Epoch Times – Mouth Piece for Eurocentric Racism

Epoch Times (and Falun Gong) Interfering in Secular Education

Translator’s Note:  I was recently watching a podcast from the great African-American Civil Rights Campaigner, intellectual and philosopher Mr Dick Gregory.  I would recommend a study of his approach to the deconstruction of the monolith of Eurocentric racism which exists in all areas of Western society.  I was intrigued, however, when he mentioned the incorrect idea that China uses the organs of executed people for organ transplant.  This fallacious (and not to mention unscientific) idea has its origins in one place – and that is the racist and anti-Chinese newspaper known as the Epoch Times (based in New York). The Eurocentric racism of the Epoch Times is insidious and designed to turn all Chinese diasporic people against Mainland China.  Furthermore, through its blend of ignorance, misrepresentation, and falsification presented as ‘fact’, the Epoch Times also serves the purpose of turning white Europeans away from supporting Communist China in the West.  My advice is that the white working class should unite with the Chinese working class in its world-wide of rejection of Epoch Times racism.  This newspaper should be considered as akin to neo-Nazi propaganda aimed entirely at Mainland China.  Those already caught-up in the cultish Falun Gong Movement should be assisted to escape from its clutches and given the help and support they need.  Down with the Epoch Times!  Down with fascism!  Down with the Falun Gong!  Down with racism.  ACW 10.5.2016

The United States of America pursues a rabid anti-Communist, anti-Socialist, and anti-working class agenda through its domestic and foreign policy.  The US uses the Zionist State of Israel to destabilise the naturally ‘Socialist’ leaning countries of the Arab Islamic world, and the capitalist island of Taiwan to destabilise Mainland, Communist China.  The point of this policy is to remove any barriers to the spread and operation of capitalist, free market economic forces throughout the world.  The US propaganda used in pursuit of this policy is primarily reliant upon the misuse of religion and the encouraging of capitalist friendly ‘cults’ throughout Chinese populations.  The pro-Tibetan Movement in the West, for instance, is a primary example of this US policy that employs the Dalai Lama to perpetuate certain racialised and historical myths about China and the Chinese people, concealed within a thin veneer of distorted – middle class friendly – Buddhism.  Whereas the pro-Tibetan Movement is designed to turn not only the diasporic Chinese population against Communist China, but also all non-Chinese peoples, the equally duplicitous Falun Gong Movement is a direct attack upon Chinese culture itself and is aimed in the first instance, at Chinese people.  However, as the basis of these two apparently ‘Asian’ movements have its origins within the offices of US Intelligence, the underlying premises are in fact a Eurocentric and therefore ‘racialised’ misrepresentation of Chinese and Tibetan culture.  This means that the so-called pro-Tibetan Movement and the Falun Gong are Eurocentric distortions of certain aspects of Asian religious thought and practice, and represent the imperialistic tendencies of the West to dominate the minds and bodies of non-Europeans.  Chinese and Tibetan people who adhere to these Western neo-imperialist movements, are in fact lending their support to two distinct aspects of Eurocentric, racist thinking, which is designed to demean, distort, dominate and disparage Asian culture and religious practice throughout the media, and at the point of contact.

This is how the capitalist West pursues a racially motivated attack upon China, and in so doing co-opts misled and poorly informed diasporic Chinese people to unwittingly support a racially motivated attack upon their own ethnicity.  The Eurocentric, capitalist fallacy which justifies this policy is that capitalism (with its class oppression and unequal distribution of wealth and legal rights) is considered ‘free’, whilst Communism (with its abolition of class distinction and equal distribution of wealth and legal rights throughout society) is ‘unfree’.  The Eurocentric racist model that supports capitalism can do this to the Chinese people because it deems all non-white peoples to be psychologically and physically inferior to Europeans.  Once this narrative has been exposed, members of the Chinese diaspora should unite in support of Mainland China’s anti-racist and ‘pro-equality’ stance, and turn their collective backs on the pro-Tibetan Movement, the Falun Gong, and its propaganda mouthpiece – the odious Epoch Times.  The Epoch Times exists as a pro-capitalist, pro-imperialist, and pro-white racist newspaper that obviously has the unlimited resources expected as a front for US Intelligence.  It was supposedly founded by American-born Chinese people, and yet says absolutely nothing about the historical anti-Chinese racism in the US, or the racism aimed at other non-white minorities living in America.  Eurocentric racism is prevalent throughout the USA and the Epoch Times is very much a part of this attack on non-whites.  Its reporting upon issues from within Mainland China is laughable as it cannot state one single ‘genuine’ Chinese language source to substantiate the racist anti-Chinese narrative it relentlessly pursues.  The reason the Epoch Times receives ‘awards’ for its reporting from the West, is because it is carrying the bidding of its racist, non-Chinese overlords.  The Chinese diaspora should recognise that the Epoch Times is a mouthpiece for Eurocentric racism and systemically boycott it.  Then the only people left reading its pointless articles will be the white racists who are behind its publishing.

The Epoch Times is the kind of newspaper that would have supported the racist and anti-Chinese ‘Chinese Exclusion Act’ of 1882 in America – stating such a discriminatory law was theoretically ‘good’ for Chinese people in the West because it limited Chinese migrant labour coming into the US!  Of course, what the Epoch Times would have meant by ‘good’ was that such a racist law would have benefitted the white workforce (through less competition).  What Chinese people must remember is that the US (and its European allies) do not care about the well-being of Chinese people – whether they be ‘capitalist’ or ‘Communist’.  The point here is that the US is utilising ‘racism’ to attack Mainland China.  This is obviously racism in the service of free-market economics.  Chinese people in America who foolishly believe that they are ‘middle class’, are living in a fool’s paradise.  The white middle class is using them to pursue its anti-Chinese, racist policies, and it is doing this through multi-lingual newspapers as the Epoch Times which creates fictionalised religiously motivated stories, designed to tug at the heart-strings of liberal Westerners.  The Falun Gong (which is a systemic distortion of Chinese traditional thinking) assigns for itself a completely ‘unChinese’ narrative of ‘suffering’ that is obviously a mimicking of Judeo-Christian theology.  It is a false paradigm designed to mislead diasporic Chinese people (through a process of misrepresentation very similar to the ‘conversion’ process of colonial missionaries), and to gain support for this underlying racism from the broader white community.  Like the ancient Jews and Christians that imagined a sacred past of divinely inspired ‘persecution’, the Falun Gong is presented by the Epoch Times as something akin to a ‘Jesus’ on earth who is being prevented from fulfilling his spiritual mission by a secular government inspired by the ‘devil’!  This cultural narrative is entirely ‘Western’ in both origin and manifestation and clearly demonstrates the Eurocentric origins of the Falun Gong and the Epoch Times.  Progressive Europeans should boycott this ‘newspaper’ and assist their Chinese brothers and sisters to rid the West of this anti-Chinese racism that the Epoch Times is perpetuating and maintaining through US taxpayer’s money.  Eventually the Falun Gong and the Epoch Times will fall, and the first step toward this achievement is understanding the inherently ‘racist’ nature of both entitles.



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