Shaolin ‘Meditation Hall’ Opened to the Public – First Time in 1500 Years

Meditation Hall
Meditation Hall

Original Chinese Language Article: By Liu Lin (刘林)

Photograph: By Peng Hua Ming (彭华明)

Source: Beijing Entertainment News

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Yesterday, (8.4.08), after 1500 years of history, the Shaolin Temple opened the door of its ‘meditation hall’ so that 36 ‘gongfu stars’ – dressed as novice monks – could attend a disciplined meditation session led by the fully ordain monks, and learn about the rigours and hardships associated with the Shaolin tradition. For many who had only practiced the outer art of gongfu, this was a totally new experience, as they learned about the strict rules and regulations that govern the Shaolin Temple and regulate the lives of its monks.  This was a Ch’an Week Retreat that saw the participants enter and leave the ‘meditation hall’ a number of times, gaining a new experience with each visit.

Original Chinese Language Source Text:



昨天,1500年来从未对外开放的少林寺“禅堂”终于对“功夫之星”的选手们敞开了大门。36位选手身着僧袍在“禅堂”里听取少林高僧讲述“禅堂”的规矩和礼仪?熏并首次体验僧人们的“坐禅”生活。但这仅仅是选手们在“禅堂”里的第一课,闭关期间他们还将数次进入“禅堂”学习和修炼。 实习生刘林/文彭华明/摄

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