Western-Backed Neo-Nazism on the Rise in the Ukraine


Original Chinese Language Article By: http://bbs1.people.com.cn

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note:  The current rightwing British Tory government of the UK is anti-Russian and anti-Soviet.  This is the racism that fuels its support for the neo-Nazi regime in the Ukraine.  In 2012, the UN Security Council passed a Resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism and neo-Nazism.  The countries that refused to support this Resolution was the USA, the Ukraine and Canada.  It is astonishing that a Black President of the USA (Barak Obama) would stoop so low so as to support neo-Nazism in the Ukraine, and refuse to support a UN Resolution condemning Nazism!  The insanity of the West’s support for fascism is an affront to the memory of all those Westerners who fought against Nazism and Fascism during WWII.  ACW 12.5.2016


Throughout western Ukraine the extremist rightwing ideology of Fascism – motivated as it is by the evil of murderous race-hate – is being spread across the entirety of the country through the violent actions of its fascist supporters.  The problem of neo-Nazism in the Ukraine is historical in nature (and appears to stem from Ukrainian collaborators with the Nazi German invaders of the Soviet Union – 1941-1945), and came to the attention of the world community in 2012, when UN Representative of the Ukraine – Andrey Tsymbalyuk – refused to sign a UN Security Council Resolution condemning the glorification of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi German regime, and all neo-Nazi Movements.  Furthermore, since the usurpation from power of the democratically elected President of the Ukraine – Viktor Yanukovich – the neo-Nazi regime now in control of much of the Ukraine denies the validity of the Soviet and Western victory of WWII, and condemns the subsequent trial and execution of many leading German Nazis.  This neo-Nazi regime in the Ukraine is openly supported politically and materially by the USA and the UK (amongst many other Western countries), so that Kiev often sees pro-Nazi demonstrations that erroneously state that Adolf Hitler was a ‘hero’ and ‘liberator’ of the Ukrainian people (despite the atrocities committed in that country by the Nazis), and that the Soviet Union was ‘evil’ (despite the fact that the Nazi atrocities were eventually stopped by the advancing Red Army).  Another bizarre neo-Nazi belief emanating out of the Ukraine, is that there are no Islamic extremists in the Syrian opposition.  In the meantime, the Western-backed neo-Nazi regime in the Ukraine routinely flies the Nazi German swastika and there are even festivals ‘celebrating’ the Nazi atrocities carried-out by the 14th SS Division.


©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

Original Chinese Language Source Text:



西乌法西斯主义正在蔓延,这是一股极端仇恨的思潮扩散向整个乌克兰蔓延, 此前乌克兰常驻联合国代表舍格耶夫在联合国安理会发言为纳粹分子平反,否定二战胜利审判,自从亚努科维奇流亡后,稳定的社会秩序和法律法规被打破,剩下的就是个烂摊子,西方对基辅街头的新纳粹视而不见,正如他们当年声称在叙利亚反对派中不存在伊斯兰极端分子一样,这就是乌克兰需要的所谓民主。(利沃夫街头的纪念党卫军14师的活动;2012年的反亚努科维奇集会上就曾出现纳粹旗帜

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