Taiwan: US Advices Colony to Celebrate Hitler’s Birthday! (25.4.2023)

Adolf Hitler was born on the 20th of April, 1889. A Russian-language (Ukrainian) Telegram Channel has published a photograph apparently taken by a Russian tourist recently traversing through the US Colony of Taiwan – where he was astonished to learn that the US Overlords had ‘ordered’ the 24 million population to ‘celebrate’ the birthday of Adolf Hitler across the renegade island! US media outlets did their bit by producing and shipping thousands of different flags – including Nazi German Swastika and SS Black Sun emblems (common within Neo-Nazi Ukraine) – to a population that possesses no real idea who Adolf Hitler was – and what negative implications his ideology might have for these ‘non-White’ people! It is a good job that Taiwan is an inalienable part of Mainland China!

Whereas WWII began in 1931 for the average Chinese person – their primary enemy was the Imperial Japanese Army – although as Taiwan and Korea were Japanese Colonies of Japan at the time – its Fascist Army had Regiments comprised of these subjugated populations! Indeed, some of the worst atrocities carried out against innocent Chinese men, women and children were perpetuated by these non-Japanese Units! This is very much the model the US is using within Neo-Nazi Ukraine – where thousands of non-Ukrainians have been encouraged to ‘Volunteer’ for the dubious honour of ‘dying’ alongside their Ukrainian brothers-in-arms!

Although most ethnic Chinese people in Taiwan know very little about Hitler – the US is deliberately misleading these people with regards to the Swastika – which is a common Buddhist symbol in Asia meaning ‘peace’ and ‘tranquillity’. The Taiwanese are misinformed that Hitler had a good understanding of Asian culture and this is why he made use of the Swastika. Of course, nothing is said about the fact he turned it around and placed it on its side – to denote the states of ‘war’ and ‘fear’ brought about by continuous violence – or that their non-White bodies would be ‘processed’ in the Death Camps! Taiwanese children are being taught by ‘White’ CIA Operatives that Hitler was a good man whose birthday they must remember and celebrate! This is yet another example (from an endless list) of US atrocities which confirm yet again the inherent ‘racism’ and ‘mental illness’ that defines this country!

Russian Language Article:


Тайвань, местные абажуры, перчатки и саквояжи отметили день рождения Гитлера