Ian MacDonald: Revolution in the Head – Extracts Featuring Marx & Mao! (18.4.2023) 

Imperial Japan initiated military violence against the people of China between 1931-1945. This was a fascist expansion that spread throughout Asia and even threatened the US! I am told that around 60 million men, women and children were killed and wounded during these terrible years throughout China – a number that includes Europeans. A fact often ignored is the part that Yoko Ono’s family played in this era. Her family were ardent ultra-nationalists who supported this racist war. Yoko Ono defied the ‘racist’ attitudes of her family by entering into a relationship with a ‘White’ foreigner. Indeed, when touring Japan during 1966 (and before meeting Yoko Oni) – The Beatles would encounter this evil face of Japanese racism when they played the Budokan! Ultra-Nationalists in Japan threatened the life of The Beatles if they played in a sacred arena – as their ‘Whiteness’ threatened to spiritually ‘pollute’ the arena usually reserved for the devout practice of Japanese martial arts! Yoko Ono may have defied her parent’s anti-Western racism – but she definitely retained their attitudes pertaining to anti-China racism! All the evidence points to Yoko Ono attempting to ‘cure’ John Lennon of his infatuation with ‘Maoism’ (and of course, ‘May Pang’)!

DPRK: The US Greatest Threat to World Peace! Statement by Kim Yeo-Jeong – Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea! (3.4.2023)

Now the US is plotting to mobilize not only the western countries but also the military potential of its special agents for the anti-Russian front.

The battlefield in Ukraine is by no means the desert of the Middle East where US main tank were active 20 years ago!

I have no doubt that any armed equipment that the United States and the West are proud to supply – will burn up and become a pile of scrap iron before the indomitable fighting spirit and might of the heroic Russian Army and unbeatable Russian people!

No matter how desperate the allied imperialist forces are, they will never break the heroic spirit of the Russian Army and the Russian people – who possess noble patriotism, tenacity and strength of spirit!

We will always stand together on the same battlefield with the Russian Army and Russian people who are fighting to defend the country’s dignity and honour – protecting its sovereignty and security.

Trump’s TRUTH Social Platform! (23.4.2023)

Lunatics like Trump would quite happily nuclear-bomb Beijing if he thought he could get away with it. Where he differs from the US Establishment that created him, is that the American Bourgeoisie would like to preserve a trading status quo that it controls – keeping ‘direct’ military confrontation to a minimum – for now (a question of differing ‘styles’ whilst maintaining exactly the same ‘content’). Indirect military confrontation is another matter, as the US support for Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine is as much a proxy war against China as it is against Russia! And then there is the ‘porn star’ allegation – a rather pathetic attempt by the US Establishment at keeping a very popular Trump out of Office. If ‘morality’ really was an issue, most US Presidents would be languishing in prison for their ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ – sharing cells with Israeli leaders and perpetuators! Barack Obama, of course, would be on ‘Death Row’ for his military and political support of a Neo-Nazi take-over of Ukraine in 2014 – overhrowing the left-leaning (and democratically elected) legitimate  government of Ukraine – and for leading Canada and the Ukraine not long after in ‘rejecting’ a UN Resolution designed to criminalise the ‘glorification’ of Neo-Nazism! All of a sudden, Trump paying a pornstar $130,000 for a sexual encounter seems positively ‘honest’ by comparison – particularly when said porn star looks very similar to Trump’s ex-wife!

Industrial Action Sweeping UK – A Decade Too Late? (10.11.2022)

Of course, who can forget how thousands of NHS Staff gave their lives for the British Nation during the Covid-19 Crisis simply because the Tory government refused to provide basic PPE free of charge (on the basis such a charitable act would be construed as being ‘bad for business’)! And then there was the obsence sight of the odeous Priti Patel, Rishi Sunak, Ian Duncom-Smith, David Cameron, Teresa May, Liz Truss (and a host of other despicable Right-Wingers) all cheering gleefully and stamping their feet in approval – as the British Parliament ‘Voted Down’ a meagre 1% payrise requested by those beleaguered NHS Staff who had managed to survive their Frontline Duty! I suspect if they had been soldiers returning victorious after committing a blatant act of imperialist aggression on some far-off flung rock (such as the Argentinian ‘Malvinas’) – riches galore would have been poured upon them! As the government withdraws funding and resources from the NHS – patients die from medical neglect and Staff die from bad pay and poor working conditions (which includes a higher than average suicide rate)! It is a false crisis deliberately generated by an endless stream of Right-Wing British governments set upon turning the UK into a piss-pour replica of a poverty-striken US State!

US: Twitter Legally ‘Enforces’ Musk Purchase! (28.10.2022)

On Oct. 4, Musk proposed to proceed with the deal at the original price, just ahead of a trial scheduled at the Delaware Chancery Court on Oct. 17, in which Twitter was set to seek an order directing Musk to close the deal for 44 billion dollars.

In a letter sent to Twitter, Musk offered to continue the deal if the court can adjourn the trial and all other related proceedings.

A Delaware Chancery Court judge eventually ruled that Musk had until Oct. 28 to cement the Twitter deal or head to trial.

US Media Reveals ‘Corrupt Nature’ of US Political System! (22.10.2022)

Bourgeois democracy only cares for the ‘Bourgeoisie’ and does not care for the working-class or the people in general! It is the class that invented the ruthless and vicious capitalist system – and which has a record of encouraging and supporting the political rightwing and far-right in opposition to the rights and welfare of the working-class! The West’s support for corrupt financial dealing and Neo-Nazi Ukraine are relevant contemporary points which support this damning assessment! The working-class is asked and encouraged to assist in the process of voting for the latest version of this bourgeois monstrosity every four or five years – only to find its Human Rights trampled, its voice silemced and its needs sidelined for the duration of the latest government! On top of all this capitalist greed and corruption is the inability to control and contain the spread of Covid-19 – simply on the grounds that such required and necessary medical controls, although vital and crucial for public safety, only get in the way of capitalist profit-mongering and insider dealing!

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