Reclaiming the Working Class

Working Class Triumphant!
Working Class Triumphant!

The contemporary political Left in the West is failing the international toiling masse. This is a self-evident fact that is treated with a blanket denial by the various and disparate groups that have arisen in the climate of post-Soviet confusion and ardent bourgeois triumphalism. The once truly ‘international’ Communist Party has shattered into a thousand competing pieces, with each piece (no matter how small or irrelevant) claiming that its upper echelons – and its upper echelons alone – possess the correct dialectical reading of events, and are competently leading the international working classes to revolution! Nothing could be dialectically further from the truth. The membership of the numerous ‘Communist’ and ‘Socialist’ parties can be measured in the low hundreds – rather than the required hundreds of thousands or millions – and are invariably lead by leftwing leaning ‘white’ members of the bourgeoisie. This ‘leadership’ instinctively goes through the motions of the old Soviet order, whilst possessing no USSR to fall back upon, or to justify its existence and activity. This lack of ideological direction has led to the infiltration of the Left by bourgeois sentiment and the bourgeoisie interpretation of history. Under the influence of this distorted – and non-working class perspective – Marx is wrong, Lenin is mistaken, Stalin is evil, and China is not a Communist country. So desperate has the political Left become in the contemporary West, that one faction of it actually considers the ideological leanings of Kim Jong Un’s North Korea (DPRK) as somehow ‘dialectically’ relevant to the British working classes who have had a thoroughly different trajectory of historical development to that of their Korean comrades.

What does this mean? With the loss of Soviet Marxist-Leninist certainty, Communist hegemony in the West has fallen apart, and in its place a form of postmodern anarchy has developed. Each facet of the Marxist Left has retreated into the safety of its own rules and regulations, and spends more time attacking what are perceived as its ‘Leftist’ rivals, than orchestrating an effective political opposition to the bourgeois system and its ruthless capitalist ideology. The fact of the matter is that no one is listening, and so the Left must attack itself to get any response, no matter how incestuous that response might be. This situation is like a rabid dog gnawing at its own leg, which it mistakenly perceives as an attacking outside agency. This inward looking tendency is self-defeatist, and self-destructive, and explains why the various Communist and Socialist groups – whilst maintaining the rhetoric of leading the working classes – are in fact pushing the toiling masses ever further away by their illogical behaviour and elitist leadership strategy and tactics. It is ironic to consider that at this time, which sees around two-thirds of the British electorate not voting in elections – that the contemporary Left is pursuing a policy of embracing bourgeois, liberal democracy. This dialectical misreading of reality as it is today is the fatal flaw that is preventing the Left from rallying the proletariat in true class consciousness. Indeed, as it stand, the toiling masses are ever further ‘alienated’ from the political Left precisely because this ‘Left’ has more in common with the Rightest bourgeois class than it does with the proletariat – the class its rhetoric continuously reassures us it is dedicated to free! The contemporary political Left has sided with the bourgeois system and in so doing is betraying both the working class – and Karl Marx. It is only by clearly rejecting the bourgeois system that the Western Left will be able to see clearly the correct dialectical path ahead and rally the proletariat to the cause of Scientific Socialism. In this way the working classes can ‘reclaim’ not only their dignity, but also their historical purpose free of the interference of bourgeois corruption.

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