): By James W. Loewen


The Homepage of James W. Loewen

This is not a new book, but it gives the state of play in US pseudo-history manufacturing up until 1995 (although it was re-published in 2008) – 5 years after the first Gulf War (1990-91), 4 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union (1991), 2 years after a massacre occurred outside the Russian parliament (committed by the new capitalist authorities against supporters of the Soviet Union) 1993, and 2 years after President Clinton signed into law (in 1993) a statue to be placed in a Washington park, purportedly commemorating the so-called ‘Victims of Communism’ (this statue wasn’t unveiled until 2004 by George W Bush). This book covers what I would call ‘foundational’ historical myths that fabricate past US history so that it falls into line with US Cold War policy (which depicts the US through the filter of Judeo-Christian mythology, with America being ‘good’ (and ‘god-like), and the Soviet Union (and Communist Bloc) as being ‘evil’ (and ‘Devil-like’). This observation explains why it is that the US population more or less exists is a state of ‘official’ ignorance, and lives it’s life through officially manufactured historical myths. For instance, the lie is often taught that Black people took-over the government of the Southern States after the American Civil War – but were so ‘unable’ that Whites had take back control (when in fact, Blacks and Whites successfully administered the government of Mississippi). President Woodrow Wilson was a notorious racist who intensified ‘segregation’ in the US, pursued a policy of invading South American counties, and continuously misrepresented Russia as a potential aggressor – with many Americans not knowing that the US invaded Revolutionary Russia between 1918-1920 (under Wilson’s direction). Helen Keller – the blind and death lady who learned to effectively read and write – became a radical Socialist in her adulthood due to the fact that disability affected by far the poor and the working class due to poverty, discrimination and oppression. Of course, the US media turned against her, and printed all kinds of discriminatory articles – not only demeaning her life, career and abilities – but also proving the point she was making. Of course, just as the US authorities misrepresent its own history, it also misrepresents the the history of the International Communist Movement (i.e. the Soviet Union, China and Vietnam, etc). It is interesting how a proportion of Black America – now view the principle of ‘integration’ as wrong – mimicking the attitudes held by many White racists! of course, a whole new chapter of lies has been written since the 911 terror attacks in 2001. Finally, you can tell why Trump got into power when 22% of US college students thought the Vietnam War was fought between North and South Korea – and only ended when Truman dropped the A-Bomb on Vietnam! Of course, it can be added that the rise of the internet has enabled many ordinary US citizens to undertake their own research, and expose many of these racist myths for themselves, but that fact remains that by and large, the US (bourgeois) media now acts entirely inaccordance with US rightwing State dogma, and acts as a permanent counter-weight to any internet-based freedom. Facts about major events, for instance, may well be readily available on the internet that contradict ‘official’ accounts, but this does not seem to matter just as long as the mainstream media pumps-out the ‘official line’. It would be interesting to learn what James Loewen thinks about the ‘new’ (post-911) position of the US media – which behaves very much like the media of 1930’s Nazi Germany. Whereas under the days of Cold War lying – the US media attempted the facade of ‘impartiality’, today its attitude is very much one of dumbed-down totalitarianism, ridicule, and anti-intellectualism. 

How the US Created Islamo-Fascist Terrorism!


Tony Blair – and his New Labour government – took the UK into two of its most disastrous (and illegal) wars the country has ever known. Destroying the sovereign governments of Afghanistan and Iraq has had terrible consequences not only for the people of those devastated countries, but for the global community. By removing governments that pursued ‘secularism’ over ‘religionism’ has opened the door for US-backed, trained and financed terror groups to fill the vacuum, and turn their weaponry upon the West (which is perceived as being collectively a natural ally of the US). How did this situation arise? The Criminal Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the US was tasked with devising any means – legal, illegal or whatever – to bring down the USSR particularly (and the Communist Bloc countries in general). Following the Soviet Red Army entering Afghanistan (in support of a beleaguered Socialist government), the CIA stepped-up its latest project of training and arming young Muslim men, who formed a ‘new’ type of army to combat any and all Communist movements in the region. This idea started innocuously enough – with American operatives simply ‘bribing’ local tribal leaders to mobilise their men against the Socialist government of Afghanistan. When the Red Army interceded in the region, the CIA switched the emphasis of their campaign, and began to directly recruit young men into entirely American-run and administered training camps. In these camps, these young men, many of whom were illiterate and had never left their villages before, were taught to ‘think’ in a manner entirely alien to conventional Islam, and combine Western notions of racism, nationalism, and anti-Communism, with that of select (and misinterpreted) extracts from the Qur’an dealing with the Islamic concept of ‘jihad’, or ‘righteous war’. Whereas a jihad is a war of self-defence (with regard to non-political community security), the CIA intelligence officers changed its onus into one of a non-community based ‘self-offence’, involving the projection of a highly vicious and violent policy of ideologically driven attacks on all other communities. The enemies of this ‘new’ group were any conventional or traditional communities or associations that did not agree with, or adhere to the this ‘Islamo-fascist’ ideology. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, this Islamo-fascist movement did not quietly dismantle itself and go away, but rather became an independent regional network of terrorist cells, that turned its attention toward the modern ‘capitalist’ West (and its presence in the Middle East), defining its previous employers – the USA – as public enemy number one. The terrorism employed against Westerners (and others) today throughout the Middle East (and elsewhere), was previously perfected against the soldiers of the Red Army. The ‘Mujahideen’ (as this group was called in Afghanistan), was eulogised through US anti-Communist propaganda during the 1980’s, with its head-chopping, disembowelling, torturing, and general acts of terrorism perpetuated upon Soviet troops (and any and all civilian supporters of the USSR), being defined by the CIA as ‘sublime’ acts of religiously inspired fervour and spiritual devotion. A poignant (and now ’embarrassing’) reminder of this US attitude of support toward Islamo-fascist terrorism can be seen in the hideous Hollywood film entitled ‘Rambo III- which sees Sylvester Stallone mysteriously state that before these men carry-out their acts of terror, they consider themselves ‘already dead’ (hence the wearing of ‘white’ clothing before an operation, with the colour ‘white’ symbolising ‘death’ and the ‘burial shroud’).

Today, what was once a very well armed and trained US-backed Islamo-fascist terrorist group, now extends its influence directly into the Western world – where it continues to murder hundreds and thousands of people (as is the case in Africa and elsewhere). Regardless of what name the CIA is currently giving this movement, the fact remains that it did not arise out of any indigenous Islamic movement or community, and has no legitimate ties with conventional Islam – it was, and remains entirely a US invention from start to finish – one that has now gotten out of the control of its creators. However, rumour abounds on the internet, that certain aspects of this Islamo-fascist movement is still being used by the US in places such as Syria, Libya and the Yemen, as a means to attack regimes that do not adhere to the strictures of US imperialism, and which often oppose Zionist Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians. In the above video clip, Hilary Clinton confirms how and why the US created Al Qaeda.

USSR: Forgive Us Class of 1967 (Soviet Time-Capsule Opened!)


Original Russian Language Article By: Olga Basurova

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Yesterday, my Alma Mater – the Ryazan Radio Engineering University – opened a time-capsule buried 50 years ago, containing a message from the student body of 1967, to their descendants half a century later – in 2017. What can I say … Read it for yourself:

‘Dear comrades (of the future Soviet Union), We, the participants of the Student Conference entitled ’50 Years of Soviet Radio Engineering’ – held on May 13th, 1967 in the Assembly Hall of the RREI – send you our greetings to the (Soviet) students of the 21st century. We have gathered together to assess the over-all development of Soviet Radio Engineering in the last 50 years (since the 1917 Russian Revolution). We hope that you will gather in the future, to also assess the great Soviet Achievements 50 years later in your time, understanding how fortunate you are to live in the world’s first Communist State which for you is now 100 years old! How has Soviet Radio Technology moved forward and progressed between 1967 and 2017?

Our Ryazan Radio Engineering Institute was founded in 1952. Now, it trains about 5000 students in the usual full-time academic manner, supplemented by both evening and correspondence faculties, where a further 2000-1000 students respectively, are now being trained.

The Institute has five faculties (not counting the evening and correspondence courses), which train engineers in 14 specialities. The faculties are entitled: radio engineering, electronic engineering, automatics and telemechanics, automatic control systems, and radio equipment design. These specialities span 31 departments. The Institute employs over 500 teachers (mostly young people), including 120 professors and associate professors.

For the years of its existence, our progressive Socialist Institute has produced about 4,500 Specialists in the latest branches of technology. They work in almost every city of our great Soviet Union. Scientific candidates for training at our Institute, are prepared through attending graduate school.

We enjoy very interesting lives. We have very good and varied amateur interests, facilitated through various clubs and interests groups. Many of us participate in the scientific work of all the departments. We love sports, theatre, and cinema. During the entire academic year, we work hard in classrooms, laboratories, and reading rooms. In the summer we leave for the collective farms and for the as of yet uncultivated lands, where we help build clubs, houses and various other structures (as a means to further the development of Socialism).. This is our work semester. A more complete picture of our life (and study) will be provided to you through the enclosed photographs and newspapers.

We are sure that in the year 2017, our progressive Institute will represent an even larger and perfect higher educational system in the USSR, training engineers of the 21st century – a century of new scientific discoveries and achievements. Therefore, we are envious of you, our future Comrades. However, you must not be conceited about this, and remember that we, (and our fathers), by labour and sacrifice, have created your great (Soviet) future in which you now live and prosper!

With Comradely Greetings.’

Published by Olga Basurova, 05/16/2017 at 10:33 am

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

Original Russian Language Reference Article:


Вчера в моей Альма Матер – Рязанском радиотехническом университите вскрыли заложенную полвека назад капсулу с посланием студентов 1967 года своим потомкам через полвека. Что тут сказать… Прочитайте сами:

Дорогие товарищи! Мы, участники студенческой конференции „50 лет советской радиотехники“, состоявшейся 13 мая 1967 года в актовом зале РРТИ, шлем вам, студентам XXI века, свой студенческий привет. Мы собрались, чтобы подвести итоги развития советской радиотехники за 50 лет. Надеемся, что и вы будете тоже подводить итоги, но уже за сто лет, и оценивать, как шагнула вперед советская радиотехника.

Наш Рязанский радиотехнический институт основан в 1952 году. Теперь в нем обучается только на дневном отделении около 5000 студентов. Имеются и вечерний, и заочный факультеты, на которых обучается соответственно 2000-1000 студентов.

В институте пять факультетов (не считая вечернего и заочного), которые готовят инженеров по 14 специальностям. Факультеты называются так: радиотехнический, электронной техники, автоматики и телемеханики, автоматических систем управления, конструирования радиоаппаратуры. Они объединяют 31 кафедру. В институте работает свыше 500 преподавателей (в основном это молодежь), среди которых 120 профессоров и доцентов.

За годы своего существования институт выпустил около 4500 специалистов по новейшим отраслям техники. Они работают почти во всех городах нашей Родины. Готовит институт и научных работников через аспирантуру.

Живем мы очень интересно. У нас хорошая самодеятельность, различные кружки. Многие из нас участвуют в научной работе кафедр. Любим спорт, театр, кино. Весь учебный год мы напряженно трудимся в аудиториях, лабораториях, читальных залах. Летом уезжаем в колхозы и на целину, помогаем строить клубы, дома и различные сооружения. Это наш трудовой семестр. Более полное представление о нашей жизни и учебе дадут вам прилагаемые фотографии и газеты.

Мы уверены, что в 2017 году наш институт будет представлять еще более крупное и совершенное высшее учебное заведение, готовящее инженеров XXI века — века новых научных открытий и свершений. Поэтому мы по-хорошему завидуем вам, товарищи. Но вы не особенно зазнавайтесь и помните, что и мы, и наши отцы своим трудом создали то великое будущее, в котором вы живете. С товарищеским приветом.

Опубликовала Ольга Басурова , 16.05.2017 в 10:33


Soviet War Memorial UK (9.5.2017): Commemorating the Soviet Victory Over Nazi Germany and Exposing Bourgeois Duplicity


The combined military forces of Hitler’s Nazi Germany unconditionally surrendered to the Soviet Red Army in Berlin on May 8th, 1945, but confirmation of this Soviet Victory over fascism did not reach the Kremlin (in Moscow) until the following day – May 9th, 1945. Although the Soviet Union was an ‘ally’ of the capitalist West during WWII – recently released UN Papers confirm that the Hitler-admiring Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt of the US, conspired to bring-down the USSR through encouraging its fight against Nazi Germany, whilst covertly supporting various rightwing insurgencies dotted throughout occupied areas of the USSR and Eastern Europe.


When the Soviet Red Army ‘liberated’ the Ukraine from the disastrous and bloody Nazi German occupation, for instance, it encountered a highly organised ‘nationalistic’ Ukrainian resistance (often commanded by German officers, and armed with British and US weaponry). The Soviet Red Army, however, moved forever onward toward Germany, pursuing the retreating Hitlerite forces, and was replaced in the area with NKVD forces (a special militarised police). The Soviet Authorities treated this fascist insurgency as an ‘internal’ matter to avoid the embarrassment of having to publically state that two of its allies – the UK and US – were openly financing and arming fascist insurgencies within the USSR and elsewhere. In a vicious and brutal police action, it took the NKVD two years to break the back of this Western insurgency – with the bulk of the main fighting being over by 1947. However, so entrenched in hateful ideology was the Western Ukraine, that occasional flare-ups of neo-Nazi activity continued into the 1950’s, a trend that has been revived in recent times, with David Cameron of the UK and Barack Obama of the US actively supporting a broad EU strategy of weakening modern Russia through neo-Nazi insurgency (particularly via the ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazi revolt in Western Ukraine).


Of course, despite the fact that various factions of the British Communist Party regularly attend the Soviet War Memorial (including the Communist Party of Britain, the New Communist Party, and the Communist Party of Great Britain – Marxist-Leninist), together with the Stalin Society (an adjunct of the CPGB-ML), the rhetoric of the mainstream politicians that attends remains decidedly ‘bourgeois’ in nature, and occasionally openly ‘anti-Russian’ in presentation. This schizophrenic (hypocritical) approach often happens around an ethnic Russian presence of which sees hundreds of individuals and families proudly holding-up portraits of family members who died fighting for the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945).


Many modern Russians also unfurl Red Flags containing yellow hammer and sickle emblems – making direct pro-Communist statements to each other – and anyone in ear-shot. This Russian presence – which is the entire point of a Soviet War Memorial – is more or less ignored by the hundreds of British people in attendance, and the various representatives of the British Armed Forces – primarily because there is a sense of bourgeois ’embarrassment’ with the association of the memorial with historical and contemporary notions of ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’.


The simple fact of the matter is that without the Bolshevik Leadership of the USSR – Russia would not have possessed the direction of will-power, nor the material capability to have defeated Nazi Germany. Millions of peasants in the USSR were educated in Socialist duty (and selfless hard work) to build a better human society on Earth – and the extra-ordinary death-toll suffered by the Soviet people is testament to their belief in this Communist ideal. Although the bourgeois (and revisionist) narrative expressed by the British organisers of this event always uses the low estimate of ’27 million’ casualties, others put the death-toll around at least 40 million (with a probably more accurate figure standing at around 34.5 million – arrived at through the study population shift and change).


Usually, a group of Soviet Veterans are flown to the UK each year to attend these ceremonies and this year just five made the trip. As the years pass, fewer and fewer British and Soviet Veterans remain, and this is seen in dwindling numbers, and the onset of advanced age. This year, for the first time that I have ever seen, the veteran flag bearers were all provided with chairs – as I was told that the youngest is now in their 80’s – with many being well into their 90’s. These brave individuals in the past have stood for over an hour proudly holding-up their respective flags, but this is not an easy task for those advanced in age.


Of course, the various mixture of British politicians and establishment figures all gave their particular bourgeois ‘spin’ on the event – which is often sickening to experience, particularly if those in attendance adhere to Socialist or Communist ideals. Obviously not all British Veterans necessarily have such views – but surprisingly many did. Neil Coyle – Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Bermondsey and Old Southwark – expressed the need to be forever vigilant against the resurgence of fascism, and expressed relief that France recently rejected a fascist candidate in that country’s national elections (but simultaneously failed to mention that 11 million French people actually voted for that fascist candidate). Obviously, due to Soviet War Memorial’s association with the defeat of the political rightwing – no Conservative Party representative was present. However, Simon Hughes – the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, demonstrated enough LibDem duplicity to compensate for the Tory absence. Simon Hughes expressed the expected condemnation of ‘fascism’, whilst immediately ‘negating’ his own statement (in typical LibDem fashion) by bizarrely suggesting that individuals can hold ‘nationalist’ sentiments, but remaining ‘helpful’ in principle to other countries. This ‘White’ gentleman (being unquestionably ‘at home’ in his Eurocentricism), appeared completely ‘unaware’ that ‘nationalism’ is the basis of all racism, and therefore the very edifice upon which destructive fascist ideology is built, sustained and manifest in the world.


In all my years of attending the Soviet War Memorial, I have heard the excellent leadership skills of Joseph Stalin eulogised by many attendees, but have never heard any positive references to the British anti-Socialist and Hitler-admiring Winston Churchill, and yet today I heard two very out of place utterances. One was during the general introduction – made I believe by Philip Matthews of the Soviet Memorial Trust – and the second by the LibDem Simon Hughes. This is even more peculiar as this week saw the UN reveal the extent to which Churchill was prepared to go to ensure a Soviet defeat at the hands of the Nazi Germans! Furthermore, any relatively ‘sane’ individual would never automatically associate the politically rightwing Winston Churchill with the defeat of any form of fascism – particularly as he opposed the development of the Welfare State and the National Health System. Whilst Churchill is renowned for his ‘moving’ speeches – many do not understand that a team of scriptwriters devised these utterances for him, and whilst he called for unity in the face of Nazi German terror, he sat safely in a Whitehall (bomb-proof) bunker, smoking Cuban cigars and eating caviar – whilst ordinary British people starved and died in pursuit of his vision of racial purity. As a consequence, Churchill was only ever popular throughout the middle class, and was quite literally hated amongst the working class.


Lastly, whilst all present made anti-fascist platitudes to one another, no one mentioned the rise of ‘elected’ fascism in the UK since 2010, and the rightwing ‘Austerity’ inflicted upon the British people by the Tory and LibDem Parties. In fact, so bad has been this destructive policy, that thousands of vulnerable, poor, or disabled British died between 2010 and 2015 – as their benefits were suddenly cut, and medical care withdrawn. So bad was this death-toll that after a 2016 investigation, the United Nations found the Tory and LibDem Coalition Government ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ for the deaths of at least 10,000 disabled people. Today, the ordinary people of Britain are living in a democratic system that allows a small middle class to keep electing rightwing governments (including ‘New Labour’) that deliberately pursue rightwing policies that are hurtful toward the working class. This demonstrates that the fight against fascism is not only in the past (as the bourgeois would have us believe), but exists here and now in the present.















USSR Comradeship: What Many Modern British People Forget…


Long before the USA entered WWII (in late December, 1941), the Soviet Leader – Comrade Joseph Stalin – pledged to a struggling British Isles that Soviet troops would come to her aid should Churchill request it. This offer was made as the USSR prepared herself for war with Hitler’s Nazi German – and still stood after June 1941 – when Nazi German troops ‘blitzkrieged’ their way toward Moscow (committing immense atrocities as they went), with the intention of killing Stalin and the Soviet Government, and thereby destroy Marxist-Leninist Communism in Russia, once and for all.


As far as I am concerned, the so-called ‘British Legion’ (that administers British military veteran affairs in the UK), is a right-wing, nationalist and racist organisation that glorifies bourgeois (capitalist) war, and demonises all non-British people. However, the British working class has had a long association with Socialism, and this explains why there is a ‘Soviet War Memorial’ situated in a park adjacent London’s Imperial War Museum. Thousands of British people gather here in May and November each year to show their respect for the 40 million soviet men, women and children that died fighting the Nazi Germans during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), and to remember the bravery and courage of the thousands of British people (including British Jews), that in one one function or another, fought alongside the Red Army, Red Navy and Red Airforce during WWII.


My maternal grandfather – Arthur Gibson – for instance, served aboard the minesweeper HMS Beaumaris Castle (of the Royal Navy Patrol Group), keeping the sea-lanes of the North Atlantic clear of Nazi German U-boats and sea-mines, so that the Atlantic Conveys could take much needed aid to the USSR.


The British Legion – and other ‘charities’ that claim to represent British veterans, being right-wing in nature – pursue an anti-Socialist policy and deliberately down-play and ignore the effort and sacrifice of the USSR (Communist) forces, and do not acknowledge the bravery of those British people that fought alongside our Soviet Allies in the darkest of times.










London: May Day March (1.5.2017)


Thousands of people (holding various and diverse leftwing political views) converged upon the Clerkenwell Green area of Farringdon (opposite the Marx Memorial Library), to celebrate ‘labour’ and the ‘solidarity’ of the international working class. This is one of the few events that gathers Trotskyites and Marxist-Leninists, Maoists and bourgeois leftists together in equal number. As usual the parasitic (Trotskyite) Socialist Workers Party set-up its stalls outside of all major public transport exits, as a means to give-out its propaganda leaflets and placards to unsuspecting marchers. These marchers (who are not members of the SWP, and probably do not support Trotskyite revisionism) then unwittingly carry this SWP nonsense for free, whilst the SWP members never participate in the marches they infiltrate. When the march starts off, the SWP stalls are quickly shut-up and moved to the end location of the march – where the deceitful SWP anti-Marxist-Leninist indoctrination begins all over again!  This diversity of leftism is evident in the many different groups all trying to sell their various magazines and journals to one another’s followers, often failing unless given-out for free. Many wander about elucidating on this or that matter, often espousing bourgeois leftist rhetoric, rather than any genuine Scientific Socialist understanding. On the other hand, if you listen carefully to some of the older people, true leftwing Socialist and Communist understanding is evident. What is one of the defining points of London’s May Day March is that many people from abroad attend simply to be in the city that Karl Marx lived within, and wrote much of his defining theory. The British leftwing is not united in the traditional sense, but split into many factions all striving to establish hegemony over the Scientific Socialist middle ground, each with their own unique take upon current dialectical interpretation. The Labour Party. for instance, is a sticking point for the Communist left. Being a bourgeois revisionist out-fit that has often (historically) betrayed the very working class it has claimed to represent, the Communist left (such as the Communist Party of Great Britain – Marxist-Leninist and the Revolutionary Communist Group) is generally scathing about its history, its capitalist friendly policies, its middle class tendencies and the behaviour of its current MPs, (quite rightly pointing-out Labour’s imperialist and revisionist priorities). Other elements, such as the Communist Party of Britain (often just called the ‘Communist Party’), has retained a historical link with the Unions, and through the Unions – the Labour Party (despite the fact that the Labour Party prohibits Communists being members of it as individuals, and has rejected the idea of the Communist Party formerly affiliating with it in the past). The irony here, is that many CPB members do not support the Labour Party due to its bourgeois, capitalist embracing policies, despite the fact that the CPB leadership has called upon its members to support Jeremy Corbyn (and by default the Labour Party he leads) in the upcoming 2017 General Election. If Trotskyism is removed from the picture (due to its collaboration with capitalism and fascism), then it has to be said that each faction of the British Communist Movement manifests an important and valid aspect of the complete dialectical truth. The Labour Party is bourgeois and revisionist, but it also remains the only and most likely vehicle for Socialists and Communists to be elected into Parliament, but this is a subject that each individual must carefully think about and decide for themselves. Today, at least, the whole world met in London and marched together!




































How Nationalist Chiang Kai-Shek Collaborated with Adolf Hitler


(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: Believe or not, in the early years of his ‘Nazi’ regime, Adolf Hitler had a respectful attitude toward ‘Nationalist’ China. This was more to do with the inherent corruption of the Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-Shek (aka ;Cash My Cheque’) rather than any humanitarian notions held by Hitler himself. To get matters straight – Hitler still viewed the Chinese as racially inferior (as he did he Japanese), but thought that perhaps they might be granted a ‘status’ slightly above ‘sub-human’, but still below that of ‘White’ German, Aryan. Today, some misguided Chinese intellectuals of a rightwing persuasion (existing outside of Mainland China), adhere to a bizarre notion that ‘Hitler’ was somehow ‘misunderstood’. This is not true – he had no real liking for Chinese people simply because he was a ‘White’ supremacist who viewed all other races as ‘inferior’.  Hitler in fact referred to the Chinese people as racially inferior a number of times in his speeches — despite whatever views he may have held. This was particularly so during the 1937 Japanese Rape of Nanjing – where Nazi Official John Rube ordered Nazi German troops to protect Chinese people fleeing the massacre. Hitler was furious when he heard about this interference, and stated that Nazi Germany should do ‘nothing’ whilst one inferior race eradicates another. ACW 3.4.2017

Although Adolf Hitler was a fanatical racist (and anti-Semite) who blamed all of society’s ills upon the Jewish people, it is an interesting historical question as to why he had a relatively ‘respectful’ attitude toward China. Hitler is recorded as stating that the Chinese people were ‘special’ (and not a ‘degenerate’) race that they should enjoy more ‘rights’, whilst during the early years of the Second Sino-Japanese War, Hitler even provided military aid to Chiang Kai-Shek’s Nationalist government. In this regard. ‘three’ distinct reasons are given for Hitler’s apparent ‘respect’ for China.

1. Private Relations. 

Hitler was impoverished in his early years, and was homeless on the streets of Vienna. Due to his obvious lack of food and clothing, a Chinese man living in Austria at the time – surnamed ‘Cheng’ – granted him assistance. Cheng gave Hitler 500 Austrian shillings toward the cost of living and learning, but also often invited Hitler to stay at his home. When Adolf Hitler came to power, it is said that he searched out this Mr Cheng to reward him – but he could not be found.


2. When Adolf Hitler met Kong Xiangxi (孔祥熙).

In 1933, Hitler became the leader of German, and began to actively expand military preparations for war, thus breaking the Versailles shackles from Nazi Germany. However, Germany after the first world war was weakened, and ensuing economic sanctions, the lack of rare minerals, agricultural products and other strategic resources, kept Germany in a powerless position.  China was a vast land, rich in resources, and this prompted Adolf Hitler in the early years of Nazi Germany to ‘strengthen’ diplomatic and trade links with Chiang Kai-Shek’s Nationalist government. This was a shrewd move as Chiang Kai-Shek was more than accommodating toward Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime. Whereas Hitler provided Chiang with the tanks and guns he needed to fight the Communist Uprising in China, in return Chiang provided Nazi Germany with much needed tungsten, lead, manganese, antimony and other mineral resources. Although many people were starving in China due to the corruption of Chiang’s government, Chiang, nevertheless, gave Nazi Germany peanuts, cotton, cotton, bristles and other agricultural products. At one point Adolf Hitler had specially telephoned Chiang Kai-Shek, stating that ‘the close cooperation between the two countries is in the best interests of the two peoples,’ whilst Chiang Kai-Shek is said to have replied, “for the economic cooperation between Germany and China – we enthusiastically support this relationship – so that our country can benefit from the generated harmony, and we especially thank you.”


3. Anti-Soviet – Anti-Communist Alliance (1936).

Hitler (despite calling his movement ‘National Socialism’) always hated Communism, and in 1936, representatives of Germany and Japan met in Berlin to sign the ‘Anti-Communist International Agreement’, which was an anti-Soviet, anti-Communist military alliance. The Chinese National Government – headed by Chiang Kai-Shek – was also anti-Soviet and anti-Communist, which sought to encircled Mao Zedong’s Red Army, whilst simultaneously cracking down on the workers and peasants movement, and had at one time waged an armed conflict with the Soviet Union. In this context, Hitler still wanted to strengthen relations wbetween China and Germany, to deal with the Soviet Union.

Why did this relationship finally break? Mainly because Japan launched the war of aggression against China, and Germany and Japan were allies. This meant that the Chinese National government could nolonger obtain substantial military assistance from Nazi Germany. The ending of Nazi German assistance and support led to Chiang Kai-Shek seeking help from the Soviet Union – where Chiang eventually signed the ‘Sino-Soviet Treaty of Non-Aggression Pact’, an act which guaranteed Soviet military assistance. Later, under pressure from Japan, Hitler withdrew the Nazi German military advisory group, completely cut off all military ties from both sides. Hitler justified this by stating that all that exists is eternal interests, and not eternal friends.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

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Aum Shinrikyo (Аум Синрике) in Post-Soviet Russia (1991-1995)


The highly destructive ‘doomsday’ Japanese cult  – Aum Shinrikyo (オウム真理教) – was formally founded by Shoko Asahara in 1984. This cult followed a mixture of Eastern and Western religious teachings that made no logical sense, but operated through a Judeo-Christian ‘end of days’ mentality. As the world was about to end, Shoko Asahara taught that people must be physically and psychologically ‘punished’ as a means to achieve spiritual emancipation. This cult at its peak attracted hundreds of thousands of followers, and even permeated Japanese law enforcement and the Japanese judiciary. This is why Aum Shinrikyo crimes went unacknowledged and unpunished for any years. In reality, Shoko Asahara was a ruthless psychopath who drew hundreds of thousands of gullible people into his psychosis, whilst controlling the organisation he built around him with an intense and brutal efficiency. The cult developed its own para-military police and built its own prison complex – where members were sentenced to terms of torture and incarceration outside of Japan’s official State apparatus. When individuals refused to pay ‘protection’ money to Shoko Asahara, he would send punishment squads to their homes and inflict physical and sexual abuse, a process which ended in a number of high-profile murders throughout the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Aum Shinrikyo was popular (or at least ‘tolerated’) by Western governments due to Shoko Asahara’s personal friendship with the 14th Dalai Lama – who personally supported the destructive cult activities of Aum Shinrikyo, and under the auspices of the notion of ‘freedom of religion’, encouraged the spread of Shoko Asahara’s insane ramblings.


Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the capitalist West, dedicated as it was to destroying all Socialist regimes around the world for being a ‘threat’ to unbridled profit-making, ordered the Russian authorities to import religious groups of all kinds into the formerly atheistic Soviet society (which was motivated only by progressive science). This policy essentially disabled the spark of Soviet scientific genius that had dominated the 20th century, and re-imported the previously banished ‘inverted’ mind-set of the bourgeoisie. This was a profound shock to the Russian people that had lost all State protection against exploitative religious cults such as Aum Shinrikyo. This importation of Aum Shinrikyo (which exploited tens of thousands of Russians in the early days), was personally backed by the 14th Dalai Lama, and viewed by the USA as part of its continuous attack on Communist China (with the hope that Aum Shinrikyo would permeate into China and bring-down the Chinese Communist government – a policy very similar in function to that pursued by the Western-generated cults of the Pro-Tibetan Movement and the Falun Gong). As Soviet society collapses, Aum Shinrikyo started to fill-in the gaps with programmes of indoctrination and social organisation. This involved Aum Shinrikyo taking over a Russian TV channel, and acquiring military vehicles and arms from the disintegrating Soviet Red Army. Aum Shinrikyo criminality in post-Soviet Russia is one of those stories that is seldom told, and which caused untold misery amongst the Russian people. When Russian groups (and individuals) complained, the 14th Dalai Lama joined with Western governments in condemning these complaints as ‘religious intolerance’.


This all changed on May 20th, 1995, when Aum Shinrikyo successfully carried-out its terrorist Tokyo Subway sarin gas attack. This attack killed thirteen people, seriously injured fifty, and caused other injuries in another five thousand. It was only after this attack that the Japanese State moved against Shoko Asahara, arresting him and his henchmen, and breaking the cult’s substantial power-base. As the centre of this cult broke in Japan, the various Aum Shinrikyo branches around the world faced official closure and disbandment – although the cult still operates with a very diminished membership in the world today. In the meantime, Shoko Asahara sits on Death-row in a Japanese prison waiting to be hanged for his crimes – with his friend – the 14th Dalai Lama – continuously agitating for his sentence to be commuted.


In 1989, Shoko Asahara gave the Dalai Lama one hundred thousand US dollars (gathered from Aum Shinrikyo Supporters), in return, the Dalai Lama gave the Shoko Asahara a ‘diploma’ and a letter of recommendation. In this letter, addressed to the competent authorities of Tokyo, the Dalai Lama called Shoko Asahara ‘a very capable spiritual mentor’ and defined the sect ‘Aum Shinrikyo’ as ‘a legitimate distributor of Mahayana Buddhism and a sect that can push the public toward kindness.’ The Dalai Lama in the letter even asked the relevant Tokyo authorities ‘to release the Aum Shinrikyo sect from taxation.’  This is not surprising, as Shoko Asahara had made a number of visits to India, and each time had met with the Dalai Lama. During one particular meeting, the Dalai Lama told Shoko Asahara the following: ‘Dear friend, Buddhism in Japan has fallen into decay, if this continues, Buddhism will disappear from the land of Japan. You have to spread real Buddhism in your homeland, you are the most suitable person to do this, because you understand the idea of being a Buddha. I’m glad that you are responsible for this work, because by carrying-out this vital task, you are directly representing me.’


Shoko Asahara is partially sighted, and made a career for himself by persuading others that he possessed unusual spiritual powers. This included telepathy, remembering past lives, telekinesis, controlling others thoughts and behaviour, and healing. To date, none of these powers have been proven as existing in any other form than the imagination of Shoko Asahara’s corrupted mind. However, as the Dalai Lama also believes that he possesses similar (imagined) powers, a friendship grew between the two spiritual leaders, both of whom actively sought political gain from their religious beliefs. The Dalai Lama believed that Shoko Asahara was a reincarnated ‘Buddha’ in Japan who possessed other-worldly powers. Just as the Dalai Lama has stated numerous times that his intention is to bring-down the sovereign government of China, Shoko Asahara pursued nothing less than world domination through committing endless atrocities which he saw as incidents of ‘purification’.  Whereas the Dalai Lama still incites young people to set fire to themselves, Shoko Asahara gave orders for endless tortures and murders. This occurred in Japan, but the extent of this activity in post-Soviet Russia remains a sensitive issue. The speculation is that many naïve Russians walked blindly into the embrace of Shoko Asahara – and paid dearly for their abandonment of Socialism. It has only been with the rise of President Putin that the Russian people have once again become legally protected from the activities of bizarre and highly dangerous religious cults.

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Flying the Red Flag – An Odd Encounter (London NHS March 4.3.2017)

The Socialist Setting

Myself, my partner Gee, our eldest daughter Mei-An, and our youngest daughter Kai-Lin, arrived at Russell Square Tube Station around 11:50am. We had left Sutton by car at about 10:30am, and caught a Northern Line Tube (North-Bound via Bank) to Kings Cross, where we changed for the Piccadilly Line and travelled one-stop to Russell Square. The tone of the day was set at this point, as thousands upon thousands of good-natured and kind-hearted people began to alight from regular tube trains – and the narrow Victorian Station, with its broken lift and its equally narrow, spiralling staircase – started to fill-up with people getting caught in queues that were not moving, or moving too quickly. Although the sign stated that there were 175 steps, we did not realise just how steep or continuous this was at the time, and started to carry Kai-Lin up the stairs (Mei-An walked, whilst initially Gee held the back of the pram, and a person unknown to us picked-up the front before I could act). About a quarter of the way-up, this kind person (a very helpful woman), handed-over the front of the pram to me. Gee and I then carried the pram another quarter of the way up, before we changed ends (as the exertion was beginning to tell with oxygen-debt and tiring leg muscles). All these issues were amplified by the crowds, and the fact that we had to move quickly due to the extent of people trying to exit the station. As we moved-up the outside of the spiral, every so often we had to manoeuvre around individuals that had to rest at various points on the stair-well to get their breath going-up, whilst trying to avoid people coming-down the stair-case into the station! For some reason this stair-case was serving both as an access and exit route. As we progressed another quarter, Gee asked to rest – but a man we did not know picked-up the front of the pram and helped to carry our daughter up and into daylight –  this is how our protest began! When we were finally in the street, we had to paused for about five minutes to get our breath back – Mei-An – who is only four and three-quarters did an excellent job climbing all these stairs with minimum guidance or support.

The March

People began to gather in Tavistock Square (and the surrounding streets) at around 11am, and probably earlier. The march was supposed to start at 12pm – but as is usual with these kind of things, no one moved until about 1:30pm. In the meantime, we had to unfurl our Red Lenin Flag and stand in the road and wait. We tried to move into Tavistock Square earlier to find other Communists and Socialists, but the sheer weight of crowds prevented this. Our Red Flag remained the only one in the street we were in, and so people started to gather around it, who held suitable leftwing views (after-all, the NHS is a Socialist institution modelled on the healthcare system of the former Soviet Union). As we waited, Gee would breast-feed Kai-Lin whilst standing (covering the upper body with a blanket), and Mei-An – who had very tired legs from the earlier exertions – sat in the push-chair playing on her ipad. An elderly lady came up to us and said ‘long live Vladimir Lenin!’ – and some NHS Staff that knew Gee (who is a NHS Midwife) came to say ‘hello!’). The atmosphere was very good natured, and the police presence was very inconspicuous, although the growing crowd was routinely monitored from the air via police helicopters. Many people used our Red Lenin Flag – which was flying high – as a navigation point in the crowd, advising others to make their way towards it. As matters transpired, the march was so fast moving when it did begin, that we never managed to find the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) Banner – although we did manage to obtain a ‘free’ copy of the Morning Star Newspaper, apparently paid for by Unite the Union – my union as it happens.

Questioning the Flag

As law abiding British citizens, we peacefully exercise our legal, lawful and democratic rights to protest, albeit from our own leftwing position. We believe that this ability to do so, is one of the strongest elements of British cultural identity that has been known (historically) for its tolerance and understanding. We also believe that it marks-out Britain as one of the potentially ‘progressive’ countries in the world. However, these facts do not mean that everything is perfect. The Tory (and LibDem) policy since 2010 of courting neo-Nazism in the Ukraine (and opening the UK to non-EU Ukrainian students that support fascism) has led to our Red Flag being ‘questioned’ during marches by lonesome individuals from Eastern Europe (although once in Croydon, the questioner was of Southern Irish background). The narrative is always the same – as the Ukraine (and other Eastern European countries) – have ‘banned’ the Communist Party and the Red Flag, then why are we in the UK flying it? This is the quintessential paradigm of the intolerance of fascism, and the bedrock of neo-Nazism. This is a contrived rightwing assault on the political freedoms associated with Western European liberalism, orchestrated, I believe, from the United States of America, and avidly embraced by those Eastern European nations that enthusiastically ‘collaborated’ with Nazi Germany and its invasion of the USSR – a disastrous continuation of the Hitlerite holocaust that cost the lives of between 30 – 40 million Soviet deaths. The manner in which I have experienced this form of fascism has involved an individual approaching me on the march and openly questioning ‘why’ I am carrying a Red Flag. Their attitude is insidious and creepy (typical of the brooding hatred that underlies far-right political rhetoric and action), but packaged to appear ‘friendly’ in an attempt to ‘dominate’ and ‘intimidate’ at the point of contact.

Questioner: What is this flag you are carrying?

Answerer (me): British Socialism and Communism.

Q: What makes it British?

A: It is ‘International’ but we are British.

Q: I hope you do not find me aggressive, but I am enquiring.

A: Are you American?

Q: Yes.

A: You are taught to dislike leftwing politics – I can tell this by your odd questions.

Q: Why do you support the leftwing?

A: We all embody differing historical narratives. Britain has a close association with the leftwing, the US does not. People are a product of their upbringing and I like mine.

Q: Why did the UK vote to get out of the EU?

A: The EU is a rightwing, anti-Socialist, anti-worker institute that exists to advance US-style predatory capitalism in Europe.

Q: Why does it do this?

A: To ensure the Eastern European countries bordering Russia embrace neo-Nazism, and reject Russian influence, acting inaccordance with US foreign policy. Making workers migrate en mass to make a living destroys local communities, and eradicates the point of unions. Masses of cheap labour only benefits the bourgeoisie.

Q: That sounds like how the Mexicans flood the US with cheap labour.

A: It’s nothing like it. The US invaded Mexico in the 1840’s – and its West Coast is basically former parts of Mexico that were annexed by the US. When Mexicans cross the fabricated US-Mexican border today, they are in fact entering their own country. Furthermore, as Mexicans are the product of Spanish mixing with indigenous Indian, the US hatred toward them is ‘racially’ based, but as the EU involves ‘White’ Europeans being used to oppress one another, there is no racism involved in opposing it.

Q: Why do you carry the Soviet flag?

A: In WWII the Soviets lost 30-40 million people fighting Nazi Germany – and the UK was an ally of Russia. I had a family member who directly assisted the Soviet war effort.

Q: What about the famine in the USSR caused by Stalin during WWII?

A: Give me the Russian language reference for that allegation.

Q: Stalin considered mass death to be a statistic.

A: Having read the Collected Works of Lenin and Stalin I can find no such quote.

Q: How do you know?

A: I work with Chinese and Russian source language materials.

Q: (Asks me in Russian whether I can ‘speak Russian?)

A: I answer ‘no’ in English.

Q: My family were from the Soviet Union.

A: Really, what part?

Q: What is the NHS?

A: A Socialist healthcare system derived from the Soviet Union and implemented in the UK in 1948 by the Labour Party.

Q: Why did Russia invade the Crimea?

A: When did they do that?

Q: Recently – before that there were no Russians in the Crimea!

A: (Laughing loudly) Are you saying there are no Slavic people in the Crimea?

Q: Is Socialism possible?

A: Why not – we’ve achieved capitalism. I think Socialism is a matter of human evolution and is inevitable in the end.

Q: I do not believe we have achieved capitalism.

A: (Laughing again!) What did you study to get your degree in?

Q: Biochemistry.

A: Then you will know the importance of defining terms and providing reliable references to support your conclusions.

Q: The Soviet system did not work.

A: Are you opposed to the USSR?

Q: No – it nolonger exists

A: OK – see you later!

He approached me using a Western Cold War rhetoric mixed with a current Obama-esque anti-Russian racist attitude – and did not present anything that could be called ‘ethnic’ Russian. In fact, he was unsettled by my insistence of defining terms and providing Russian language references. Towards the end he became agitated and I decided to end the conversation and walk away.

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